Mark Cuban: Capitalism is going to win, socialism just doesn’t work

Mark Cuban: Capitalism is going to win, socialism just doesn’t work

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  1. "i have a lot of money that i dont want ewe to have."

  2. It boggles the mind how Cuban became a billionaire. He's so dumb. He thought YouTube was worthless when Google bought it. He had no insight or vision to think that ordinary people and not studios could ever post something of value. Which makes him incredibly elitist as well. And here, as usual, he's wrong again. Of course Warren will be the nominee.

  3. Let’s be honest, Democrats are not about socialism…the Leftists want COMMUNISM

  4. Mark Cuban is wrong about support for billionaires. I support the free market.


  6. Five million march to Washington!

  7. Five million march to Washington to show our displeasure at the rats and take them out!

  8. Bernie was against millionaires now he’s one. Their all millionaires so their against billionaires😂

  9. Five million march to Washington to show them that we don’t need these bozos!

  10. "Foreign investors will come in and buy up everything." And there we go…

  11. Go back to real work you bozos because the big march is coming!

  12. Trump picked the establishment to pick on. The Dems picked billionaires and white men.

  13. that's ridiculous if they didn't take into account wether it's liquid or assets

  14. Please kindly identify the speakers. Thank you.

  15. He waits till the end to pick on Trump!

  16. I don't trust Cuban

  17. Mark you remind me of Frankenstein. Btw , the USA will unfortunately become socialist in time bc of all the up and coming socialist minded youth ding dongs. It’s inevitable

  18. Exactly why this piece of trash mark Cuban wants capitalism for himself but socialisim for everyone else

  19. I'm not fluent on American healthcare but there are major downsides to universal healthcare like in Canada. Canadians brag about it but they shouldn't. we pay some of the highest taxes in the world for this "free" healthcare, the wait times are absolutely atrocious and of course you always have people sitting in emergency with injuries that could be solved with a bandaid. however these socialist ideals always come at the expense of someone else and that's why it's never sustainable.

  20. I thought Mark Cuban was liberal.

  21. If the democrats lose to trump again I’m gonna laugh so hard.

  22. How in the world did hilary lose to trump again?

  23. Pretty sad Elizabeth warren pushes people to vilify billionaires. I for one am inspired by them. The ones who are self made through a lot of hard work and who create products that make our day to day lives better. Who employ tens of thousands of workers. I think a lot of it is envy!

  24. I don’t have anything against taxes because it’s for the benefit of everyone. My issue is the government is so full of fraud waste and abuse that I think they have MORE than enough money to do everything they need to do.

  25. Little does this fucker know . We are an Already socialistic country . We have socialized , school, food, housing . Only policy we dont have that most socialistic country have is higher taxes .

  26. Cuban said in 2016 publicly, "F— Trump" with a big grin on his face. I wouldn't vote for Cuban (not his real name) if he was running for dog catcher.

  27. seee would happens when a businessman analyzes something they get an actual solution when a politician does that all they get is another problem and it cost the taxpayers money a businessman nose a bottom line the only bottom line a politician got is your pocket

  28. Cuban is just butthurt because Trump became president – he's jealous as hell and says the most insane things. I used to like him – but back in 2015 his true colors came out when he was acting like a big baby and calling Trump names – total jerk.

  29. I’m confused:
    These celebrities and billionaires doesn’t support Trump who stand for everything capitalism and average hard working Americans.
    Instead they support these do nothing Democrats who stand for nothing but socialism.

  30. Laying claim to another's property or labor is never a "right".

  31. One of the few things out of Mark Cuban's mouth that I agree with. I totally disagree with his views on the greatest President since Ronald Reagan. That being said,, he's a billionaire, I'm a thousandaire.

  32. Semite protecting his money because they worship money. However, they have no problem stealing your money.

  33. How about not raising tax,s cut off giving money to other country….

  34. Exactly. People think a lot if these folks actually have the liquid cash, they don't. Don't let Forbes fool you with their networth BS. Only a handful or a bit more actually have that liquid cash. Not Jay Z 😊

  35. Now Trump knows how the public is being treated in the lower courts. You ARE guilty and must prove yourself innocent (right or wrong), all backed up by reporting officer's bias report based solely on the accuser's testimony. RED FLAG approach; The courts and lawyers agenda is to mediate cases from actually going to trial (due to current case loads) by offering you a lesser deal strictly for processing cases quicker while still supporting the system
    monetary gains at the public's expense.

  36. When has government control not destroyed business in the private industry.

  37. Mark Cuban needs to STOP his Anti Trump. This interview is in line with Trump, but he still HATES Trump for WHO HE IS, and NOT for what he is doing.

  38. OK MARK! Then explain to us why in the world you stand up for Democrats?! The new name of your party is the Democratic Socialist/Communist of America!

  39. Oh wait, Cuban hates Trump, he loves the Dems. He actually battled with trump. Now all the Dems want to take 70% of his money he’s flipping 🤣🤣🤣

  40. The evidence shows that the Trump administration is corrupt.

  41. Does Mark dye his hair ?

  42. Crony Capitalism ??? HAHAHAHHAH!!!

  43. Capitalism vs Socialism is false comparison. Nationalism Capitalism is the most productive in preserving the nation industry. Capitalism needs to be heavily regulated. Socialism is complete government control on industry and just doesnt work. Mark is in favor of free market capitalism which results slavery.

  44. Mark stfu and make your team called the mavs great

  45. In 2016 this idiot Hillary supporter said Capitalism would crash if Donald Trump became President.

  46. Yes to the problem is I agree 100% social Missouri going to work but we are going to have to get you a point one time for the technology we bring out for transportation and energy is going to be a non debt system it's going to be free energy so the problem I have is the government needs to start working on actually helping people be healthy instead of putting all the Pharmaceuticals down on throat

  47. Mark, thank God! Goodness, whoever that is, has nothing to do with it. Just saying…

  48. Medicare was a big step back from my employer's plan. If that's what you want, you'll make up for it by multiple visits and longer waits. And good luck changing doctors. Today they limit the number of Medicare patients. Under these plans, all doctors will need more patients, so there may be a willingness to take on more, to maintain their revenue, causing the longer wait times and return visits. On the other hand, would be doctors will likely choose other professions, because they'll have to work too hard and too long to meet their earning expectations. Then there is the issue of malpractice and insurance premiums. The one-size-fits-all approach, where every care provider uses the same software on a notebook, will undoubtedly result in misdiagnosis and mistreatment on a grand scale. Who would be liable under the socialist plan?

    Cuban was making sense until his "Trumpian" comment. Yes, the president is known for his quick quip, even insult, when he feels that he's engaged with someone being disingenuous, or just plain stupid. But that is after the last administration and democrat comments regarding "deplorables" and similar disparaging comments such as the "clingers" comment. He would more accurately have stated that he continues the practice started by the democrats. If he were being honest.

  49. Cuban looser !! ☺️

  50. Socialism is a precursor to Communism,Globalism,One World Order which all are one in the same.
    Democrats and Bushes have been weaking America since B.Clinton to prepare America to fall into hands of Communism.

  51. None of these democrates have a chance in hell of being. President. Period.

  52. Don't be a silly billy. You have no economic mobility.

    Without economic mobility, you stay in the class you were born into. That's why poor white conservatives are flipping out, shooting up the country and committing suicide in record numbers, and why 7 out of 10 young people support socialism.

    Keep listening to these opportunistic pundits, and you'll be poor forever. Don't be a sucker forever.

  53. The U.S has crony capitalism not capitalism.

  54. He's still a liberal moron.

  55. Socialism doesn't work. The double entendre is real.

  56. socialism is a downward spiral,he's right.

  57. Mark wanted crooked Hillary for President and she's for socialism. He also hates Trump and Trump is a capitalist. Cuban is right, socialism doesn't work, so why is he a democrat? Double talk?

  58. Mark. Please purchase the Pittsburgh Pirates

  59. Millennials are not competitive. Nor have that had it tough in their childhood to be innovative. Now add 🇺🇸 Pre-college, College & Universities are brainwashing people into Socialism or Communism. It doesn’t help having free: apps, google, music, WI-FI, games, etc… the new generation is not very hungry.

  60. Hey, do not feel guilty being billionaire's and millionaire's! You all worked hard and brains for making money. Stop feeling guilty. Me I am not rich, but the rich don't you feel guilty because you are!!! NO socialism!!!!!

  61. Socialism will not work in this country!

  62. This dude is globalist

  63. What a billionaire thing to say xD

  64. There are far too many people who don't understand economics. Anyone who thinks that Elizabeth Warren's plan is good just don't understand the math behind what the plan entails. The entire revenue for the country last year was 3.4 Trillion dollars and 1.1 Trillion currently goes towards healthcare of different types. Her plan requires 5.2 Trillion just for healthcare which leaves 4.1 Trillion more to make up. Her plan will punish the people and companies that create jobs and wealth. If I was in that category, I would move my wealth/company out of the country that wants to ruin me.

  65. "elites" – puppet masters – Rockefeller, Rothchilds, House of Windsor ….

    Strings connecting puppet masters to puppets: Soros, Gates, Buffet, Bezos, IMF, Central Banks, World Bank, BIS, World Economic Forum, Think Tanks, OECD, CFR, Trilateral Commision, MSM, Intelligence Agencies ( who CARES what Country) ….

    Puppets: Macron, TrumpELSTILTSKIN, Obumma, Merkel, Pelosi, Schumer, Dershowitz, Scomo, Netanyahu, Feinstein, Putin, Jinping, Macri, Trudeau, Governments ….

  66. He dosen't look well,

  67. Then you realize that America has already converted to corporate socialism.

  68. did mark get more surgery? he looks almost human now.

  69. Its not about the wealth tax. Its about demonizing a group of people who don't cost them that many votes.

  70. "That's what makes this compan-, country great."


  71. Nothing that has to come from someone else can be aright. You have the right to take care of yourself and do healthy things. You have the right to be diligent and work to get a good job that offers health care benefits. But you can not claim it a right if you are forcing someone else to give it to you.

  72. I hope Berie gets the nomination than Trump will wipe that Socialism off the map once and for all. The Squad will go down the drain with Bernie.

  73. Cuban aint wrong when he says he's lucky. Way more lucky than smart.

  74. Mark keeps sending money to the socialists… I guess because he thinks they wont win???? Hmmm…. is he that naïve?

  75. Capitalism works but it requires a ceiling of some kind. I would argue the poorest in say Canada or the US are better off than most 'middle class' or medium of let's say India, China or Korea. Capitalism works but the trickle-down effect is simply too little, it needs to be more. People with more should do more, it's that simple in any system. In Canada, recently reported something like 46 people to hold more wealth than most of the provinces or something CRAZY! THIS is also a problem. There must be limits otherwise a small few holds way too much and too may go without completely. Is there a balance somewhere in the middle, probably not. JUST cap it!

  76. problem is socialists want to shut down opposing speech. i had decent health care until obama care and now it sucks. too costly and the quality has went down fast. from experience. way to go obamacare socialists

  77. Cuban learned all this when he traveled with Girls gone wild.

  78. He’s a very smart man!! Not my favorite but he knows a lot

  79. California GDP helped the state reach the status as the world's fifth-largest economy after surpassing UK GDP last year 2018, according to data released by the US Department of Commerce. If Dems are unable to handle the crises of homelessness and human waste of California-the world's fifth-largest economy, how can they handle the US as the world largest economy on the planet? Dems are in fact a bunch of incompetent, irresponsible and useless politicians. Under Trump administration and Republican support, our economy is doing quite well with the unemployment rate falling to 3.5% – the lowest in 50 years! Our GDP is doing great, and our stock market has never been better with Dow Jones Index breaking the 28,000 point mark (28,004.89 to be exact)-another major milestone in American stock market history. Experts predicted Dow Jones Index would cross the 35,000 points next year. Businesses coming back to America are thriving. Gasoline prices have been quite stable despite the instability of the oil production in the Persian Gulf. The ISIS was gone after ISIS leader al-Baghdadi and his second commander were eliminated. The border wall is going up miles and miles, day by day, and the birth tourism fraud is going to end soon. Everything is going to be in place as Trump has promised during his campaign. All of these have indeed happened in less than 3 years under Trump administration and GOP support! It's truly a miracle as many said! Trump and GOP have brought pride back to America and energy back to the American people. What Dems like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have done to help America lately? Nothing! Dems in fact are doing their best to stop our country from moving forward! Dems like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are a bunch of incompetent, irresponsible and useless politicians.

  80. Does capitalism win when companies are selling out or bowing down to regimes like China just for more money? I'm not condoning socialism, merely asking a question.

  81. Mark Cuban looks like he's 80 lmao

  82. Well, it looks like Mark Cuban has woken up.

  83. We are openly calling the democrats advocates of socialism. My how times have changed. Twenty years ago Americans would be shooting them.

  84. Mark is in the wrong team even do he acknowledge playing the capitalist game. from where he gets the idea that health care is a right? too many socialists friends around or just trying to cover himself in case the democrats win?

  85. Why pay for all this crap. Get it out of the claws of govt.

  86. Anything someone has to work to provide you isn't a right. No one is entitled to provide someone with labor without compensation. If you are, you're a slave. That's an unfortunate fact of life. If I have to work in order to provide you a service or give you a good, I'm obligated to be paid by you based on whatever terms we've negotiated. Healthcare is no different. Giving government even more control of more of your money isn't the answer.

  87. Sorry Mark,health care is not a constitutional right.

  88. If you don't increase velocity of money and get money into the hands of more people, the rich will need high walls. If you raise rates, cause deflation, and force austerity, you will have a revolution. pick your poison. healthcare and asset inflation are out of control. GDP and DOW are not economic indicators

  89. Cuban is a chameleon. He’s got two sides and many shades of grey.

  90. I’m Currently broke but Cuban is right. Also, who is the blonde lady?

  91. Healthcare for ALL? Look at our MESS in Canada! A mere consultation takes a YEAR???

  92. Actually, both of them are going to end up losing because of reckless idiot bankers and wall street.

  93. I once loved Mark Cuban. I can't stand him now. He said the market was going to crash if Trump got elected. He stated on national TV he was going to short the market. I was one of his biggest fans before he was so wrong about the greatest President to ever live.

  94. Cuban bahah aha bahah

  95. Would you expect a Billionaire Capitalist to admit Capitalism hasn't worked lol? Every other major global democracy mixes capitalist policies with socialist ones. Capitalism has to be restricted to trade and banking issues, if free market capitalism is used to determine social welfare policies it fails because social security, education and health are not areas where profit should be a driver. It's a safety net for the most vulnerable in society not a means of increasing their debt or deprivation. Capitalism is the driver of endemic corruption in favour of the richest 1% and their enablers, like crooked lawmakers.

  96. Until healthcare is in Constitution, its not a "Right".

  97. elizabeth "rabbit" warren – rothschild puppet

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