Max The early years 65 Dealing With their problems (Sub Eng, Spa)

Max The early years 65 Dealing With their problems (Sub Eng, Spa)

Hi, good morning. Hi. Can I sit? Of course. I’m going to see how the works are going. Hey, you know what they’re going to lend me today? No. A video with trailers of all the manga movies made in Japan. Manga movies? Do you like them? Haven’t you ever seen one? Some, on TV. No, these are not like those who you can watch on TV. These are hard. If you want we can meet this afternoon and watch them. I dunno. But can’t be in my place. Because if my father finds out … Is it okay at your place? I suppose. Quim will be here till late. Fucking great! Thank you. I have been told that you had ordered these by phone and as I was passing by … You’re lovely. Can I ask you something? Yes. It’s that… I just have a date at my place today … … with a person that I like. And I wanted to … but I just don’t know one to talk to! To me. Tell me. Well … this person … … doesn’t know that I like them. And I don’t know what to do. If I tell this person or not. I see. It’s complicated, but you say that you two are going to be home alone. Yes, in fact we wanted to meet to watch a video. Then it’s good for you. Does want it, right? This means that this person likes you. I dunno. I think this means nothing. Man, if I stay home alone with a boy it is because I like him. At least, I do. I don’t know. I’m not sure. Man, but be careful how you explain it, I would not be so direct. Why? I would ask little questions. So, as a joke. To be sure. And if you see that she is playing the game she likes you. And if she doesn’t give any signal then it means that she doesn’t like you. And at least you don’t disclose yourself. And you avoid a disappointment. But if I say nothing directly I’ll never know. Of course you’ll know! To us, the girls, these things are easily noticed. And besides, we are the ones who take the initiative. The boys, in these cases, you stay shy. In addition, she has asked you this, right? Yes, but there is a problem. There is one thing I have not told you. She has a boyfriend. No, it’s not that. What? Then, stay calm, behave normally. And, look, you pretend that you are not that interested. She’s already going to act, you’ll see. I don’t know. It is that… Nothing, nothing, I guess you’re right. I will not tell him anything, we will watch that video and that’s it. Sounds like a good idea. I can’t tell him anything. He would send me to hell. Surely. Besides, he would be able to spread it through the school. He is stupid enough to do so. Then, that’s it. It seems to me a good idea. But then stop turning it over in your head. I will. I’ll stop! It’s amazing! Right? Yeah, it’s cool. Do you mind if I leave it here? If my father finds out … Yes, yes, don’t worry. You’re a pal! Did you like it or not? Yes! Looks like you just watched a documentary of Romanesque art. It is hard eh? I’ve already told you, the Japanese are wild. Joel … something strange is happening to me. I know I probably will be wrong telling you. Hey! I’ve seen this movie. It’s Krampack. Yes, about that guy who stays home alone. Have you watched this movie? No. The movie is good but it is that … To me, this issue of faggots … It’s that I just can’t understand it. They must be sick. Don’t you think? I don’t know. Look, look, it’s … It happened to me, something like in the movie. Yes, last summer. I met a guy, good vibes, right? He was our age. But … When I was on the beach, he came and sat next to me and started like touching me. Oh! I gave him a shove and sent him to hell. We have not seen each other since. Can you imagine doing it with a guy? Oh, please! No, I can’t. So what? Do we watch it? No, better not. I’ll pass. But now I have an appointment to meet with K. We’re going to the movies. Boy, I thought tonight we could have dinner together. I don’t know, just because now I have finished the work … Yes, but if you had … What? It’s that I have a date now … Wait. Hey! What are you doing? I’m calling K to see if it’s OK for her to meet tomorrow. No, no, no need, we can get together another day. I don’t mind. Come on man, go, have a good time with K. But please, don’t make serious plans tomorrow with anyone. I promise. Come on. Oh by the way, can you set the video to record Matrix? It’s on TV tonight. Because I’m late and … Yeah, man, yeah, don’t worry. Among them there is a blank tape huh? Remember! Yup! Bye. Bye. Let’s see … Joaquím… Clara… marriage… bla bla bla … Go to hell all of you, dammit! Come out! Come out! There’s no one here! Stop pestering me! I think I drank too much. I see visions. Are you here to celebrate our anniversary? Come on, we’ll make a toast. But I don’t know where are the glasses. I don’t know. Come in, come. Well, you’re already inside. Max is not here, but never mind, this is your home you know that. Are you drunk? Drunk? No, I was … I was remembering old times. Yesterday … two years ago we got married. Do you remember? Look what I’ve done. I don’t think you are going to remember. Don’t look at me like that. I tell you, don’t look at me like that, shit! Don’t look at me like that Here, drink this. It was the video of our beautiful wedding. I would like to play it huh? but … Where is Max? Don’t worry about him, he’s okay. Yeah, I see how you look after him. Listen, Max and I are getting along fucking great and you don’t have to meddle in this huh? We don’t need anyone. Neither you nor Iolanda or anyone. Where is he? He is with his friend. At this rate you’ll end alone. You really left me alone. Look, I better get going. Yes, ok, go away, come on, run. As you always do. And you? What are you doing? Drinking when Max is away, and making a fool of yourself like the day of my wedding? Quim, the poor man, the eternal hapless. How much longer will you spoil your life, Quim? Do you think getting drunk is going to solve anything? Why have you come here, to lecture me or what? Or maybe it’s your sister who has sent you to control me, eh? Carme? Yes. Mrs. doctor. She can put in her ass her fucking treatment. Iolanda and she can go to hell. What do you mean? What has Carme to do with this? Come on, get out. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Look, alcohol, for the wounds. Hi Max. Clara. Why are you here? I’ll tell you later. Can we talk a minute? Yes. Would you mind if we leave it for another day? No, man, you better dine with your mother. See you tomorrow? Yes. Goodbye. Bye. Bye. I left quietly because you told me that Quim was fine. If I had told you, you would not have gone away. Of course not! And Carme? She knows anything about this? Why would she know? Quim asked if she sent me to control him. This means she knows something , right? Clara. What a surprise. Hi there. Is something wrong? I went to your brother’s place and I found him drunk. OMG! I thought he no longer … So, you all knew that he was drinking. Don’t overdo it huh? He only drinks sometimes. He drinks too much, Clara. He has a problem with alcohol and doesn’t want to admit it. He only asks for a beer once in a while. This is what he says. The day of the accident he was drunk. He had an accident? You didn’t tell me. It was nothing. No, no, thank God. But they withdrew his driver’s license. Come on Max, don’t defend him anymore. Quim has a problem and he would have to deal with it, but he is not able to. And what do you want? That you come with me to Cardiff. No, no, I’m fine here. No, Max, you’re not fine. He’ll ruin your life. You don’t understand? Max, you can’t do anything. Quim needs help from professionals. And family too, right? You can come back and see him whenever you want. Furthermore, he will have Cinta and Peris, we’ll be in touch. Yes, so we go to Cardiff, and from time to time we make a call to not feel too guilty. Max, I’m doing it for you. Max is right. What? That … Carme and Jordi did the same for me. I was separated from you so I would not suffer. They hid from me that I had a mother and they left you aside at the time you needed them most. But I was little. Max knows what he wants. What do you want to do with him? The very same thing they did to us? Clara. I will not leave Quim alone. Never. Ok, I’ll collect it later. Dani has asked me to buy him some things. I feel bad you go. Don’t think I am leaving quietly. Max, if things are not fixed, I’ll collect you and you will come with me. OK? Yes. You promise you’ll call me if anything happens? You asked me a thousand times! I’m being a bore, I know. But I tell you the same. If anything happens, call me huh? And don’t worry about your father. No! Don’t let him come back to your place, although he comes to apologize. You have to live your life, study, work, have fun. It can’t be that you only live for the others. Will you stop! Looks like she is going away for a lifetime. Yes, she can’t live without us. It’s not easy. Come on, I’m going or I’ll be late. See you later. See you. Bye. Parents are boring, uh? Damn, they talk about us but they do some things … I was going to have a coffee. Want one? No thanks. Okay, so tell me what you have to say and go. You have a problem. Oh yeah? And what do you want? Save me? No. I want you to recognize it. Quim! Max is also my son and I don’t like him living … With a drunk? Look, he has already had enough trouble, don’t you think? Sure. And now it comes when you say that you take him to Cardiff, right? No. I can’t tell you this. It turns out that Max prefers to stay with his father. And I won’t take him by force. Wow, how nice. Do I have to thank you or what? Listen, don’t overdo it. If Max has to live with you, you have to stop drinking. Very well. I will. No, it’s not enough to say it. And I know what I’m talking about. I want you to commit and do it. Max has already suffered too much when his mother … Listen, I already know the story of Lali, dammit, I told you I will not drink. Are you deaf? I will not drink. Better. Because otherwise I will return and I will take the boy. And if he doesn’t want to come, he will have to endure it. I am able to seek custody and go to trial if necessary. I will not allow him to pass back through the same thing. Understood? If you want to destroy your life … I will not spoil anything. Okay, fine. I will not. I will not drink. Not a drop. I swear.

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  1. Nice!!!! Too bad that Quim does not stop drinking! I guess he may loose Max. I hope Joel will not be cruel.with Max after he.tells him the.truth. Thanks a lot!

  2. Alejandro, what is the series called after the early years???  You've done a great job with the translations, thanks!!!

  3. Antes Clara no me caia bien, creo que por su antipatia  hacia Iago, pero ahora me doy cuenta de que no era tan mala, no se merecia el final que tuvo

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  5. Sigue sin gustarme ni un pelo la Clara. Es una miserable y no la soporto.

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  10. Quim siempre encuentra alguna forma para volver a beber, es un completo idiota y un alcoholico

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