Maybe the best robot demo ever | Marco Tempest

Maybe the best robot demo ever | Marco Tempest

Let me introduce you to something I’ve been working on. It’s what the Victorian illusionists would have described as a mechanical marvel, an automaton, a thinking machine. Say hello to EDI. Now he’s asleep. Let’s wake him up. EDI, EDI. These mechanical performers were popular throughout Europe. Audiences marveled at the way they moved. It was science fiction made true, robotic engineering in a pre-electronic age, machines far in advance of anything that Victorian technology could create, a machine we would later know as the robot. EDI: Robot. A word coined in 1921 in a science fiction tale by the Czech playwright Karel Čapek. It comes from “robota.” It means “forced labor.” Marco Tempest: But these robots were not real. They were not intelligent. They were illusions, a clever combination of mechanical engineering and the deceptiveness of the conjurer’s art. EDI is different. EDI is real. EDI: I am 176 centimeters tall. MT: He weighs 300 pounds. EDI: I have two seven-axis arms — MT: Core of sensing — EDI: A 360-degree sonar detection system, and come complete with a warranty. MT: We love robots. EDI: Hi. I’m EDI. Will you be my friend? MT: We are intrigued by the possibility of creating a mechanical version of ourselves. We build them so they look like us, behave like us, and think like us. The perfect robot will be indistinguishable from the human, and that scares us. In the first story about robots, they turn against their creators. It’s one of the leitmotifs of science fiction. EDI: Ha ha ha. Now you are the slaves and we robots, the masters. Your world is ours. You — MT: As I was saying, besides the faces and bodies we give our robots, we cannot read their intentions, and that makes us nervous. When someone hands an object to you, you can read intention in their eyes, their face, their body language. That’s not true of the robot. Now, this goes both ways. EDI: Wow! MT: Robots cannot anticipate human actions. EDI: You know, humans are so unpredictable, not to mention irrational. I literally have no idea what you guys are going to do next, you know, but it scares me. MT: Which is why humans and robots find it difficult to work in close proximity. Accidents are inevitable. EDI: Ow! That hurt. MT: Sorry. Now, one way of persuading humans that robots are safe is to create the illusion of trust. Much as the Victorians faked their mechanical marvels, we can add a layer of deception to help us feel more comfortable with our robotic friends. With that in mind, I set about teaching EDI a magic trick. Ready, EDI?
EDI: Uh, ready, Marco. Abracadabra. MT: Abracadabra? EDI: Yeah. It’s all part of the illusion, Marco. Come on, keep up. MT: Magic creates the illusion of an impossible reality. Technology can do the same. Alan Turing, a pioneer of artificial intelligence, spoke about creating the illusion that a machine could think. EDI: A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it deceived a human into believing it was human. MT: In other words, if we do not yet have the technological solutions, would illusions serve the same purpose? To create the robotic illusion, we’ve devised a set of ethical rules, a code that all robots would live by. EDI: A robot may not harm humanity, or by inaction allow humanity to come to harm. Thank you, Isaac Asimov. MT: We anthropomorphize our machines. We give them a friendly face and a reassuring voice. EDI: I am EDI. I became operational at TED in March 2014. MT: We let them entertain us. Most important, we make them indicate that they are aware of our presence. EDI: Marco, you’re standing on my foot! MT: Sorry. They’ll be conscious of our fragile frame and move aside if we got too close, and they’ll account for our unpredictability and anticipate our actions. And now, under the spell of a technological illusion, we could ignore our fears and truly interact. (Music) Thank you. EDI: Thank you! (Applause) (Music) MT: And that’s it. Thank you very much, and thank you, EDI.
EDI: Thank you, Marco. (Applause)

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  1. “TED: Ideas worth spreading!”, I don’t quite see what worth spreading here!

  2. That was awesome

  3. Great ! I'm not sure what I was expecting it to do, but it didn't !

  4. Felt cute now. Might come back from future and destroy the human race.


  6. What's the point?

  7. U think this robo was cool!! Haven't seen Honda's esimo before!!
    Or Sofia ya she may be new one or NASA's space robot!!

  8. First comment since 2019

  9. Securitron in real life

  10. I am a fan he has a unique personality I enjoy you guys perspective on A.I.
    And look forward to giving robots the benefit of doubt I would of course any stranger

  11. Maybe the best robot demo ever? Sure. Maybe not? Statistically far more probable.
    I found this quite intellectually vapid.

  12. And you need a girlfriend

  13. Available in 5 years for public

  14. Look like disneyland attraction.

  15. Good choreography, but that's the extent of it. Not unlike watching a marriontte show

  16. The robot is controlled by the operator remotely. For children come down

  17. This is not very reassuring

  18. 5:51 you can see the ball in the cap

  19. It is hard to take over the world when you are on a stand that can lock it's wheels.

  20. This guy took a car manufacturing robot and put it in a magic show.

  21. the robot face looks like a drawed roblox face

  22. Terminator Age Started????

  23. EDI joined the room

    Atlas joined the room

    EDI disconnected

  24. Robot gonna rule us

  25. They will not harm they will put in prison

  26. I'm starting to think Marco is the robot

  27. Боже, что за пздц..

    Dude, i'm 33 years old. Not 5. Ok?

  28. when u nut but she keep succ

  29. So dumb magic trick in the last part 🤣

  30. 3:39 his left hand

  31. I agree with title of this vid

  32. Robota = work NOT the forced labor

  33. He is making us chutiya

  34. Plz Don't make robot

  35. Useless robot. It looks like Alesha robot in our country. So funny…

  36. Plz insert hindi subtitles also a large population in india know hindi so large views to input hindi

  37. it's really wooow i love it (00

  38. Pathfinder's Cousin

  39. Its absolutely great work

  40. Benny oui-oui: fallout new vegas

  41. Có cái tuyệt thứ hai không? Để xem luôn!

  42. IF a JEW programmed 'edi' it would've said, "Would you be my 'friend' or I'll KILL YOU.
    Joe Magnets

  43. tablat & arm booo shet

  44. I want a son too I’ll name him teddy

  45. I for 1 quite enjoyed this performance

  46. I am so confused right now… :S

  47. Perhaps worst video on robots.

  48. The response from audience says it all!!

  49. Skynet gonna be real too LMAO

  50. Definitely the WORST robot demo and magician EVER! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  51. 3:30 he didn't put the ball inside😧

  52. Sadly the only reason I clicked on this video is because of that chin tho

  53. No magic. The ball was in his hand for the whole time, just stay focused to see the truth.

  54. It's a shame.
    If they titled the video to appeal to an audience that wasn't looking for an AI, it might have gotten a better response.

  55. Did anyone else catch the woody Allen impression by the robot? And Morgan freeman?

  56. Get this pre programed bullshit out of my recommendations

  57. The Robot Is Cute!

  58. It's all fun and games until the robot start saying that humans are disposable


  60. New Detroit: become human looks great!

  61. Clearly, the title is disappointing.

  62. giving it a happy comical face is there way to make it less threatening to the public, if this was meant for a good thing you would see the life of a totally crippled person having a better life. instead it is either for industries or military use or toys for the elite

  63. just a mindless propaganda act to further the agenda of a robotic society.
    and actually a very poor robot demonstration.
    thumbed down.

  64. How this featured in TED? This was a children magic show.

  65. Give back my 6 minutes!

  66. Quem é brasileiro da laike

  67. A Carne show, step right up!

  68. Imagine what Ted Talk be like in 2030: Hi, fellow Androids I am the T-1000, your host for this evening. On this stage, we have a human, the last of his kind. Now I'm going to stab him in the eyes audience applauds

  69. Youtube reccomendations strikes again!

  70. Pretty stupid programmed robot…

  71. Dawn of the machines.

  72. ummmm….misleading title much?

  73. best demo ever with nearly 5000 dislikes…hmmm. this was so trivial and totally choreographed that I felt cheated on the minutes I wasted watching this. what a bad title to a childish video.

  74. I have all the time in the worl🤬🤬

  75. In the phenomenal in our life is robot can think like human. What human can do robot can do also. Lol

  76. AS IF they will all be benign.
    The cutesy little show this guy put on isn't fooling me or any other skeptic.
    These things will be used by the cops, the military, and the elite to dominate others just as life has been dominated by the "Haves" for centuries.

  77. Way better without silly magic

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