LLC Business Cards

LLC Business Cards

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  1. Do you get the corporate shield if the LLC is under a persons social security number instead of a tax ID?

  2. Does this only apply if your company name includes a person's name? For example, if I was starting "Mitch Talmadge Computing, LLC" obviously I'd want to make it known that I'm a company, but if it was "Lightning Computers, LLC", it should be enough to only put "Lightning Computers", right?

    Your videos are amazingly informative and I'm very grateful for you taking the time to make them. I'm starting my own company and feel more confident than ever after watching your videos. Thanks so much!

  3. thanks, this is great advice

  4. Okay, I operate under a DBA. Planning on registering to an LLC which will own the DBA. In this case, does the LLC have to be on the card as well?

  5. Thanks for great advice .

  6. Thanks you so much for this video, this will help me a lot again thank you so much.

  7. I have a couple of questions i started my llc in montana and filed the AofO and I used "co." at the end of my business name thinking that would replace "llc" but I got the paper work back and the end of my business name says "co. llc". So do I still have to use "llc" like you were just talking about or can I use just "co." if not is there anything I can do? thank you for your time

  8. Wow, great video! Can you avoid a dilemma like this if there is a contract in which states you are providing service as an LLC?? Thanks Lee!

  9. Rare to find someone that is honest and open to providing such information so valuable … THANK YOU

  10. Putting this in my critical list of things to be aware of. Thank you.

  11. What about using a DBA

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