Marketplace Simulations’ Train-the-Trainer Workshop

I decided to attend the Train-the-Trainer Workshop because I had actually been using this simulation in my class
for two semesters prior to this but I didn’t know if I was doing a good job or
if I was emphasizing the things that needed to be emphasized. What we tried to
do during these workshops is to immerse faculty in the simulation so that they
can see what it is like to be a participant and understand the
simulation from the inside. So this is my first experience on the other side of
the coin and it’s kind of interesting because a lot of the mistakes I would
get mad at my students for I find myself making. And we got really serious and really into the game and the students are going to do the same. Especially the competitive aspect against each other we caught ourselves, we would leave the
training room and go outside so that our competitors on the next table couldn’t
hear us. I’m trying to bring it back to the University internally, you know they don’t have the experience with it and when you try to tell somebody about
it, it’s a lot different from having somebody experience it. The Marketplace Train-the-Trainers has really been a quality use of time, it was absolutely
worthwhile. I would even consider coming back and doing it again just to get, you know, every time you play this game you learn more and more. So we invite you to come to Knoxville, Tennessee and participate in one of the
Train-the-Trainer seminars that are offered free of charge!

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