Mama June | Selling her stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Mama June | Selling her stuff on Facebook Marketplace

all righty it looks like mommy Juun
decided to go on Facebook marketplace and solve some things um so there’s been
speculation about you know drug use and gambling as you can remember all this
year there were all kind of headlines of you know drug use gambling things that
sort with her boyfriends and even an arrest
now she placed a plethora of items on face book marketplace including
household items ranging from a fifty dollar skateboard to a forty dollar car
radio to a five dollar control of the New York skyline with many of them being
sold now if you remember earlier like I said her and her boyfriend were arrested
in connection with a crack cocaine possession and Alabama March in a string
of disturbing revelations that had emerged since that have people worried
the mother of four is on a downward spiral now TMZ put up a video earlier
this week with mama June and doke gallivanting through an empty home and
in a garage sale in a clip Jude and dope world owner and I mean it ran about the
capabilities of a special chair eyewitnesses told the outlet that
paraphernalia such as needles and syringes were visible on the floor of
the bedroom in their home now you can look that up go to TMZ video put in mama
June garage shadow and she’ll come up the only reason I didn’t put it in this
video is because of copyright issues but I will put the link in the description
now in June sources close to the family said that an attorney had been hired to
protect the funds for daughter Elena 13 who has earned money from her TV career
from the mother June’s daughter Laura Lynn pumpkin Shannon 19 is acting as a
guardian for the teen TV star and overseas for dispersing appurtenant
finances now TMZ reported on Sunday that June’s career hangs in a balances family
insiders told the outlet that we TV who produced her weight loss show mama June
from not too hot is mulling over whether or not to do future projects with her
amid the recent dojin problems sources said she would rough
their offer to send her to rehab alrighty guys so what do you think about
this crackheads yeah I mean this garage sale
alright go off in the comments section and I will see you later

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  1. Wow! They went out fast!

  2. Once again you are first and your channel is highly underrated ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Subscriber for life !!!

  3. Love your channel that is messed up that mama June puts drugs and her druggy boyfriend before her kids smh

  4. I hate to see anybody go down like this's sad whoever it is.. television "stars" or just regular people 🤔

  5. awww ain’t that gum ball machine the one bought for Alana when she got her new room? I swear she’s selling all of her stuff 🙁 same with the lamp.

  6. Gino is a symptom of June's issues not the cause. She has used men and food to deal with her issues. She has put men before Alana before. TV enables June's destructive behavior.

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