Making Business Cards | Drawing in Procreate

Making Business Cards | Drawing in Procreate

So earlier today I was drawing some animals
in my sketchbook and I think I’m going t take a few of my favourites from here and bring
them onto to my IPad and see if I can make some digital illustrations from these to turn
into possibly some new business cards! I think I’ll only be able to pick one design in the
end but I’m going to make quite a few and then at the end I still have some cool illustrations
I can use for other bits and pieces in the future! But yeah I’m probably going to digitalise
these four?? Maybe this one, this one went a little wrong, I’m not sure about his legs
but maybe I’ll fix it, cause its head is quite cute! But yeah, we’ll see!! So I finished the four designs, I did three
of them today and then one I had done previously, I’ve got the tiger, we have the crocodile,
we have the pink bear, and also this is the llama I did yesterday, although I was told
it looks a bit like a dog, so whatever this one is! It’s either a dog or a llama. So those
are the four designs I’ve done, hopefully I’m going to turn one of them into some business
cards, that’s the plan anyway, I would have liked to have made them all into business
cards but I think the ones I’m going to get I can only pick one design so its either the
bear, llama, crocodile or the tiger. I’m tempted to go for the tiger one because I feel like
I do tigers for most things I do, like tigers are a reoccurring animal I draw in almost
all of my projects and it’s got yellow and pink in it that I use a lot, so I think I
might go for this one, I don’t know if I’m going to put any text on it, I wasn’t going
to originally but now I’m thinking I could? I’m not sure, we’ll have to see what I pick.
But um, yeah that’s everything for this video! Thank you very much for watching and I’ll
see you next time!

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  1. Love this! Keep up the good work :)))

  2. Nice – fun! I like the bears you draw. BTW your redbubble link doesn't seem to work – gives 404 error.

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