Master P Defends Meghan Markle And Talks Business And Rap Snacks On MSNBC

Master P Defends Meghan Markle And Talks Business And Rap Snacks On MSNBC

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  1. Close shave Ari…. looks real good on you!

  2. Megan Markle Lord Jesus the British press has to be the most demonic on earth. People thinks it’s because she’s of color and that is so not true it’s because she is a foreigner. Her and Harry should come stay in the US and Canada Princess Diana would want them to get away for awhile.

  3. If master pee says it’s so, you can take it to the bank. Rappers are the backbone of this country 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Uhhhhhhhh na na na na!

  5. Ari is wayy too cool. I love him. Kinda surprised to hear Meghan Markle's name even mentioned in a segment like this.

  6. All these Black Americans want to defend Meghan Markel but tell me! What have she done for the Black Community in the U.S.? When she became famous What have she done! All she did was live, work, dated and married White men! She has done nothing for the Black Community for us to show sympathy or support!! She is just like O.J. Simpson just except she is not a killer!!!

  7. Oprah learned that early on, and decided to own her content and bought her own network! Smart lady!

  8. Not news at all. This is embarrassing. Ari is such a loser fawning all over these rappers. MSNBC, get rid of Ari or keep him professional. This is disgraceful.




  12. We got plenty of room over here for Harry and Megan

  13. Come back home, Meghan. They dont deserve you. Bring Harry too!

  14. The people in this comment section are not people.. Programmed puppets of evil who ignore all truth. They are destroying the nation and igniting the 7 trumpets of Revalation. They bring death to everything until there's nothing.

  15. The British press harasses and bullies Meghan daily with The Daily Mail and The Sun alone writing upwards of 5 to 6 hit piece articles on her every single day. What's reported in their tabloids are then parroted as truth when most of it are lies. They escalated the trolling while she was pregnant. One has to wonder why they upped the bullying while she was with child. The British Royal Reporters are a pack of wolves.

  16. The UK has moved on being ginger is the new black. Everyone in the UK hates gingers.

    Seriously like the U.S. has a systematic racism towards black people the UK has towards Orange haired people.
    Orange is the new black

  17. Thanks Master P and Mark Thompson for bringing the business to the forefront and embarking to help others in their businesses. Love you all.

  18. People that are genuine and without sordid pasts do not need defending.

  19. Lol! This guys has no idea about meghan. She is a fake and wants to sucker people. She has it easy.

  20. Totaly Awesome, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , if you like to 🙂

  21. Thank you Master P & Mark Thompson for your non biased & encouraging comments about Duchess Meghan.

    The democratic serpent left is the same serpent line that enslaved the black race. MELBER is playing these two chumps like sucker pasties who are 2 greedy evil men

  23. Meghan needs to be evaluated for post partum depression.

  24. Meghan wants the british monarchy adapt to her…. She is out of her mind… They are the most privilege couple in all the world and is not enough for them!!!

    😱 Her actitude is so creepy

  25. Please take her back, she is a terrible fit.

  26. We wemon cannot keep quiet when it comes to our emotions we wemon are not accepting being put down no more we stand up against racism against Duchess Meghan

  27. Is it just me or did anyone else feel like we made it after hearing them say "we bout it, bout it" on MSNBC lol.

  28. Interrupt P again and… P's looking like a million bucks in that suit.

  29. Yes go back, we don't want this hippocrate on British soil.

  30. He would be up there with Big Bird 🤣🤣 #ADOS

  31. Ari took me out at 'bout it bout it' LMAO!!

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