Make Your Own Easy and Cheap Vinyl Stickers – 2 Ways – DIY Decals, Bumperstickers, Bumper Stickers

Make Your Own Easy and Cheap Vinyl Stickers – 2 Ways – DIY Decals, Bumperstickers, Bumper Stickers

Welcome back! This week we’re taking a break from
mold making because I’m going to be at Vidcon next week.
And we’re going to talk about a couple different ways to make your own vinyl stickers. If you’re looking for the stuff I
mention in the video, I’ll be putting a link in the description below. The first way we’re
gonna talk about making these aren’t really vinyl stickers. If you wanna
jump right to the vinyl sticker section of the video I’m gonna post a link This way, I’m going to recommend for people who
have a problem with spray propellants or chemical smells or if you’re not 18 and aren’t old enough to buy the others stuff we’re going to be talking about later. For our first set of stickers, you’re gonna
wanna grab a package of printable sticker paper and I really
like this stuff. It’s inexpensive. It’s available everywhere and it’s super high quality sticker paper.
Then, you’re gonna wanna grab a set of single-sided lamination sheets. These usually come in at 10 in a package.
Sometimes you can get them on a roll. The ones I’m going to link over here are Avery and they’re going to run about $4.99 so these with the sticker
sheets cost about $13 dollars US before shipping if you don’t have
prime or tax depending on your area. Now, you don’t have to use the stuff that I
called out on Amazon and to show you that you can do these as an
overnight project I bought these at Office Depot and I got
this roll of lamination from Michaels. These together ran me about twenty-five dollars, so if you have the timeto order them online it’s gonna save you some money. step 1:
we’re gonna print out the sticker sheets according to the manufacturer’s
directions. If you don’t read the directions and
print them out you’re gonna wind up with goobers on your paper like I did
here. We’re gonna wait 20 minutes for this ink to dry before we apply the laminate sheet, she just to give the ink a chance to set. Now, you’re going to take your laminate sheet and start at on of the corners. Just peel a little bit back and apply it to the corner of your sticker sheet. Then you can take a club card, a library card, a grocery store card … whatever’s easiest
and use that to flatten the laminate as you’re applying it to the paper. Go very slowly. Don’t be in a hurry when you do this,
or else you’ll get bubbles. Once your sheet is covered, you’re gonna take a pair of scissors and just cut out your sticker. I’m gonna suggest leaving an edge around whatever you make. Not only is itgoing to be easier for you to cut, it’s also gonna look kind of expensive.
Generally these are called die cut stickers and they’re the most expensive kind you
can buy online, so it makes them look a little bit
pricier. Generally what you’re going to find in your local craft store are these
printable sheets from cricket. So, just like before, we’re going to print these
according to package directions. We’ll wait about an hour for the ink to set, and
then take these outside to a well ventilated area. I generally put mine
in cardboard boxes to keep the spray from getting all over the place. This is
the spray that I use… the UV by Krylon. You’re going to hit it with a light
spray. you’re going to wait…about 15 minutes or so and then
do a second coat. Depending on where you live and the time of year it’s gonna take
between 2-4 coats of spray. Once the sprays are done
and sent, I’m going to recommend waiting about two hours before you start cutting them out. Can you cut these out with scissors? You
totally can, but if you wanna make a shape, say
like a circle, I’m going to recommend using a punch for that. Becauseof how these are made
they’re really easy to line up. When using a big one, the thing you wanna
make sure you do is to apply equal pressure on each side and then push
them down both at the same time really quickly so
you get a clean cut. Also, with the sealant that I was talking about, you can run
these underwater and the ink’s not going to run, even if you rub it. I
mean, if you rub it really hard, chances are it will. But you can see from the video that the water
beads up not only on the back but on the front as well. I personally am going to be using this
brand Vinyl Sticker for my Vidcon sheets. The thing I really like
about these is that they’re static cling stickers and not adhesive stickers which means that you can attach them
someplace, take them off, move them around, pop them someplace else there’s no adhesive left behind and you can
reposition as long as it stays clean as many times
as you want to. I know the two questions I’m going to get are can I use the laminate sheets with the
vinyl stickers and can you use the punches with the sticker
paper? Yes, and here’s how you do both of those
things: You’re gonna cut your laminate slightly larger than
what you’re stickers gonna be you gonna lay it down on the table, laminate
side up, and then put the sticker face-down on top of it. Then rub it with the
card, then you’re going to cut around the outside
the sticker, then rub down the front again just to make sure that it’s really
well adhered. I know a lot of people are wondering why
aren’t we going to use the punch on the laminate? Because the punch isn’t made for laminate and it
doesn’t work on the laminate and just in case you’re tempted to try it yourself,
I did it to show you not to use it on the laminate.Here are the stickers that I am making for Vidcon. I will pop images up so that you can
see what they look like. If you see me at Vidcon, please come up and
ask me for one because that’s why making them, to give them out to you guys. And, if you make your own please make sure that
you find me. I would love to trade! (That would be great!) So, if you have any questions, ask in the comments. If you have not yet, Subscribe. Annnnd, I think that’s it for this video. I’m you to be taking a break next week
or the week after depending on how much I can get done before Vidcon, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye!

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