Make Your Own Business Cards : How to Print Business Cards at Home

Make Your Own Business Cards : How to Print Business Cards at Home

Hello, my name is Darin Carter on behalf of
Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how to design and promote your business card.
Alright now we are ready to set up for print. There is actually two ways that we can be
able to print these and my personal use I would probably print from home. If they are
just like business cards, for like cards you know personal matters. So I will show you
how to print from home. Alright so we are in Microsoft Word right now. We have everything
laid out. The spelling is correct. Everything looks really good. It looks like it is ready
to give it a go. So what we do we just go to file and we go to print preview. We will
double check everything. Make sure everything looks good. See if the page layout looks good,
the margins. Zoom in like up to 500% or even 200% see if it comes up clear on your screen.
If everything looks good go on and hit the print button. From there you will be able
to print out your business cards either on cardstock or regular piece of paper. It all
depends on how you want your business cards to appear.

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