Marketplace Superheroes Review 2019 [HONEST]

Marketplace Superheroes Review 2019 [HONEST]

Hi folks, Dan Graef here and today I want
to give you my open and honest review of the Marketplace Superheroes private label Amazon
FBA program. So this program teaches you how to sell private
label products on Amazon. What does that mean? Well essentially, you go onto Amazon and you
research and you find products which are simple, and for the most part boring, where they are
already selling well but there isn’t that much competition. You then find out what works about the product,
what doesn’t work about the product and if there’s any way you could improve the value
that offer in the marketplace. You then source that product from a supplier. You apply your own branding to that product. You send those products into Amazon’s warehouses
where customers can then buy those products and because they are distributed from Amazon’s
warehouses, they get Amazon prime delivery and all the other good things that come with
prime. Amazon take a cut of those sales and you’re
left with the difference. So first of all I want to talk about what
I found unique about this particular course. The first thing I really liked was the type
of products that the course focused on. So, as I said before it focuses primarily
on really simple, really boring items. Now this might sound counterintuitive. If you ask most people, they will want to
start a business in something they’re passionate about and have an active interest in. However, Marketplace Superheroes take a different
approach and it’s not so much about what you’re passionate in, but about where the market
is appropriate and where the numbers work So essentially you work through their research
process and if you look at the product and you can confidently say within that market
you can compete, you can stand out and you can get 100% return on your money, then it’s
a yes. The second thing that really drew me to this
program and something that just immediately makes so much sense to me, was the fact that
they focus very much on offer volume, i.e. selling lots of different products rather
than focusing on a single product. The example they like to give is a “Rule
of 5” business. If you can sell 5 units of 5 different products
in 5 different marketplaces at a $5 profit each, then over the course of a month that
adds up to $18,750 profit. Now obviously, the numbers don’t have to be
5’s – we could be talking 2’s, 3’s, 7’s, 10’s but the concept remains the
same. When you apply this in the context of Amazon’s
ecosystem where you’ve got hundreds of millions of customers and you’re only looking to get
a few sales a day of a few products and that scales up so quickly to that kind of profit
level, that just immediately made so much sense to me. And the third thing I really liked about this
was the fact that you’re focusing on creating a real business from day one. So, no shortcuts, no quick wins. Creating a real legal entity to run your business
in. Adhering to Amazon’s terms of service so you’re
not going to get randomly kicked off the platform for misbehaving. Declaring the correct duty rates for your
products as they come in, you’re not trying to outdo the tax man and cut corners here
and there. Everything in the course is really focused
on doing things the right way. It’s an investment for the long term and
so you should be doing things by the book and setting up your business properly. So what do you actually get for your money
when you invest in this course? Well, the first thing you get is access to
the core program. The core program is essentially a long series
of videos divided up into modules that take you step-by-step from researching products
all the way through to actually getting set up and selling on the Amazon platform. The introductory module talks a lot about
your mindset that you require as a business owner. How to retrain your mind think more as an
investor and less as a consumer. It also lays out the principles behind the
business model, like the “Rule of 5” we talked about earlier. You then quickly get onto the cornerstone
business which is the research process. They lay out which categories you should be
selling in, what things you should be looking for, what things you should be avoiding and
how to figure out what products are selling enough, where there is too little competition,
where there is too much competition and generally where to find the best opportunities you can. Once you’ve found potential products, they
show you how to look at that product within the market in which it sits. So maybe there are 5 competitors, maybe there
are 10, maybe there are 20. They talk about how to weigh up whether this
is a good opportunity for you based on the quality of your competitors and the volume
of your competitors. If that all checks out and you’ve found
a product that works, you then move on to looking at how you could potentially improve
the product. Finding out what works, what doesn’t work
starting to think about reaching out to suppliers. They then delve into supplier communication
– how to negotiate with suppliers, particularly with regard to bringing in a product for the
first time. Negotiating down the MOQ, or “minimum order
quantity”, so that you can test that product in the market before you commit to putting
down a lot of capital going forward. At this point, they also teach you how to
go about setting up your limited company in which you’ll be running your business and
why that is really important to get right from the start. Next, they go really in-depth in the importing
process and talk about sea shipping in particular which many Amazon sellers don’t utilise to
their detriment. Why it is so profitable and how to do it the
correct way. They then talk about how to create world-class
listings with great photography, great bulletpoints, great descriptions and great titles and also
how to delve in, both manually and using different keyword research tools, to find keywords which
are important for Amazon to rank your product and also for customers to come in and find
your product based on what they’re looking for. They also teach you how to use “Amazon Sponsored
Products” which is Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising model. How to utilise this to increase both your
organic and your paid sales and how to track that over time and manage your spend. And once you’ve got all this in place, they
talk about layering strategies on top of that. How to expand globally and generally how to
increase your profits as your business grows and grows. Now if this sounds like a lot of information
then never fear, because in each of these modules at the end of the module they will
set up building blocks and these are actions that you need to go away and take. They are very specific and very actionable
and the recommendation from them is “Do not move on to the next module until you’ve
completed these actions”. This is something that I found extremely motivating
and it basically means that someone else is telling you exactly what you need to do in
order to move your business to the next stage. For me, it took all of the confusion and the
doubt and the analysis paralysis out of the process – I just trusted in somebody else,
they told me what to do, I took the action and once I’d taken the action I could move
onto the next stage. The second thing you get access to is a whole
suite of tools and software. The piece of software you’ll be using the
most, especially at the start, is the “4S Product Gauntlet”. This is essentially a software version of
their research process where you will input listings from Amazon where you think you can
create a better offer and it will steadily move through each stage of the gauntlet and
if it’s still ruled in, it will go through. If it gets ruled out, it’ll get kicked out. That’s why they call it the “Product Gauntlet”
and this is where you will whittle down the potential opportunities into your best opportunities. The best thing about this tool is the fact
that it’s got an inbuilt profit calculator, so as long as you provide it the parameters
it needs, which you’ll get from potential suppliers when you reach out to them, it can
tell you exactly – to the penny – what your profit will be on any individual sales. This is fantastic because the software does
all the heavy-lifting and number crunching for you and lets you prioritise all your potential
opportunities and only take forward those opportunities that make the most sense, for
example those where you double your money or more. The third thing you get is access to the Marketplace
Superheroes Facebook community. This is an active community of around 4000
members, all of which have gone through the same core material as you where you can discuss
your goals, your pain points, your frustrations and generally find answers to most of the
questions you have during your business journey. They have a core team of people who actively
monitor the Facebook group and answer questions and often actually those come from Stephen
and Robert – the founder themselves – they’re on there daily. If you got questions, you’ll quite often
get an answer directly from them. And even if you don’t get an answer directly
from the Marketplace Superheroes team, there are people of all different levels in that
group and you’ll get an answer from someone with more experience, maybe someone more advanced
in their business. The other great thing about the group is because
it’s about 4 years old now, if you have a question you can often just go into the group,
go to the search bar, type in your query and you’ll find that someone else has already
asked that question before. So there’s a whole bank of knowledge there
at your fingertips. So maybe you’re wondering about “Do I have
to have my labels on my products translated?” for example, you could go and type that in
and there will already be someone who has asked that question before and you’re immediately
able to get to the root of your question. Stephen and Robert, who run the course, will
often also put on additional things like live Facebook videos where they will go a little
bit deeper into topics like research or analysing markets and basically just providing a bit
of extra value back to the community. And the great thing about these sessions is
that they’re interactive. So if you have a quesiton, you can just raise
your hand and you can come on video and talk to them face-to-face or you can type your
question in the chat and they’ll get back to you right away. And because you’re going straight to the
horse’s mouth, as they say, you know the information you’re getting is the best you
can get. The additional thing you get from signing
up to the core program is that you get access to all their other services which help your
Amazon business run more smoothly and more cost effectively. So they’ve got their own freight service and
they run consolidated containers from China to the UK and the US, as well as from the
UK to the US and vice versa and you’re able to buy space in the container at a really
good rate because they only sell space to members of the community and they run the
full container. So they’re able to pass on excellent rates
to members of the community and it’s shared between them. They also have professional accountancy services
so they are able to set up your company. They are able to do your bookkeeping and your
end of your tax returns. They also have professional photography services
to make sure that the images on your listings are top notch and conform to all of Amazon’s
terms of service. They also offer a dedicated Amazon pay-per-click
advertising course where they go a lot more in-depth into how to set up your campaigns
to be much more profitable over the long-term and really dial in your advertising spend. And if you’re struggling with motivation and
accountability, they run a program for that where you get access to a separate Facebook
group and direct access to members of the Marketplace Superheroes community who essentially
keep you on track and keep you honest. They make sure that you’re taking action at
every stage, you’re documenting what you want to do, what you have achieved, what you
haven’t achieved and staying true to your goals. So overall, here are my thoughts about the
course. In terms of the good I would say that Stephen
and Robert are both excellent teachers. They have very different styles. The best analogy I can give is that Robert
is a bit like the stern dad who kind of scolds you if you don’t heed advice or if you don’t
take action on something you should have. And Stephen’s a bit like your bubbly friend
who keeps you motivated, keeps you going and keeps on the right path. I find both approaches really motivating actually
and combined I think it forms a perfect storm that pushes you forward and makes you take
action. Like I said before, I particularly loved the
fact that in every video module they said “Here are the actions you have to take and
don’t move forward until they’re done”. I thought that was really clever and especially
for beginner entrepreneurs where they’re a bit nervous, they’re not quite sure what to
do, this is like – “Well, you don’t worry about it – we’ll tell you what to do. You just go take the action. Once you’ve taken the action, move forward”. I thought that was great and it really spurred
me on personally to go faster than I would have otherwise. In terms of my business in the space of 3
months I had researched hundreds of products reached out to 70+ suppliers and eventually
settled on 3 products which I’d invested in and I had my limited company set up and
I was ready I get that business moving. The second thing I say is that the course
and community as a whole really just completely changed my mindset from someone who potentially
wasn’t that interested in being a business owner at all to someone who very quickly owns
a business and has the confidence to run that in the long term and really believe in that
business and believe that it can scale, that it can grow and that it can provide income
for myself and my family in the long term. In terms of the bad, what I would say is that
the course material isn’t as polished as some other courses out there. There are definitely a few instances where
the editing isn’t perfect, the video and audio out of sync and also I would say that
to an extent they are a victim of their own success. Because they are now building out all these
extra services that I talked about like freight and accountancy and photography, the course
itself doesn’t actually mention those and so you might end up proceeding down a path
with something other than their services without realising they exist and so if you do decide
this is something for you, I would definitely keep an eye on the Facebook group and search
some of the topics like that before you go investing in things to see if Marketplace
Superheroes has something you could take advantage of. In terms of the accuracy of the course content
with regards to Amazon, I found it very good overall. There was only really one issue I had which
was to do with barcodes. Amazon now insist that you use barcodes from
a company called GS1 which just basically ensures that they are unique to you and the
course material suggested something a bit different and I ended up investing in some
barcodes which I couldn’t use which was essentially a sunk cost of about £50 for me. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it’s something
that they could definitely improve on and rework if they redo the course material again. So, the final verdict: Would I recommend this
course? 100% resounding yes. If you’re someone who is interested in making
passive income and having more financial freedom in your life then I definitely recommend that
you check out this course. You’re going to learn a whole lot of new
skills, you’ll be immersed in a community of people who are very much moving towards
the same goal and you’re going to build something which is extremely profitable not
just in the short-term, but in the long-term. For me, I went into this as someone who was
a bit nervous, a bit unsure. I’d never invested this sort of money in myself
from a personal development point of view or from a business point of view and I came
out a different person at the other end: Someone who was really confident they had built something
stable, something strong and something that was going to provide for them in the long-term. Looking back I’d say the investment in this
course is actually really reasonable, especially given the climate that we live in just now
where there are Amazon gurus everywhere who are touting courses that are going to change
your life, give you overnight success, basically just smoke and mirrors, when this program
actually really focuses on – these are two guys who are real businessmen teaching you
how to make a real business and create something which is going to sustain in the long-term. So if this sounds like something you’d be
interested in, I’m going to leave a link to the Marketplace Superheroes course in the
description below. I highly recommend that you go check that
out. You can go watch the webinar presented by
Robert and Stephen themselves and decide if this opportunity is for you. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee
on the course itself, so you really don’t have anything to lose by signing up and giving
it a shot. If you like it as much as I do and believe
in as much as I do, I really think it’s a decision you will not regret and it could
set you up very nicely for the future. That’s the end of the video for today. If you liked what you saw, if you could go
ahead and hit that “like” button, that would really help the channel out. If you want to see more videos like this in
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when new videos come out. Either way, until next time – catch you later.

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