Marga learns the shocking truth about her mother | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Marga learns the shocking truth about her mother | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Cassie raised some concerns regarding your
business plan project. She tried to ruin me to
the school using that project. I was just lucky that
I caught her in the act. If she can already
do this now, what more if we continue
working as a pair? She is lying. Why? Do you have any proof? Or is this just another
baseless allegation? Cassie, just admit it,
you’re insecure of me, because you know
that I’m good, and that my project is going
to be better than yours, that’s why you’re doing this. That is enough. I guess I was wrong to
pair you up together. Honestly, I didn’t expect
this kind of attitude from the both of you, especially since you are
the best students in Maxwell. I am very disappointed. And because of that,
I am calling this pairing off. You two must work alone
on this project. Romina! How dare you spread rumors that
my company is going bankrupt! Why are you mad at me?
I just told them the truth. I’m just trying to save
them from your lies, so don’t vent your
anger out on me. You should be
mad at yourself, because it’s your fault
your company is sinking. You really are
enjoying this, huh? I will never give you
that satisfaction, because no matter
what happens, Camila will always
be number one. Your company will
never be a threat to me. Keep on barking, Daniela. Because I know that
deep in your heart, you’re starting to be scared. You’re shaking
in your boots, because you know that
I will be surpassing you soon. Oh, Attorney. Take a seat. Here’s your amazing
lawyer again, Kuya. Does he really want to
get me out of here? I’m doing everything
I can for your case, but our defense
is just too weak. Yeah, I’m sure you’re
doing your best. That’s why my situation’s
getting worse with each hearing. This is your fault! Alright, that’s enough. He knows what
he’s doing, Alvin. Believe it or not,
this lawyer’s good. Kuya, if he’s so good, then we wouldn’t be
talking here right now. Looks like I have to
do this myself, huh? You guys are
running out of ideas. What do you want? Are you avoiding me? In case you’ve forgotten,
you owe me a lot. I didn’t put you
in that situation. I never forced you
to take the blame. And I didn’t rat you out. That’s why we should
work together. Get me out of here. Alvin, I have so much
on my plate right now. I can’t deal with you. Your brother’s there, right?
Pester him instead, not me. And don’t you ever
call me again. So you’re letting her
win this round? Where’d you get the idea
that I’d let Cassie win? For starters,
you didn’t get revenge. Normally, you’d have already
done something by now, no matter how petty. Mommy won’t let me. What? Why? Is she scared
of Cassie’s mom? No! My mom’s a fighter. And she won’t hold back
against Tita Romina. Then why is she stopping you? Maybe she’s afraid
because Cassie’s mom really does know something. You even ordered someone
to rape me! You are way out of line here. You better stay away
from my daughter. What did you do to my mom? She’s been acting strange
ever since your fight. What did you tell her? Why, what’s wrong with her? Marga. Does your mother know
you’re here? And why are you shouting
at your Tita Romina? I just need to clarify
some things with her. What about you, Daddy?
Why are you here? – Come on. Let’s go home.
– But, Dad! Why were you at
Romina’s office, alone? I was just asking about Mom. I was just asking about Mom. Why, what happened
to your mother? She fought with Tita Romina. Then, Tita Romina brought up
that rape case, and she blamed Mommy again. She keeps on bringing that up
and threatening Mommy, even if Mommy already
proved her innocence. I just want Tita Romina
to stop threatening my mom. Marga, just stay
out of it, okay? I should’ve known, Dad. You’ve been on their side
ever since. How could you side with them? Because they’re
telling the truth! You’re just saying that because
you want to break up with Mom. Marga… I want you to understand why
I’m doing this to your mother. I can no longer cover
for her mistakes. That’s why I want to leave her. That’s why I want to leave her. No, Dad. I won’t believe
your lies about Mommy. How can you be so heartless? Marga, please, listen to me. Your mother… She hurt a lot of people. And I can’t keep
covering for her anymore. Your Tita Romina’s
telling the truth. She had her raped. Your mother told me herself… …that she tried to have
Romina raped. Dad told me something
about Tita Romina. Is it true that you ordered
someone to rape her? Mom, answer me. Nanny, please excuse us. Of course not! Why would I do that? I can never do that to anyone. But Daddy told me
about it himself. He said he’s been covering
this up for you all this time. You know your dad and I are
facing some problems right now. That’s just one of his tactics
to get you on his side, and to make you believe that it’s okay for him
to leave me. Okay? Please, believe me. I have nothing to do
with that case, okay? I just want to know if Mommy really ordered someone
to rape Tita Romina. You weren’t born yet
when that happened. But when Romina was seeking
justice for what happened, she was blaming
Daniela because Romina was
suspecting that your mom ordered
Alvin to do it. Are you sure about that? Where’s Mister Alvin now? From what I’ve heard,
he’s still in jail. Why? Damn that woman! After everything
I’ve done for her, this is how she’ll repay me?! She’s lucky I didn’t
rat her out! Who told you to
ask her yourself?! I told you to leave
this to me, right?! You’re not doing anything, Kuya! So I decided to
do it myself! I’m not doing anything?! Why can’t you be
more patient?! Kuya, it’s hell in here!
And you want me to be patient?! Daniela should be
the one in here! She’ll regret not helping me. I’ll get back at that woman! You won’t do anything
to Daniela. Remember this. Lay a single finger on her
and you’ll answer to me. Are we clear, Alvin? We’re here for Alvin Mangubat.
I’m here to visit him. Are you on the list? Yes. I’m Roxanne Mangubat. I miss my uncle so much. Are you on the list? There. Please sign here. And you’re the only
one allowed inside. – Marga–
– It’s fine, Tito Gino. You? Wasn’t expecting you
here at all. What brings you here? I want to know the truth. Okay. Do I have to speak
in millennial slang? I didn’t come here
to make jokes. Okay, sorry. Just trying to engage
in small talk, you know? I just get a little lonely here
sometimes. Why are you here again? It’s about Mommy. Did she really pay someone
to rape Tita Romina? Yes, Daniela ordered
someone to rape Romina. She paid me to do that. You’re lying. I’m not. I’m in jail already, so I have
no reason to lie anymore. My mom is a lot of things, but she’s not
a criminal like you! Now see, that’s where
you’re wrong, kid. For one, I didn’t
rape Romina, anyway. Not even in exchange for money. But I have something much more
interesting to tell you. I know who Cassie’s
real father is. And I’m sure that
your world would crumble once you learn the truth. Do you want to
know the truth? Marga! Gino, take Marga outside. I wasn’t doing anything
to your daughter. We were just talking. The next time you talk to
my daughter again, I’ll no longer wait
for the court to impose a
sentence on you. And I’ll make sure that you’ll
be given a punishment so severe that you’ll wish you had gone
to hell instead! Do it, then! What could be worse
than being here?! I took the fall for you,
remember? But you didn’t help me,
did you? That’s called being ungrateful
and downright selfish, right? What did you tell Marga? Why don’t you ask her? Is it true that you were the one
who had Tita Romina raped?! Is it also true that you know
who really raped her?! Marga– Mom, answer me! – I didn’t–
– Don’t lie to me! Mister Alvin already
told me everything! What are you talking about? I’m sure you’ve lots of
questions on your mind. That’s why you’re doing
all this, right? So I’ll answer you
with the truth. If you didn’t rape
Tita Romina… Then who did? You know him. In fact, you were
very close to him. It was your grandfather,
Robert Mondragon. He’s Cassie’s real father. Cassie and Daniela
are biological sisters. He told me that Lolo Dad
is Cassie’s real father… that you and Cassie
are actually sisters… …and that she’s
a real Mondragon! Marga, please, do not
believe what he said. Do not believe
anything he said, please. How long are you planning
to lie to me, Mommy?! How could you do
all those things?! How could you do
all those things?! Well, I am! I may be the nastiest monster
in your eyes right now, Marga. But I did all those things
just for you. So you could have
what’s rightfully yours. I didn’t want them to
take what’s yours, Marga. They have no right. And I don’t care whose blood
runs through Cassie’s veins. She is not a Mondragon! Keep telling that
to yourself, Mom. You can’t change the facts! No matter how many times you try
to hide the truth, you can’t! What are you guys doing? Isn’t it obvious? Wait, I’ll come with you. You want to come? Well, I hate to
break it to you, but it’s not for free. Name your price. You’ll drive. What? I don’t know how to drive. Bye, then. You can’t do it?
Maybe you’re just scared. Of course not. I’m a fast learner,
so just teach me. Wear this. Alvin has no right to discredit
me to my own daughter! Calm down, Daniela. Alvin’s in jail.
What can he do? That’s the point! He’s already in there,
and yet he still had the audacity to do
something against me! What did he do, anyway? Hector, he told
Marga everything! That I ordered him
to rape Romina, and the fact that Cassie’s
also Daddy’s daughter! What are you so mad about? She’s your daughter. You think your daughter
will rat you out? That’s not the point, Hector. I’m trying to protect
my daughter from all of this. But because your brother’s
so damn talkative, he’s ruining everything! He has no right. Mark my words, Hector. If my family becomes
completely ruined… If this ruins Marga… I’m warning you. I’ll make your brother pay. Ate Romina,
I’m looking for a job. I was wondering if I could
apply for a position here. Why didn’t you go to Daniela? Oh, we still haven’t
talked about this yet. Besides, I already tried
applying for a job there, but they were on
a hiring freeze. A hiring freeze? Looks like they really are
in serious trouble. Yeah. I even saw some men taking
stuff out of the factory. Although, they didn’t look
like Camila employees. They weren’t in uniform. Then who were they? I don’t know.
I didn’t recognize them. You know, I already had a hunch
that they were using the trucks for suspicious activities. I just didn’t have any proof. You think it has something
to do with this? I don’t know. But we have to find out. What do you think is inside
those boxes? I don’t think they’re
sardine cans. We follow a strict process
in transferring our products. I think they’re hiding
something inside those boxes. – Wait here.
– Romina! You must be hearing things. Anyway, we have to hurry. I want to know what’s in there. What is that sound? What is this?! I don’t know either,
but that’s not supposed to be in there,
that’s for sure. I really have a bad feeling
about this. We have to call the cops
right now. We have to check the back. – We’re free!
– Woo-hoo! Could you drive
any slower, Marga?! At this rate, we won’t
get there until tomorrow! We should’ve taken
the bus instead! Yuck! I don’t want to
ride the bus! You guys are drunk. Nope. If we were drunk, you
wouldn’t be able to talk to us. You’ve got a problem, right? If you don’t drink, then
your problems won’t disappear. Come on! We can do
anything we want here! Cheers! – Cheers!
– Woo-hoo! – Mikoy!
– Yeah? Have you seen Marga? No. I tried contacting
her mother, but she said she doesn’t
know where Marga is. Anyway, they’re already
on the way here. Ate, Nanny Esther… Where’s my daughter? I don’t know, Ate. Nadya and the others couldn’t
reach her earlier either. Oh dear! Where could
that child be? Did you guys fight, Ate? That’s none of
your business, Cassie. Daniela, Cassie’s just
concerned about Marga.

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