Maximizing Profit In Landscaping and Lawn Care Business ($20,000 in 3 Days)

Maximizing Profit In Landscaping  and Lawn Care Business ($20,000 in  3 Days)

just move the circus over from the past
job to the new job let’s check out the circus got the dump truck the dump
trailer a little port-a-potty in there this dump trailer and then we got the
tool trailer pretty nice huh people are like hey man do you have a yard nope I’m
like a circus I go from place to place to place new job simple job this is super simple like if
we’re talking simplicity this is simplicity its finest so we’re not doing
anything with this walkway but with this deck we’re getting rid of the deck or in
put pavers I’m going to clean all this up
and then we’re gonna put grass and then just me bunch of mulch check out your
boy just a beast man just hanging out just sitting here waiting you know this
is gonna be a three day job it’s gonna go bang bang bang and we’re gonna be
done and the day one at this job got a lot
done man look this is pretty crazy so all the weeds are cleaned all the
splink sprinklers are in you can see see it’s already just got a backfill and
then put the soil in for the dirt and be good to go all the garbage is gone the
pavers are started see pretty nice
base rock is in so tomorrow most of this will be done actually right for sure the
grass the plants I still got to get that and like we also got some a pathway here
that we got decomposed granite on see Wow this is end of end of day two we got
most of the pavers done we got to go get like 60 pieces and we’re doing the mulch
and the DG right now DG is a decomposed granite it has a chemical inside once
you compress it and get it wet it doesn’t move all right you got to
compact it really well so this is what this this is what DG is right here sink
pretty good pretty good stuff right there it only works once it’s wet and
then we’re gonna put DG in this area too which is gonna be super easy and then
this is red mulch from all around the plants or area over here of the pavers
papers are they’re pretty simple we got the grass area all done it’s
ready to go the grass comes at 10 o’clock tomorrow and that’s about it
these plants they’re going in we’re going to take
those rocks over there and spread them around the trees yeah all right look at
this the grass is here man the grass is here mulch is and the grass is going in
pavers are done you got like four cuts left and we got the controller running
through see the water running through here is that Wi-Fi timer I wish this was
a paid advertisement this company used to pay me that’s a plug free that’s a
plug right there and I’m not even getting paid which I should be getting
paid so come on Richie Oh step it up man pay me new Oh let’s go for a cruise all right so we
have the decomposed granite path here with the chemicals we sprayed a bunch of
stabilizer on here makes everything real hard real hard got
the valves over here and look at that man will you look at that pavers are done so this is day three by
the way I know you’re probably like no way it’s not day three it is day three
how would I lie to you okay there’s a little storage area whatever that is oh we got some a nice pathway rolling
through a little garden area for future plants drip irrigation to all the plants
and low random rocks to accent everything got some grass to put in it
looks pretty good what do you think you like it yeah I
know you can’t believe that it was done in three days I can man it was done in
three days it was actually done in two days and 7 hours but that’s it pretty
good huh pretty good so standing here it’s tough
it’s the end and they are actually my YouTube subscribers which is really cool
let’s sing good job and she’s my number one fan good job right what’s up we did
good yeah totally yeah I said man happy customer this job is right around 20,000
how do you schedule everything so you know when all the materials are there
because you don’t want to have any wasted labor
wasted labor needs wasting money wasted money means bad news for you man and
that ain’t good no one wants wasted money efficiency is
what it’s all about how do you run this thing efficiently because I see a bunch
of these companies there they have they have like decent companies but they’re
not efficient hinata means like they they don’t buy the right tools they
don’t have the correct people at the right places and what they don’t have is
the right materials at the right time that’s important so I got a schedule
everything where is there when we need it
imagine if you had some grass that needs to be done and then grassing there or
you didn’t order enough now what you know now what well you hear wasted labor
wasted material waste of time waste of money you’re trying to save money how
about you make your company efficient and make money people worry about the
wrong things you don’t need to worry about saving your gas station that’s
three blocks away versus the one that you really want to go to which is one
block away and it’s got better gas better service better drinks but you go
to the other one that’s three blocks away and you save twenty cents a gallon
like that’s not that’s not good man no one cares about 20 cents how about you
get stuff so efficient that $0.20 doesn’t matter you just blow
it and you’re like hey guess what that 20 cents didn’t hurt me
cuz I don’t care I’m not a little puke not a little baby I’m a grown-up making
some Bank yeah stop worrying about this little little
money and make everything you do efficient pack that calendar like when I
go see clients on the weekends I don’t go see the client one client that one
o’clock on Saturday and on another client on Sunday I pack everything in on
one day so when I’m gonna have a chill day I chill right and what does it chill
they actually mean doesn’t mean anything on Sunday I’m doing the estimates from
Saturday so is it really that chill not really no but I don’t care I like it
like that you guys some of you guys want to relax
and chill and hang out why why aren’t you work man that children relaxed for
from 1 to 23 years old I don’t need to relax anymore Dawg I’m good I go to
sleep that’s relax right there what I need to
do is make that money make that paper make sure that the customers satisfied
make sure that my people are good make sure my family’s taken care of make sure
I’m taking care of you know what I mean make sure my my friends are taking care
of that I’m treating myself right you’re worried about how you treat your family
and your friends how about you treat yourself right first man you know treat
yourself right earth treat yourself good treat yourself first class because hey
if anyone’s gonna deserve it it’s you you

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  1. My father always said, to make money you must work with your head and not with your hands.
    You are the living example.


    This guy build a million dollar landscaping company in 3 years

  3. Excellent video….Dude is totally wasted. He started talking at the end of the video and the whites of his eyes were super white, by the end of the video his eyes were bloodshot and glassy…..LMAO

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  5. I don’t recall seeing u do a commercial job/bid but I’ll ask u any ways…..would I price commercial shrubs the same that I would a home

  6. This guy has absolutely no life. He says making sure he takes care of his family by that he means financially only because he doesn't take one day off to be with them so he prefers his cash over his family time.

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  8. Just pay the workers as minimum as possible. No rocket science.

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  16. How many guys ? And how much an hour?

  17. Cool videos man.
    We always over pave and mark the curve cuts with conduit and texta.
    Rapid fire and perfect cuts.
    We also recommend all pavers including header course be on an even sub base, ie all compacted roadbase or concrete not a combination. 99% of all our paving jobs we pour 3-4” concrete, 1” paving sand, compact, screed, lay.

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  33. It’s easy when you “employ” people at $2-$5 per hour. It’s easily $30/hour plus all other employee benefits to pay. So you are starting at around $9k of labour expense. Add in materials, rentals, etc and the profits are lot so much. Lucky if 3%.

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  45. My people latinos doin all the work like always…Make America Great again with Hispanics it is possible…without us this nation is nothing

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  47. What state yall in Paving looks like more fun and money's than Renovations Kitchens.

  48. Nice work my friend

  49. I see a lot of comments saying this guy is "successful".
    Guys…a successful business owner does not work 10-12h/day. A successful business owner does not spend his time recording videos to upload them on youtube, bragging how he made 20k.
    He`s just another dickhead that likes to show off the money he makes, or the tools he has. He works hard too. Not easy to have 10 guys working for you. Most of them are there for a paycheque, this guy is responsible for the job.

    He sounds like an idiot when he talk? Yes "bro".

    He works like a slave? Yes "bro".
    IS he successful? No "bro"… He just makes a good living and does the job right.

    If he was to stay home all day and cash in 20k…yeah thats success. But when you wake up at 6am to go work on a monday morning knowing that will be over 35c that day…thats another shit day in your live.

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  54. Great video thank you for taking the time out and filming it and posting it!

    Request: could you make another video about the cons of this job. Example: price negotiation, buying vs renting tools/equipments, hire same or new labor, difficulty of finding cheaper materials sod, Rocks, mulch?

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  56. This is all sub out ! Your running day labor agency lol

  57. Hey if you read this comment pls reply I’m 23 and just started my business i called it G.A construction & land preparation svc i have everything needed 2018 Ford -350 14*7 feet tall dump trailer 2008 Caterpillar skid steer
    And a few guys just need help with prices

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    Good messages throughout though and I respect that you take pride in your work.

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    that'll snap nicely

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  89. The Red Mulch is just so extremely hideous to me but it's a nice design otherwise. I would really like to see a video of all of your ditch witch attachments and all the uses you have for each

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