Make Your Own Business Cards : Setting Margins for Printing Business Cards

Make Your Own Business Cards : Setting Margins for Printing Business Cards

Hello my name is Darin Carter on behalf of
Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how to design and promote your business card.
Alright, in this segment we’re going to talk about opening up the documents. We’re going
to talk about getting these margins set up and able for print. The reason why we’re going
to set up the margins so when they go from print it won’t cut off any of the things that
you have on your business card. Cause it will look kind of sloppy if you give a business
card out and half of your name is cut off, so luckily from our software it has margins
already set up in there. So the borders as you can see on the screen has low indentions
and shows you okay, this is your cutoff point and this little box is where you have your
free time. So anything out of the box will get cutoff during print. However, when you
use fireworks it does not have those guidelines for you. So the margins in the cutoff point
for a business card a 3X5X2 is .5 inches. So make sure if you’re designing in fireworks
or any other graphic program such as PhotoShop or anything, go ahead and make a box, select
the box icon and make a box that matches the 0.5 inches so it’ll set your margins. From
there you can be able to have your free form inside the box and realize that, hey it’s
fine I don’t have to worry about if this is going to get cutoff.

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