Mayor de Blasio Holds Media Availability on COVID-19

Mayor de Blasio Holds Media Availability on COVID-19

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  2. This is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. After you sneeze, big droplets travel up to 2 meters. Small droplets that contain pathogens such as viruses, travel up to 8 meters. Since these gas droplets are less dense than the air, they can go up to 2 meters and remain in the air for up to 10 minutes. I invite any person who feels flu-like symptoms to approach the Mayor and sneeze/cough into his soup or glass of water, and kindly invite him to proceed. We all know he wouldn't touch it. Also, the smoking/vaping theory hasn't been proven, it all comes from the fact more men got infected in Wuhan. This has been debunked as a study showed most people infected weren't smokers. Another theory the Mayor added without any proof is how long the virus survives on a surface. There is a reason why China, Singapore, S.Korea.. and now Italy are disinfecting places, streets, trees, etc. This speech is very very dangerous.

  3. You do not have evidence based facts you are not very informed!!!

  4. All a bunch of criminals. NY needs Tobe cleaned out as bad as DC swamp.

  5. You are wrong on pretty much every thing you have said Mayor….

  6. I wished I lived on that magic planet where I have time to just "wait for another train if it's packed" when I have to get to my job that will fire me if Im late. Or even better, just to "stay home" if im scared or feeling sick because Im less than a weeks pay from homelessness. Yeah, I'd love to move there.

  7. Mr Mayor how about dropping leaflets from helicopter through out nyc 5 boros?


  9. Covid-19 ηš„ζ–°ζ›™ε…‰γ€‚Ray of hope for dark time.

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