Make $100/Hour! Start a Sealcoating Business Turnkey Package | Asphalt Kingdom

Make $100/Hour! Start a Sealcoating Business Turnkey Package | Asphalt Kingdom

We just cleaned the driveway and we have
prepared it for sealing we have an AK Asphalt Kingdom
commercial-grade seal coat it’s also a non-slip sealer that we’re
about to apply to this surface I’m going to show you what i would do as
a contractor when I go to sealcoat it with our AK
sealcoating spray system I want you to know how fast–if you’re
interested in starting the business or you are in the sealcoating business– I want you to know how fast I can get
this job done but at the same time providing quality and not skimping on
product so the goal is to get your jobs done fast, provide quality, and have your
customer be very satisfied so you can go approach them the year after to be able
to go get that repeat business so let me show you how this is done Mr. Arnold we’ve blown off your driveway,
we’ve cleaned it up I’ve also made sure to remove any of the
dirt and debris that’s gone on to the road so that the city — isn’t going to be upset with you right so we’re gonna go ahead and
seal coat it I’ll be out of your hair in about 25
minutes with the attention ribbon up. How are you paying today? Cash should be fine Fantastic, works with me. Good, thank you So I’m going to pull out the hose right up
the driveway Mr. Arnold, do you have the time on you
by any chance It’s 2:25. 2:25 PM. ok on the dot? On the dot. Fantastic. OK Pierre let’s start it up probably get this done in about seven or
eight minutes maximum I’m going to do all the edge work all
the trim work first and then I’m going to do the main body of the driveway. I’ll
show you the proper application. We’ll wait for our AK sealcoating spray system to
prime and we’ll hear the pump engage if we can hear the sound we’ll hear the pump
engage and that means that we’ve got pressure at the actual nozzle of our gun and we’re good to go so trim work seven-
eight minutes you notice I’m able to get right down to
the edge without even using a board and have a super clean edging finish without spraying all the
grass always good to tip it up on an angle
towards your feet when you’re doing the edges so you don’t get overspray. Tip
your gun on a slight angle Pierre? Can you idle that up? Idle the engine up? Is it? you walk and you always want to overlap
your original fan pattern so that you’re getting an even spread of your sealer so I’m overlapping that original fan
spray halfway so you’re almost putting two thin coats
down in one. Overlap halfway, make sure you get an even spread otherwise if you go back and you only do
a stripe like that you have less sealer that has been applied on that
original stripe. Always overlap halfway. You can also hold your gun up higher and
do bigger fan spray. The only thing is you get more overspray so if it’s windy not a good idea we just go back and forth and anybody can do this. anybody can do
this this is not difficult. it’s not rocket
science Mr. Arnold you see how how even that
coat is over here imagine rolling all of this on magic and
imagine getting all dirty this way i’m not getting it all slopped all over your
grass or anything I’m able to actually spread it so evenly
and neat and it takes such little time to complete this job all while applying a commercial airport
grade sealer that international airports are using throughout the United States
and Canada. Imagine you can offer a product that’s being used in
international airports to residential homeowners that’s completely
commercial-grade, shipped fast and free directly to your door and that you can have a spray system
that allows you to be so efficient with your time so that you can get more jobs
done in a day imagine you could do 12 of these in a
day you’re making a hundred dollars in
profit per driveway it’s almost twelve hundred dollars so
let’s talk realistic numbers imagine you do four driveways a day. cut
that into one third that’s four hundred dollars in profit in
one day so while I’m doing this job I have my
co-worker who’s knocking on the doors next door saying that they’ve just done
Mr. Arnold’s driveway and they’re walking with their iphone or their itouch with the pictures of the before
and the after and they’re already pre-selling other jobs that wouldn’t
have been there unless they actually went and knocked on their door so it’s important to have somebody
knocking on the doors while you’re actually doing the job question that a lot of people have, a lot
of contractors, is how long does it take to dry well it’s really simple with the AK
commercial-grade airport grade sealer that we’ve got it only takes about two
hours to dry but you can actually walk on it like within 10 to 15 minutes after
the job’s done it cures so fast look at that look how fast you can get this done see me always hitting the trigger that’s it Mr. Arnold we’ve completed your job. are
you satisfied with our job? It’s fantastic, thank you very much. You’re
very, very welcome. thank you for the business and I’ll also let you know that I’ll
be contacting you next year during the same period to see if we can come back and do
just the light recoat. I’d like that done every year fantastic i’ll put you down on our list
and i’ll send you an e-mail and all. happy to refer you. Fantastic. Thanks,
Mr. Arnold. When you’re doing a seal coat job one thing that is going to be your best
friend is a 5-gallon pail of water if you have a 5-gallon pail of water and
some sponges in there I want you to know that the Asphalt
Kingdom commercial-grade sealcoat can actually be removed with water while
it’s wet when it cures it’s not going to come off too well. You need to use like bug
tar, goof off, or mineral spirits but while it’s wet it can rinse right off so
i’ll show you an example of how we can get rid of sealer that gets onto my
boots or onto onto your hands with simple water that’s it. Have a 5-gallon pail of water
and some sponges and you’ll make sure that your job’s always a clean and neat

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  3. We charged $125 and that is roughly $.20 per square foot for residential work. Commercial jobs range in price per square foot depending on the total number square feet.

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  13. I'll give you credit. The way you speak is very professional and how you are explaining everything is correct from prepping and spraying the way you are (yet very slow) is correct. Only thing is the product is crap. It damages driveways which is why they are covered in surface cracks from years of that product. It's just paint dude. Clean job, very professional. But bad product.

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