March 22nd: Book Club and Business Cards

March 22nd: Book Club and Business Cards

Good morning, John. It’s Thursday March 22nd. I just mixed a misprinted business card utilization idea with putting stuff on my head. Now I have to do is put a misprinted business card in my pants and then put my pants on my head. Mm-hmm. So I haven’t forgot what I’m gonna talk about today. Well first I have to show you how I made this misprinting business card utilization idea and second I think I’m going to talk about the continuation of the Brotherhood 2.0 Book club. A very long time ago, a commenter suggested that I make a cube out of my misprinted business cards and I thought he was kind of crazy. But then I realized, all I needed was a little magic. Ok actually he sent me to a tutorial. You need six business cards, you actually will eventually need 12 but start with 6. They’ll be the exact same size which is fine for me because I’ll mine are the same size. Then you take one and you bend it over the other, you end up with these little cups. You have to combine them using a lot of manual dexterity. This is half a cube. This is when I get start to really hard on camera because you have to hold everything while you’re doing it. One more piece and the cube will be done. Suddenly a surprisingly sturdy cube. Now this is kind of ugly. What the tutorial advises is that you use these flappy things, here and here, and you use other little cups that you’ve made, you slide them into your flappy things like so. Your face now becomes a flat pretty face instead of these tabby ugly faces. So now you just do that six times and you’ve got this. This is a beautiful little eco geek cube that I’ve used now in my intros to my ego geek videos which you will soon be able to see on Now everyone knows that I had to read “We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families”. You didn’t have to read anything because the book I’m injury was your book that you were writing because you needed to finish your book because you were past your deadline. Plus all the people who watch Brothehood 2.0 or John Green fans and I think they would all hate me if I stood between you and finishing your book. So I’ve decided that you should read world-changing, a user’s guide to the 21st century. Yes, it is this big. Yes, I am kidding. I considered asking you to read The God Delusion but I think maybe that would be a little bit too inflammatory. So instead, I’m asking you to read Bill McKibben’s new book “Deep economy” because I run ecogeek. I’m getting a free copy of “Deep economy” and I will be reading it too because I’m probably going to be interviewing the author for my website and it’d be good to know what the books about first and I’d like to talk about it with you if possible before the interview. Thank you to everyone who’s taken my plea to put stuff on your head so seriously. I really do believe that this is, at least in part, an opportunity to decrease world suck. I’d look like a Trojan. Hope you all won’t think I’m selfish when I say this and it’s great to see John with dumb stuff on his head and I do like putting stuff on my own head. But I kind of want to see stuff on your head. So maybe we could set something up, where people send us pictures of stuff on their heads and videos and videos of stuff on their heads and people doing stuff while stuff is on their heads. Yes, yes, I think this is a good idea. Anyhow, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. This video came out on my birthday!

  2. I can't believe no one has commented about the fact that you have a pic of John Flansburgh and John Linnell on your wall! You are officially my hero.

  3. @AnBananable yes, and the other one is Cowboy Bebop




  5. Hank, have you heard of Pascal's Wager? I'm just going to leave it at that.

  6. I love the God Delusion.

  7. who else watch 3:23 over and over?

  8. @MolinMUSE COOL! Showing to the Atheists that some Christians are AWESOME (John), and showing to the Christians that some Atheists are AWESOME (Hank)! It's like a… like a… coincidence… or something.

  9. @MolinMUSE True, true. But it's still interesting. I went and researched this a bit.. and Hank isn't atheist, I don't believe, but he is not a Christian. He doesn't believe in Hell, he said on a video around youtube somewhere, but I think he does believe in God. Which is fine!

  10. I spy a Cowboy Bebop poster and an Inyuyasha poster. I approve ^_^

  11. companion cube o my gose

  12. That business card cube was friggin amazing. I NEED BUSINESS CAAAAAAARDS!

  13. it is so weird to me that this is only the 100th comment on this video

  14. If you had an office, the misprinted business cards would make a kickass decoration. String fishing cord through them and hang them from the ceiling…

  15. time to get business cards with companion cube designs

  16. did you ever see/hear from kurt the punk rock nerdfighter again?

  17. scissors hurt when they fell off my head, i almost lost my lighter cuz my hair is slippery. now i have a large yellow plush duck wearing a bow tie on my head. it is quite comfortable ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Is the cube bigger on the inside?

  19. First video where you talk super duper fast.

  20. i am balancing my sketch book on my head

  21. First use of "decrease world-suck" as opposed to "Decrease the level of suck world-wide"!

  22. You misspelt communication

  23. The Cards are a companion cube!!!

  24. 0;55 What…… Are…. You?!?!?!

  25. Curse you semi-colon!!!

  26. I'm just watching all the videos from the beginning on, thinking: "damn, why wasn't I there in 2007 and started it watching then". But even if: I wouldn't have understood a word since I hadn't known English back then. Thanks to my English teachers – where would I be without you?

  27. same here :3
    I've plenty of freetime until my fancy college time will begin and that's why i'm watchin all of the vlogbrother videos.
    Also thanks to my english teachers!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fellow nerdfighter, from which Vlogbrother-foreign country to you come?
    I'm from germany ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. haha, aus der schweiz! ich sollte fรผr die maturaprรผfungen lernen, aber.. ja :>

  29. "I look like a Trojan" – Hank is a closet USC fan!! Haha ;D

  30. stuff on heads – brilliant idea, so brilliant

  31. "I look like a Trojan"

  32. Either way, it's very silly.

  33. Very late, but you should do a search for the YouTube channel thingsonmyhead. It's fabulous, and needs encouragement.

  34. wait, you put your pants on your head…but EVERYONE POOPS IN YOUR PANTS

  35. this video is older than my dog and cousin

  36. In my profession of training horses I wear a helmet On My Head. Living in rural California, most people ride Western & refuse to wear a helmet. I don't mind my brain as it is & feel much more comfortable with something On My Head all day long, even if I look different.

  37. I went through I phase of putting funny looking hats on between 2007 to 2011…now I've seen this video…I might start again.

  38. The God Delusion was awesome! One of Richard Dawkin's best books.

  39. 3:23 I died laughing

  40. they might be giants poster on your wall, I approve

  41. I was putting stuff on my head way back in 1997!!

  42. That's what I was wondering too!

  43. my family thinks I'm crazy when I put stuff on my head.

  44. you should have had him read the god delusion. It would have been awesome!

  45. Oh my gosh, the question about 'What's your favorite thing to put on your head?' on Nerdfighteria finally makes sense!

  46. i was holding my phone while watching this and for some reason i was touching it with my face or something and then i put it on my head without realizing i was putting it on my head…

  47. "I look like a Trojan!"
    lol :p

  48. Okay, it took me waaay too long to finally realize that the opening song comes from Brothers On A Hotel Bed!

  49. I'm putting a gravy pot on my head

  50. "Slide them into your flappy things" ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  51. I spent the whole video with something on my head, and then I totally forgot about it until right now.

  52. #59: Awe I'm a Hank Green fan as well. I love both of your books and music!

  53. I have not read the God Delusion by Dawkins how is it I am a Christian so I generally do not have that high of an opinion of Dawkins.

  54. I totally want to put stuff on my head and send it in now. Man, why wasn't I watching The Greens back in 2007?! WHY?!

  55. this was filmed on my 7th birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. omgaaah that's cowboy bebop! one of my first animes! same with inuyasha

  57. During a summer math course I took, we made a couple of huge cubes out of old business cards. They were seriously gigantic, I think that they were six feet by six feet. It was absolutely terrible and this is giving me flashbacks.

  58. "I kinda wanna see stuff on your head" in my pants…

    OTL I'll just escort myself out now…

  59. But "The God Delusion" is such a good read! He should have had to read it!

  60. I tried making the cube. It was actually EXTREMELY more difficult than Hank makes it out to be.

  61. … I deffo a hank green fan

  62. Nom nom nom nom… Babies

  63. I've started watching the videos from the beginning (although I've already seen loads of them from the newer ones), and it feels strange, but I love it!

    One down, the rest of them left to go.

  64. I'm sure that there were some Hank Green fans by the time this video was uploaded. The whole base couldn't have been just John's.

  65. You were a NerdFighter before you even knew it!!!

  66. I used to do that with extra Magic cards I had lying around. You can make some really cool structures using them.

  67. I watched this video more than six years ago, but completely forgot about it last year when I looked up how to make business card cubes. I'm glad that Youtube sometimes puts the old uploads into the recommendations.

  68. Hank, you're so awesome!!!

  69. omg Hank looks so little ย =')

  70. imagine telling this hank of nearly 7 years ago what a fantastic life he would have

  71. Am I the only one that sees Inuyasha on his wall?

  72. I am a Hank Green fan.

  73. Even if we come to these videos originally as John Green fans, shortly after we are crazy Hank Green fans as well. It's impossible to not love both Green brothers.

  74. I'm just sitting here balancing a pillow on my head!!!!!!

  75. on instagram we should take pics of us with stuff and comment #stuffonourhead ย 

  76. Watching all the videos ๐Ÿ˜€ 7/29/14 9:14 pm

  77. sitting here with a popcorn chicken packet from kfc on my head

  78. The amount of air on top of my head is kind of ridiculous (the only thing within arms reach was a chair)

  79. God that just makes me smile immediatley (putting stuff on my head)

  80. I am, like so many other wonderful nerdfighters, watching all the vlog brother videos from episode won. This is fun. Live long and prosper. It is 2/18/15

  81. Am I the only one who had no idea who John was when I started watching these videos? Ha

  82. A Feast for Crows in my pants
    Joy in the Morning in my pants
    Let it Snow in my pants
    A Mountain in Tibet in my pants
    Young Henry in my pants
    And The Mountains Echoed in my pants
    Grub on a Grant in my pants
    One Day in my pants

  83. Inuyasha poster!

  84. Am I the only one totally geeking (nerding) out to the Inuyasha poster behind him? How more awesome can he get?? HE WATCHES ANIME.

  85. Did anyone else pause the video, and go grab a random thing, put it on their head, and then continue the video?….. In my pants….

  86. This is the video where Hank starts to stop talking to John and starts talking to us instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. "I look like a Trojan"
    Hank, you' 're being way too stereotypical by stereotyping the Trojans.

  88. I have a pillow on my head and a dog (stuffed) over it. Its almost midnight. And I feel awesome.

  89. THE GOD DELUSION? Hank is an atheist!!

  90. Wow, Hank used to speak so slowly.

  91. What happened to book club?

  92. I'm making a list of every book they recommend to eachother or us and one day I will buy them all

  93. March 22nd, 2019

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