McCombs Minute | Nov 7, 2019 | McCombs School of Business

McCombs Minute | Nov 7, 2019 | McCombs School of Business

Hi everyone! Here is this week’s McCombs Minute. In the news this week, the McCombs MBA program is holding strong to its top
20 ranking in the Economist ranked at number 19. Congratulations!
Finance professor John Griffin is featured in both The Wall Street Journal
and Bloomberg talking about his Bitcoin manipulation research, and management
professor Steven Gray is featured in Science Daily, highlighting his research
about the importance of collective ownership. In our Big Ideas faculty
research, fake news has become a household buzz term, and in her new paper, IROM professor Tricia Moravec looks at whether or not people believe some of
the most outrageous headlines on social media. Are you still gobbling your
children’s Halloween candy? Research says certain foods are more appealing because of their see-through packaging. Check out more in our Big Ideas by clicking below. In the McCombs calendar the McCombs Hall of Fame inductees are being honored
tonight. You can click below to see who they are. And the McCombs Women in
Business Leadership Conference is coming up on November 14th. There are plenty
more happenings in the McCombs calendar, click below to check them all out. That’s
this week’s McCombs minute! Have a great rest of your week, everybody!

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  1. Good to hear this news before my official McCombs MBA interview tomorrow.

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