Marcus Lemonis’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@marcuslemonis)

Marcus Lemonis’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@marcuslemonis)

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  1. #7 the end of it

  2. Conheci o Marcus através do programa do canal History e depois que assisti o Sócio fiquei ainda mais entusiasmado em continuar lutando para abrir meu negócio.

  3. I follow this guy's input. super clever..true, down to earth, made me think about reinventing myself. thanks for posting

  4. Very cool, nr.10 and 4

  5. Amen take care of your employees… People that run businesses don't always get this.. There is a lot Jerks running businesses on the west coast…not all are like this …. And I am Blessed where I work… But there many butt holes running companies.. And they could make so much more money … Even if they are already doing great financially.. They could profit even greater if they weren't assholes to their employees..!!

  6. stand out ,which means you have to be exceptional.

  7. Sou fa do Marcus Lemonis e seus videos tem me ajudado bastante a tentar achar uma saída neste momento economico o qual vivemos aqui no Brasil (RJ). Thanks a lot! #believe

  8. Good stuff! I watched the one for Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett, which were similar, but learned something new with the one for Marcus Lemonis. Thanks!

  9. I have a new business where I draw & sell dicks to ppl. Plz Marcus watch my youtube vid titled: The prime minister of dick.
    My contact info is @ the end of the film.




  13. Our community is very close so there is a "team spirit" here. I have a business that is very similar to another one in our community. I have a close friend who works at the other [similar] business. We refer people to one another's business which has been great. While we both offer a few similar items, each of our businesses also offer many things unique to our individual businesses. I have always said that since we are part of the same community, we are part of the same team. Forget about competition. Be a part of your community's team of businesses that exist to provide wonderful products and services to your community. If you know of a similar business that offers something you don't, instead of adding that item to your line of products, refer people to the other business. If they are like my and my friend's businesses, it will have a very positive impact on the bottom line of both businesses. . .and makes consumers VERY HAPPY.

  14. Hi Evan or Marcus, what do i do if i have an idea that i have not found to have been done before when i do a search online? If it is not in the market, how would I be ready for fluctuations with nothing to study that is relevant enough? There is no other competition to learn from if you are the first to produce it.

  15. the BUSINESS PLAN (#1) is the primary 'Book' that one writes about his/her idea. Like a personal resume' one should 'maintain' and evolve it for consumption by others. That point could have been belabored all day…it is an ARTform

  16. I love The Profit and Marcus' attitude. Such a great person and business man. Never disrespects anyone and understands the importance of keeping people happy and motivated. Great guy to learn from.

  17. This guy is too cool. He's the best.

  18. I like what you do Mr. Lemonis, of rewarding good employees by giving them a share of the pie.

  19. quisiera q lo publicaran en español

  20. the best comment of Marcus is; constantly reinvent yourself.

  21. Reinvent myself. This is a big, missing rule for myself.

  22. my daughter asked me for some business advice so I sent her this video. thanks

  23. traduzcan el video a español

  24. sou seu fã valeu marcus lemonis

  25. sou seu fã valeu marcus lemonis

  26. Toda a visão que Marcus tem são muito importante pôs vem de um homem experiente em empreender, sua capacidade em aplicar as idéias dando o exemplo para as pessoas do negócio de uma forma dedicada e responsável motiva aqueles que realmente querem o sucesso do negócio, particularmente tenho aprendido muito com o mister Marcus Lemonis e não perco no canal History Channel o programa O Socio. Sou Técnico de eletrônica e tenho grandes ideias, gostaria de conhece-lo para transforma-las em vendas de sucesso.

  27. Marcus is my favorite guy! Equal business smarts as HUMAN values. Listen and LEARN from this fantastic man!

  28. Si quieres tener una vida extraordinaria, ve lo que hace la gente comun…Y NO LO HAGAS. Has lo que hace la gente que tiene vidas extraordinarias:

  29. Great video. Thanks

  30. Sou Brasileira e o meu sonho e ter meu negócio próprio e tenho vários projetos, menos o valor para o investimento. Poderia ser no Brasil e ou nos EUA/Europa (Portugal).
    Assisto sempre e somente hoje tive coragem de procurar um meio de contato com o Marcus. 081 987863337
    obs.: 3 anos sem emprego, fiz Herbalife pois acredito que tudo que os americanos fazem com amor dar certo.

  31. I'll give you my single rule for success, LUCK! Yes, I'm not being a defeatist nor a pessimist nor lazy in any way, no. You must be in the right place at the right time and circumstance makes you a success. The rest is just a bunch of hoo haw to keep people who don't have money working for people who do have money under the promise that they will have one day, when this is far from the truth. it can be seen mathematically, it is not otherworldy, but of course, that's the gimmick of the rich the promist to the poor they can become rich when this is far far from the truth and Marculs Lemonis is no different from any other rich person out there benefitting from the misery, ignorance, and nivitee of others. I'm old, that's why I know. How many people really become rich or successful. That should be your prior!

  32. Who would give this a thumbs down?

  33. Excuse me Marcus but did you just list FIAT as a dying business that doesn't exist anymore? Lol. It's probably one of the most successful car companies in the world. They own Chrysler, JEEP, Maserati, Ferrari etc. Cmon man!

  34. Thanks for making this video. I like all the comments and talk from him. It is really one of your best one. I also like "Mark Cuban", the way he is doing things. If you plan to conduct the next video then would you please consider. Many thanks. Anh

  35. i love watching this guy he make it so simple….and very humble but solid people if you don't passion (compassion). business school degree's it want work it's take alot of rejection's and disappointment's humility….THE BEST WILL COME

  36. #4. Take care of your employees – Marcus says you can't be a business owner until you've been called on the carpet and fired. I think that should apply to all business managers as well.

  37. I respect Mr Lemonis a lot, maybe a little young to consider trying out for the partner

  38. I like all the tips, especially #6. Someday I like to open a drive-in movie theatre because I currently work at a movie theatre as an usher. Plus, I love Marcus and his show The Profit!

  39. Marcus Lemons better go down in history as one of the, and when he's all said & done, the greatest business man of all time.

  40. All are my favs, really appreciate Marcus and his genuine, common sense, ethical and straight forward business/life advices. The Profit and now The Partner are my favorite shows.

  41. Marcus is a great 👍🏻

  42. soy fan de este amiguito

  43. Incredible. loved the video, loved the tips…really inspireing.
    My number one tip of Marcus Lemonis is not on the list…its the 3 p's: people, process, product.

  44. favourite was how he said saying your an "entrepreneur" does not mean anything; and the importance of going out and getting the experience of being the employee to heighten your compassion once a business owner.

  45. very interesting

  46. Fiat is not dead btw…

  47. Wow ! I think that is the best one you have done. Marcus has integrity and compassion and is a fierce competitor as well. Great combination.

  48. If your employees are happy your customers are happy your pockets are happy. Period!

  49. He went from 150m to 900m in 18 months. Wtf

  50. This guy is extremely intelligent and sees much more than just the numbers behind a business. He sees the people and the potential they have to grow.

  51. Donald Trump had The Apprentice years ago and i bet people back then wanted him to be the leader.

  52. Great Rules from Marcus Lemonis. I actually love them all but I would have to say my favorites are: "Take care of your employees" and "push through the fear of failure"

  53. The fear of failure is a b*tch😐

  54. I've never written a Request for Quotation or Technical Proposal before. So what I did was I used another companies RFQ as a template and changed it so it would apply to the job I was bidding. The entity told me that I had the number one Technical Proposal that was turned in.

  55. I hope they choose me

  56. This guy is a focused savage!!

  57. Employees are number one > o dear this made me cry. Marcus is awesome. I really do not understand the thumbs down for this video.

  58. Great video. Marcus is an inspiration. I would love to have him as a business mentor.

  59. I love Marcus', he nows what he is doing. ( Respect for him, WOW ) 😍

  60. Marcus is Awesome top 1 business leader. Thank you Marcus for teaching with your life.

  61. THey forgot to add his actual first 18 tips are stick a used hotdog up your butt – this guy is a useless pile of shit who couldn't even give an RV away to a homeless person without screwing that up financially as well. He needs to be kicked out of America and off the air – disallowed to conduct business with any American. He's a total fraud.

  62. fore translation >>> from DUTCH to Englisch / Pagina/Page Vertalingen / Translate in Youtube / Google is gratis / free en o zo makkelijk in te stellen maar wordt maar door 2% gebruikt om dat men niet weet hoe en wat schande gewoon in deze tijd

    Hallo aardige en lieve mensen die van Marcus Lemonis houden en of, veel om hem geven.

    Soms vraag ik mij af Is hij wel van deze PLANEET Aarde?? nou. gelukkig wel of…….? laten we er maar van uit gaan van JA en daar moeten we zuinig op zijn want van dit soort mensen zijn er maar een paar op deze bol te vinden.
    Waarom is hij nog geen WERELD PRESIDENT / KONING? Wacht maar af deze titel gaat waarheid worden en de wereld zal voor het eerst geen armoede meer kennen alleen geluk en vrede. En het leuke is ik ga het nog allemaal mee maken ook. Deze voorspelling wordt door mij bewaard digitaal en op de ouderwetse manier op papier (speciaal papier wel te verstaan)
    Hoe zal de wereld eruit zien zonder Marcus Lemonis (Heel simpel, totaal naar de klote, en nu is dat maar 20% en daar is ie mee bezig om zelfs dat naar 0% te brengen Hij is werkelijk de enigste ter wereld die het voor elkaar gaat krijgen,, wacht maar af tot over 20 jaar als de eerste "Wereld president Marcus Lemonis werkelijkheid wordt )

    fore translation >>> from DUTCH to Englisch

    En als je het nog niet lezen kan zal ik opnieuw dit schrijven neer zetten zodat het wel duidelijker wordt Waarom nu niet meteen
    omdat door mijn beperking dit schrijven al meer dan 4 uur heeft gekost

    Marcus Lemonis is de nieuwe titel: WORLD PRESIDENT meer dan terecht waard.

    Ik als Blinde lamme dromer ben heel benieuwd waar dit schrijven naar leiden zal.
    of naar totaal niets of……… wacht af

    O ja de geen die dit goed kunnen lezen en het willen vertalen in het Engels dat mag van mij mochten er foutjes in staan sorry ik kan typen maar niet lezen en of terug kijken. alles op gevoel en ervaring – Ben steken blind . Groetjes van Johnnie bic vriend van Anton Jans een USER van Youtube . Google die zachtjes over mijn schouders mee kijkt en een beetje helpt. doei allemaal en veel groeten aan Marcus L. Ook al leest hij dit niet heeft wel belangrijkere dingen te doen dan reacties lezen. Wie weet tot later doei doei doei

  63. Rule #11: Shop elsewhere if you support President Trump.  Really smart, Marcus…

  64. Create a to do list for tomoro.

  65. All 10 rules are of great value.

  66. Great honest points for new business owners.

  67. Waw saw the shows, this man is awesome. What a talent

  68. As A CEO, Marcus Lemonis Reminds Me That Being A Good Human Is As Important As Running A Multimillion Dollar Company. Thank You, Marcus!

  69. Great Evan end Great Lemonis!!

  70. Reinvent yourself if change is needed. I moved to Florida to live on a boat, repair boats, paint boats, etc. After 4 years I was flipping houses and making great money. I spend very little time working on boats these days.

  71. He should’ve given a box of contraceptives to that lady instead. Why on earth would u keep on reproducing if u are not stable, you already have other kids, you’re poor and not smart enough?! Please don’t!… help the employees that are struggling because they have some kind of sickness, help the employees who are giving it their 1000% not the ones who who are having too much sex/fun and getting pregnant… still love Marcus

  72. Thanks for sharing…very relevant.  you asked which of these we liked best…well, hose are all great but, !  I think the most relevant thing ties into 5, 6 & 7 is the LAST ONE…STAND OUT…so customers will CHOOSE YOU

  73. Marcus é com certeza um espelho pra qualquer tipo e ou modelo de negócio em qualquer lugar do Mundo.

  74. I am from Brazil and I love his show, there isn´t one thing I like the most but the whole thing!

  75. Best business advice for business success

  76. Excellent! Thank you very much, Evan.

  77. Evan, eu sou brasileiro. Eu acredito muito quando ele diz que você deve cuidar primeiramente dos seus funcionários para ter clientes satisfeitos. Essa é crucial.

  78. This guy is great .
    I like him and Barbara Corcoran

  79. Words of a MASTER!

  80. Best business man I like him I want to work with him

  81. Marcus Lemonis = Klaus Nomi

  82. Great Human being , businessman, inventor, television personality and philanthropist.

  83. Was totally pumped to see Lemonis pop up in my feed, I really resonated with #6 “constantly reinvent yourself”
    I do this year after year, and since I’m flying solo in my business, it was really confirming to hear him give that advice.
    Thanks so much for your inspiring channel!

  84. These are excellent! Thank you so much! I LOVE MARCUS LEMONIS!!!❤️

  85. GREAT SHARE guys!! Keep up the good "words" men.

  86. Now retired, I agree with 9 out of 10 steps, step #1, I never planned anything, just got up one day and said I am going on my own. It was the best experience of my life. Marcus, you are my kind of friend.

  87. there is no disputing that marcus lemonis is a VERY special man; he shows the intersection of business, commitment, art of the deal & humanism. his clarity in "process" seems to work with whatever enterprise he undertakes & underwrites.
    brother evan; i had the good fortune to stumble on the episode where marcus traces his personal story back to when he was adopted-it is a TRULY exceptional episode & i'm certain people would be enriched to view it if you can find & post it. thank you very much.

  88. I have a great deal of respect for this man

  89. The Biz Coach Academy …. Paul Oehm be a great interview!

  90. Shouldn't there just be 1 S with an apostrophe in Lemonis'

  91. We need more programs with Marcus!

  92. The last rule stood out the most for me– Stand out. I am in a saturated market offering what I feel is a unique process and perspective. And yet, I think putting more attention on making my details and delivery best in class and in making the experience really a unique one are things I can stand to keep top of mind. All the rules were great and really valuable — that's just the one that resonated the most immediately.

  93. Obrigado pela legenda em portugues

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