Logic Pro X Tutorial: Dealing With Latency – Why Does My Guitar Sound So Delayed?

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Dealing With Latency – Why Does My Guitar Sound So Delayed?

Hey guys, you’re in the studio with again
Luke from I just have a really quick tip for you today that I think
is going to help some people out. When we sit down to record something there’s a lot
of things going on behind the scenes that happens between what we are playing and what
we are getting sent back to us through our monitors or headphones. Despite all of the
benefits of digital audio, one thing that we unfortunately still have to deal with is
the issue of ‘latency’ or in other words the small timing delays that occur between what
we play and what we hear. For guitar players, when we go to plug into an amp simulator this
can be especially frustrating if we’re mainly used to the feel and response we get from
a real amplifier. Fortunately, Logic Pro X does gives us a few different options for
dealing with latency. In this video I’m just going to highlight a couple of key tips to
keep in mind. The first thing we want to look at before
we start recording are our I/O buffer settings. We can access these up here under Preferences/Audio.
Down here we can access a drop down menu that gives us a few options to choose from. The
general idea here is that the lower the buffer setting the less latency we’re going to experience
(we can see confirmation of this here where it says ‘resulting latency’). So why don’t
we just always leave this set to the lowest possible setting? Well, because we really
have to work within the parameters that our individual system is going to allow. Logically,
the more our computer is working to reduce latency the more processing power it’s going
to need to access. If our system can’t keep up, we’re going to get a lot of resulting
playback issues from clicks and pops in our audio, to our session completely crashing
mid song (not really conducive to getting the ‘perfect’ take). So if we’re finding our system is limiting
us from getting these buffer setting as low as we’d like, does Logic give us any other
options? Well, yes it does. If I come over to the next tab you’ll see we have some settings
here for plugin latency compensation. What we are specifically interested in is this
checkbox for Low Latency Mode. What this will do is optimise our track to work within the
threshold that is selected here. Logic will essentially start dealing with anything that
is going to cause more latency than the limit we’ve set here in terms of milliseconds. Now
depending on the plugins we are using in our session, while we are in this mode, it may
start to affect how things sound and this difference could potentially range from very
subtle to fairly dramatic. So this is something we may want to engage when we are tracking
but not probably something we would want left on while mixing. Lastly, Logic has actually provided a quick
an easy way to toggle in and out of this mode. If we come up here and right click over the
control bar area we can access an number of different options here… ‘check’ Low Latency
mode… and now we have access to this control right from our main window. So that’s definitely
a handy little feature here that might help you out when you go to record your tracks.
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next video!

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