Maria Shriver: Everyone Is Dealing with Transition | SuperSoul Conversations | Oprah Winfrey Network

Maria Shriver: Everyone Is Dealing with Transition | SuperSoul Conversations | Oprah Winfrey Network

OPRAH: As I Was preparing to talk to you today, I actually just went through each chapter, for those of you who haven’t read the book yet, it’s just so beautifully conceived. I am who I choose to become, seeing the jewel inside, working on intestinal fortitude, what I learned about power from a community of nuns, and then the power of peace, the power of gratitude, the power of the mind, the power of women, the power of letting go, the power of empathy and the power thank you. I mean you covered it all, Yes you were you doing a lot of reflecting. MARIA: I was doing a lot of thinking, but I think those are what I’ve discovered, it’s really what everybody is thinking about in a way. Everybody is thinking about their life, they’re thinking about transition, they’re thinking about letting go, they’re thinking about why their life isn’t the way it is. OPRAH: Interesting, so no matter what stage you’re in you’re thinking about it MARIA: EXactly- OPRAH: Because your kids are thinking about it in a different kind of way. MARIA: Yes, exactly. But what’s been so interesting in traveling around the country, everybody’s in transition that I talk to. You know, people come up, ‘I just graduated from high school.’ ‘I’m scared about going for college’ ‘I just graduated from college’, ‘I don’t know what my job is.’ ‘I can’t find my passion.’ ‘I just had a baby.’ ‘I’ve left my law career.’ ‘I feel like I’m, you know, don’t know who I am anymore.’ or ‘I try to get back into the workforce.’ ‘I don’t know who I am.’ ‘My mother just died.’ ‘I just got divorce.’ ‘My parents are aging.’ I mean it’s just this, tunnel to our — ‘What do you think about politics?’ or ‘I don’t know what’s happening in our country.’ There’s this huge upheaval, and people are all wondering how to make sense of it. OPRAH: People are looking for direction. They’re looking for the rod and the staff. MARIA: And I love that.

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  1. Searching but never coming to the knowledge of truth…..

  2. Oprah please speak up, give these kids torn away from their parents at the mexican border a voice. Please, you have a powerful voice, don't stay silent over this. This is my voice from Switzerland asking you to speak up.


  4. I don't like this woman.She should not be dishing any advice's…. n writing books n Talking about POWER OF WOMEN! Woman is dumb! Husband had an affair with man looking housemaid! N She didn't see it!??

  5. I need your help!!

  6. Looking for the rod and the staff-LOVE that.

  7. I’m searching for people that can articulate just a smidge of this way of thinking…

  8. I go punch her head in

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