Making sense of string theory | Brian Greene

Making sense of string theory | Brian Greene

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  1. Well, here we are 11 years later but still waiting… No hurry.

  2. Still waiting for the evicdence to overtake the speculations…

  3. And what makes up the strings? Who cares as long as we keep getting grant money to pay for my condo.

  4. you're a fucking idiot, the two realities.

  5. it is now 2019 – have these experiments thrown. any more light on the string theory being true?

  6. It's somehow surprising to listen to the words of a very smart guy and be unable to make any sense out of it, showing you that intellect and truth are not always on the same page. This is absolute non-sense. TED talks were crap 10 years ago, they are still garbage now.

  7. I can conveniently say that these guys are reversing the relativity theory of Einstein. The lower dimensions of energy they're looking for will only be a reality if their cyclotron can send the particles at the square of the speed of light. At the speed of light, I'm afraid that the gamotron energy level may never be attained. This is because light itself, made of photons are particles in our own dimension. The square of its speed could very well be potent to hit anything off into other dimensions. So I suggest they need to improve on that cyclotron machine.

  8. where r the dimensions bra?

  9. if you beam energy into the extra dimensions u might upset the tiny aliens living there.

  10. what is interesting is does space itself in 3d depend on 10d structure or does 3d structure determine 10th dimensional structure?

  11. Theoretical physics is the bane of our contemporary existence.

  12. The brilliant physicists like Greene, need to solve Climate Change, otherwise, nothing else matters.

  13. Where was this guy when I was taking organic chemistry in college??

  14. Did they ever do that experiment that he mentions towards the end of the video?

  15. This was published in April 2008. Prof Greene said experimentation over 'the next 5-7-10 years or so' would show whether the hypothesis described here is correct.
    We're in August 2019 now, so how's it going? Do those thingies colliding with each other release energy into another dimension, or not?
    I see someone else asked pretty much the same question a couple of weeks ago. Can anyone comment? (Other than to suggest he may have been referring to 5 to 10 years of some other-dimensional time..)

  16. This is my religion

  17. So, what is energy? Does it "exist" or is it a metaphor?

  18. I have always wondered how these people who think about such principles are then able to switch their mind to the mundane such as a grocery list, sorting laundry, and such.

  19. Here's a video that represents a fresh take on the creation / evolution debate and is something I am sure you will find thought-provoking.

  20. What is a string made from? What is a particle made from? What is a force made from?
    These abstract entities may mimic reality but they do not begin to help us understand the true nature of reality.

  21. theory of the week this one will be tossed in favor of a new one in no time. meh

  22. Theory isn’t science

  23. I’m 4 mins in. But Einstein just had to invent a particle called a bosun to explain how an object exerts gravitational influence on another.

    Maybe I need to study the theory in depth and mathematically to see what the actually said.
    The 2D representation relying, ironically enough, on gravity in the 3rd dimension to help us intuit the effect of curved space just doesn’t do anything for me. Because it’s so fake.
    Ok so in 3D sure space can be curved.
    Now tell me how that ‘transmits’ gravitational forces?
    Sorry Brian!

  24. I have a question. Why is going for a UNIFIED theory an assumed goal?
    Why not have everything different?
    Where does this assumptive end goal come from?
    Is it a deep spiritual logical / intuition that the nature of reality is ONENESS?

  25. Jesus christ, this is what everyone person should strive for, the pursuit of intellect.

  26. How does one make sense of nonsense? At least the video says at the beginning that no one of this is true or not. Einstein was wrong about everything. He invited nothing, and holds no patents.

  27. 3:03 I'm rolling on the floor, wait… wait I can't get up. Gravity is pulling me into a circle that doesn't exist. Warped brain power should get me out! SHAZAM! A disk of nothing space did the trick. 3:32 I just tested here on my floor. It does work because I did get up! 5:30 Amazing facts and non-disputable logic.

  28. String theory merely hypothesizes the unexplained instead of giving God His due.

  29. I do not believe in Gravity.
    New World Order horseshit

  30. However it would not be an explanation– it would be a description.

  31. It's more than 10 years on and I don't recall hearing about this from CERN. Anyone know better?

  32. I am not a physicist, but a musician. What are plucking those strings, or are you saying they vibrate on their own? I know you are saying that their geometry my dictate the atomic structure, but why are the strings vibrating already? Is that a dimensional artifact… I mean is the wind blowing the horn a constant?

  33. Wormhole the father of the machine under your face while she regurgitates a mix of the human tissues and hog fudge tonight. Manastee

  34. but the CERN discovered the Higgs boson right?

  35. Sir the beautiful thing about The Cosmos, The Universe, The Solar Systems, The 8-9 rocks orbiting The Sun, The 3rd Rock with 1 moon … is that it's perpetual miraculous harmony equilibrium perfection … we can witness on the surface of the earth within our DNA designed "out-fits" bags of mostly water … filled with all of the elements of the cosmos … so we are made of stardust which is EVERTHING that was will be expanding stretching out, laced out like infinite numbers of "STRINGS" into infinite!

    A fascinating spectacle witnessed projected … as only "c" with "m" into the silver screens within our minds!

    We are the only beings with the capacity to split atoms and split everything into +'s and -'s, ying and yang, up and down, male and female!

    Before the beginning there was NO THINGS pure darkness no shapes or figures.

    0 => 1 Big Bang = Blasting and scattering “that” into One Thing filled with an infinite number of chaotic bits of infinity of things = The Beginning of Everything = Cosmos = Singularity = Universe = GOD => Everything coalescing congealing into Harmony Equilibrium => = Sun = Earth = DNA = Earthlings we, you, me, flea, bumblebee, tree, wallabies, manatee, and chimpanzees is 1 Single Family!

    Earth + Sun = Us:

    Sun Energy + Earth Inorganic materials “periodic table” + Atmosphere = Organic Carbon Based >=> Amino Acids <=> 1 DNA ⇌ 1 Cell Organisms are true Earthling <=> Plants Cells v Animal Cells <=> Dinosaurs <=> Boggers => Us.

  36. Big Bang Created "=" Us … yielded "⇌" the Birth of Relativity! "=" means absolute equal = singularity means … Sun Energy + Earth Inorganic materials “periodic table” + Atmosphere = Organic Carbon Based >=> Amino Acids <=> 1 DNA ⇌ 1 Cell Organisms are true Earthling <=> Plants Cells v Animal Cells <=> Dinosaurs <=> Boggers => Us which is where relativity begins

    The Mathematics of You, Me, We, Amoebae, Flea, Bumblebee, Tree, Wallaby, Manatee, Chimpanzee = Me!

    DNA evidence proves we are 100% Pure Whole Earth, Moon, Sun and Star Dust … as are all Earthlings are = Us!

  37. This guy would make a fabulous university professor. I mean of the traditional type, not the type that seems popular today.

  38. God says "Worlds without number have I created." And it's based on obedience, which keeps order. And how can there be obedience with intelligence? I would exhort anyone who understands these simple principles to read the Book of Mormon. The answers and understanding are explained in simple form. Truth never changes.

  39. Y r ppl laughing,..that's how I learnt to swim



  42. Thank you Mr. Greene.

  43. The String Theory (actually a mathematical construct, not a theory at all). ST like most theoretical physics is as imaginary as religion.

  44. Where on earth that it's  sitting on the gravitational wave that is inaccessible to anyone? None! Therefore the existence of gravitational wave must be a bluff! Einstein's famous equation, E=mc^2 is wrong otherwise garbage also can be used to make nuclear bombs as long as it is matter or it has mass. Energy and matter can't interchange one another according to Einstein's famous equation. One must have photons before one can emit out photons. Photons are particles and they have mass. All forms of EMWs including light and heat are dynamic photons per volume per time in different saturations. Therefore the law of conservation of matter, the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of charge must always be true in any conditions.  Since string theory doesn't comply to the law of conservation of matter,  the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of charge, therefore it must be wrong. If you are interested in real discoveries, I would recommend you to read my book, The Unification Theory – Volume One and you will be amazed with lots of new, interesting discoveries. In God I trust.

  45. I say his theory is all bullshit. Now prove me wrong.

  46. Guy's come a long way since 90210.

  47. I place more trust in the proven fundamentals of vel-cro theory myself because no matter what anybody says to the matter where I go..there I am. facts

  48. Gravity is just a theory, no such thing

  49. I'm lost….in the last few minutes, was he explaining ejaculation and fertilization??

  50. I think there were 780 people that came looking for cats with STRINGS and were confused. Excellent video!

  51. Brian Greene is the best thing happened to this world.

  52. There are more dimensions of the dimensions and it is like a rabbit hole 🕳.

  53. String theory is not answering the original question. If you do have to step outside the known dimensions then your string theory is no longer about reality

  54. Quantum field is more fundamental than space, time, big bang/big bounce, inflation, dark matter/energy etc. QF can simulate conscious intelligent 'observer', collapsing the field to produce particles/strings, fine tuned to eliminate randomness, achieving determinism, creating the universe and life with perfection and with probability one, implying divine purpose.

  55. A decade old but brilliant and so helpful to understand what has, and has not, happened at CERN.

  56. The best explanation of string theory ever ❤️

  57. I wonder if this guy ever takes mushrooms to understand the stuff he is teaching first hand.

  58. Kind of answered the question: If they were any other number we wouldn't be here, so the only reality where we'd even be having this discussion is the reality where those numbers lined up perfectly.

  59. Why not first explain gravity empirically before you go off on another unexplainable and dubious assertion. Keep those grants a comin'

  60. this was very interesting, but it sounded to me like a brilliant fellow who made one of the most simple mistakes that is known to man: assuming that if we can't measure where the energy went, that it must have gone into a different dimension. There are way too many assumptions that this reasoning follows. Many a man has been unable to measure where energy went. That does not prove that the energy went into a different dimension. That might simply mean that his/our instruments simply can't detect all the energy that is in our known dimensions. even brilliant people make stupid human logic mistakes too. I'm happy to know that even brilliant people can be so simply mistaken too.

  61. I think theres a simple explanation for this quantum field, it is God, it is his essence in the universe because he is everywhere, we can feel him, our electrons tremble in his presence, therefore he is what he is. The eternal essence of the universe scientist are calling "dark energy" because he is a gigantic field of energy that fills the entire universe. No one can explain that beyond the Higgs boson, the God particle there is something else and it's called "spirit" and that is what God is made of: Eternal Spirit. So don't look no more because only God can tell us everything there is to know. So seek him in spirit and truth and you will understand all.

  62. se how d string, came down to be in 3d, that's all it's there are no more dimensions

  63. In this video I explain why so many physicists believe in string theory but that it also comes with a number of problems. It requires the existence of additional dimensions of space (which we do not see), of new particles (which we do not see), and of new fields (leading to deviations from Einstein's general relativity). It has trouble coping with the cosmological constant and the dream that string theory would be a unique theory of everything has failed due to the discovery of the string theory landscape. Sabine Hossenfelder

  64. Brian Greene makes this so interesting & understandable to us ordinary folk.👽Thx Brian

  65. Exactly, not so much electromagnetism, but a combination of intelligent frequency/sound that follows law. It's a privilege to be able to not follow law. That's what sets us apart. Free Will. We are experiencing and event objectively.

  66. Nikola Tesla said Einstein got it wrong, if i'm not mistaken. Tesla said there is no such thing as space, that everything is energy.

  67. The guys an idiot…whats next..bubblegum universes?

  68. Can space and time swap dimensions, in a pinch of high mass ,or high energy?
    Like going from a normal summersalt to high flying back flip? It's Chicken man!

  69. there's 12 dimensions and a 13th is in the making

  70. Unified Strings 21 or 19 Dimensions & Aspects of Spacetime is physics' 'Theory of Everything', yet it falls under the umbrella of GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 (on Planet Nestor). See . Atheists hate this.

  71. I agree somewhat with this guy. With the string theory it's quite amazing that it's a quantum deduction of the effect of ray tracing the trajectory across it's shortest route to enable the cross compatible light source from the angle of interruption.

  72. String theory needs to be re-named to String-hypothesis: Zero predictions, zero repeatability, zero falsifiable statements…. ThIs is RELIGION, disguised by some incidentally useful math as science.
    String Theory does NOT exist, it is barely a hypothesis afet more than 20 years in the hands of the smartest on the planet…yes, they have an ego too….

  73. 😲our preachers say there are 11 dimensions

  74. Hmm…..after 11 years any updates?

  75. I think animals with whiskers can see other things

  76. What is out there? String theory, who am i? ??????!

  77. You dont make sense……that makes sense

  78. the moon moves in a straight line in curved space/time.

  79. Incredibly perspicuous

  80. Good speaker BUT…nothing more behind that string(theory should correctly be called hypothesis) has produced exactly zero evidence till now(2019). 11 years and lots of very complicated experiments later, Einstein has been prooved a couple of times more but non extra dim has turned up or anything else!

  81. Even if energy drifts away, it may not be going into another dimension, but more like a chemical discharge or reaction into something else that we can not see or calculate yet. always because it is to small.  So even if energy were to drift away it still wont prove multiple dimensions. —– String theory if true might be cool; I could all of a sudden move into another dimension where I am rich if I were able to manipulate it correctly.  —  But to me its more plausible only one dimension with just smaller reactions that we can not see or calculate yet with todays technology.

  82. Excellent!!! I love Brian Greens explanation on Super-Strings. Actually i am suprised he did. Now we all have to become mature enough understanding that the Strings ARE our thoughts. A thought, a intent , a decision IS indeed a string creating electrons and worlds. Well, actually for gods sake it is a snake biting its tail.
    I guess the hard part is to PROVE it in math – lol.
    Imagine, frontal lobe messing with strings – bored to death – house is full of dust. Did you ever try to clean a house and wonder where all this f…dust come from?
    And, Mr.Green your true talent is explaining highly complex matters to plain people – well done!

  83. I heard these more dimensions ideas were only invented to make the math come out. That came from a very reliable source, Lenard Hofstadter. He's a genius so I think he would know. Then of course when Sheldon claims they are there, he's just defending his research.

  84. Well we got dimensions x,y,z,t, and the rest are something in the mind of the inventor, sorry.

  85. Why don't they tell us when this video was published?

  86. 5 years!!
    Its 2019 now been like 9 years😱

  87. The critiques of string theory made in the following books, have yet to be rebutted:
    String theory makes a strong and sweeping prediction: corresponding to every known elementary particle that makes up the Standard Model of particle physics and the fundamental interactions, there exist a supersymmetric counterpart. To date, no supersymmetric particle has been found. String theory also predicts a scalar boson, called the graviton, that mediates gravitation. To date, the graviton has yet to be found.

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