Mark Cuban weighs in on Trump re-election amid impeachment talks

Mark Cuban weighs in on Trump re-election amid impeachment talks

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  1. These trumptards instantly hate everyone who doesn’t agree in totality to their views

  2. The ex-Trumper has soften up on the President, Cuban can't move because the business part that's only available in china for his bike factory is cheaper labor. Cuban, has the chance but for some big reason does not mention the name of his bike and voted for Hillary? and he calls himself a business man?

  3. Mark Cuban needs to hide. It should be illegal to force anyone to look at him. Go away Mark!

  4. Mark Cuban another cretin who is a billionaire.

  5. Everyone has an opinion. My vote wont change. TRUMP 2020!

  6. Mark/Neil: The real question that needs asked/answered is why isn't congress or the FBI investigating Joe Biden's criminal "quid pro quo" with Ukraine officials during his stint as VP – his influence was used to shield his son from a justifiable criminal investigation inside a sovereign country? This BS interview is little more than media pantomime and window dressing. Every citizen, including Trump, has a right to ask what was going on with VP Biden and the Ukraine – the Trump impeachment spectacle is a sad diversion.

  7. this guys a dolt. just wants to be on tv.  says / knows nothing.  trump 2020.  dems / globalist to the gallows.

  8. He called because Biden was whoring out his son to the Ukraine for access to the BO admin

  9. What happened to Mark. He looks like he aged 20 years in the last 2.

  10. Shut up Cuban. No one cares about you or your dumbass spew!

  11. That forced smile from 0:19 to 0:26 is creepy as f*ck.

  12. Come on Cuban, Trump's confidence is Rock Solid. He didn't need the Russians to beat Hillary any sure doesn't need Ukraine to beat Biden.

  13. Why interview that useless idiot?

  14. Today must be one of the days they are not friends. Let me spell it out for the Billionaire who is stupid as a box of rocks. The President made a call to , Ukraine, Italy , Australia , England , because their intelligence agencies were all involved with our Intelligence agency's to try and pull a coup on a duly elected president. I guess he hasn't been paying real good attention the past three years.

  15. you didn't like Trump but Hilary was ok??? things that make you go hmmmm???

  16. Mark Cuban
    is right to say he don't know
    he does not have the basics to understand politics.
    he raises doubts that do not exist.

    he should stick to accumulate money.
    and watch football.

  17. Mark Cuban
    is right to say he don't know
    he does not have the basics to understand politics.
    he raises doubts that do not exist.

    he should stick to accumulate money.
    and watch football.

  18. Cubin might be rich, but he has no commensence at all…

  19. Cuban is a puke! He said President Trump would not be President. SURPRISE CUBAN!!!! And btw, he'll be the President in 2020 too. Hahahahahaha

  20. Can't finish watching this d..k. but enjoyed reading the comments. 😁

  21. Funny how opinions are news now.

  22. So if a person is not sure or just doesn't want to say anything, why don't they shut up. The more you're saying something, is because you want to say something, without saying, something.

  23. Mark Cuban is incorrect!

  24. This setup and orchestrated impeachment inquiry has done nothing but make me want to vote twice for Trump.

  25. Cuban is a blowhard – his opinion is irrelevant

  26. I love how people on here are praising Trump over Cuban. LOL. One is a self-made billionaire learning many different industries, and in time became an industry leader, the other inherited it all, screwed over a lot of people, was saved by the government many times, had many failed businesses before discovering that he was just better at licensing his name than actually running a business, and could have put his inheritance in an S&P index fund and made more money. lol. Party-before-country idiots.

  27. All dirty Billionaires are going down.

  28. Fake owner of a team in a fake league. Congrats.

  29. Can’t stand these two. The ones that are the loudest does the least. While they talk about the presidency, Trump IS the president and leader of the free world.

  30. Sorry, Mark, even though you went to my same high school- Mt Lebanon High, you sound a little swampy.
    A lot globalist.

  31. Trump was never worried about Biden or any other Dem candidate beating him,only a fool would bet against him,just look at his results,Cuban is just another self righteous liberal hack

  32. Only Cavuto would have that whack job on!

  33. Trump is the first billionaire to become POTUS and became more famous than Jesus and is in the history books forever along with all of his historical great results for his country like economy and lowest unemployment etc,Cuban and the rest are simply just billionaires now and their egos are butthurt about it

  34. Cuban is clueless about Trump’s confidence! Calling Ukraine has nothing to do with that!

  35. The smartest thing Cuban said was we need to get rid of the 2 party system. Drain the swamp, and that includes the fake media that supports these idiots.

  36. Perhaps he wanted the people to know about Biden and for justice to come forward and some of the swamp to get clean on that one deal.

  37. BTW-Biden isnt a political opponent of Our President's. He's not the official nominee, and isn't likely to be. Just more attempts by the deranged and emotional LOSER Dems still crying about Hillary's loss. THANK GOD she lost!!

  38. Mark Cubin is a shill

  39. mrke go home Pres Trump will win.He never asked for z favor and he does have confidence.He will win

  40. hillary lover.That says it all!

  41. This guy has no clue what he's talking about.

  42. Trump 2020.. Its no crime he will win
    I cant stand this guy he anothe mutt commie

  43. Wow, I thought Mark Cuban was smarter than that.

  44. nothing to see here

  45. Biden wasn't an announced candidate at the time president Trump had made the phone call so how was he asking for help in the 2020 election.

  46. Cuban can't run a basketball team

  47. Looking white and pasty

  48. I'll take that bet Cuban you'll loss everything

  49. Trump 8 More Years

  50. Trump called the President of Ukraine to congratulate him.  Not because he was worried about getting re-elected.

  51. Why would Trump discuss Biden with Ukraine?  Because, Biden himself, did exactly what Democrats are accusing Trump of doing, and Trump is draining the swamp!

  52. So, Cuban voted for Hillary, but he's not a Democrat?  Just thought SHE was the best choice at the time?  Ok.

  53. Cavuto is terrible!

  54. Cuban looks like you're first-rate child molester you stinky piece of s***

  55. ZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzz

  56. Cavuto just go to CNN

  57. Cuban ran a sexual hostile business to women. His defense is he didn't know it. boo.

  58. Cuban Who cares what you think ? Your reason is delusional

  59. No Cuban The press sucks

  60. Mark is a f…k’n hack.Mark wants to own the athletes. Paying athletes in colleges will not give him exclusive rights to marketing and access to his pre- nba deals.He wants all for himself.

  61. Mark Cuban you are wrong the American people are fully aware of what is going on and what has gone on in the past, the democRATs are so corrupt it’s not even funny. The entire democratic should be kicked out and some new fresh minds that won’t abuse their power and will work for the American people !!!!

  62. What needs to happen is AG Barr needs to come home and do his job… After a lot of indictments .The left would stop being so out of control..

  63. Mark Cuban is one of those idiots who proves everyday that you don't have to be smart to be rich.

  64. Mark loves working with China more than his own people…..He doesn’t have to care he’s already rich…… he’s part of the Clinton Machine….just saying

  65. This moron is as two-faced as a double headed snake. He never like Trump and he still doesn't like Trump. He sees himself as being a president. I think he spoke about running for office at one time. He thinks he's a better man than President Trump. I know if you ask him that his big ego would tell you so🤪🤯

  66. Cuban is a little man, in a suit.

  67. Mark Cuban you should move to China to open your business there. We do not need or want your business here. You are a traitor.

  68. Mr. Mark Cuban, your prediction on President Trump is wrong! Because you like Democrats.

  69. Mark Cuban is starting to look olllld.

  70. Another clown that is very lucky United States exists.

  71. I thought Mr Cuban was running for prez. What happened tough guy?

  72. He is an idiot. Why would anyone listen this this fool? You'd be better off tallking to a plumber or taxi driver

  73. Athletes lose scholarships now when they get an injury making $0 so paying players has no effect on what's already occurring

  74. Cuban should fire all of the people who give him info…VERY ignorant to truth. Huge ego..playing dumb

  75. Nobody wants to hear from this handsy freak!

  76. Cuban is so wrong! Most American's want to know what Ukraine had to do with U.S. Election, and any other country that had involvement.

  77. What’s been going on lately isn’t making sense. Can President Trump just chill for a moment?. This is too much.. Cuban sounds on point.

  78. The Cubester dialing it back a bit for the targeted audience hmmm?

  79. Don't trust a guy with phony hair dye. Ms Clairol red number 4 Mr Cuban?

  80. Anyone who looked at a ticket with Hillary and Donald Trump on it and literally chose between the two is an incurable idiot.

  81. Maybe Elisabeth Warren will tax him substantially and shots off his snake's mouth.

  82. Mark Cuban really who would America vote for

  83. It's called getting to the truth and draining the swamp and your right you don't know

  84. This clown so jealous of Trump lol

  85. Cabin is Deep State Scum Shame on Fox this is Fake News. Call had nothing to do with 2020 election…

  86. Why this clown? totally irrelevant.

  87. Creepy Joe would be the worst nominee for the DNC !

  88. Voted for Hillary and has business interests in China? What is he doing here? Is he supposed to give reliable insights on the situation?

  89. You got deep state cuvodo with deep state Cuban what do you expect.

  90. Oh yeah that's right, the dummy voted for Hillary….fooled by Hilary, We could never stand for this guy to ever become president or anyone he is friends with and agrees with. Mark Cuban child's play

  91. We DEPLORABLES still standing by Our President Trump

  92. Cuban you are stupid

  93. i would like to see Cuban have a run at the presidency at some point !!

  94. Trust this anchor to invite subtle anti Trump comments. He's trying to be a subtle version of CNN and CSBC anchors. But hes fooling nobody about his hatred for Trump.

  95. He was trying to accomplish draining the swamp. The origin of the Russian hoax started in Ukraine

  96. Why do all these billionaires hate trump? The Democrats hate billionaires don’t they? Or do they?

  97. MARK. CUBANO. & CAPUTO. = LAUREL. & HARDY. ⚡. 👎👎👎👎. ⚡

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