Living Alone Day in My Life: Packing, Tidying, Aggressive Card Games 🙈

Living Alone Day in My Life: Packing, Tidying, Aggressive Card Games 🙈

hey guys ~ welcome back that was a very smooth entrance today I’m in LA tomorrow I’m flying to Taipei so I was home in LA for BeautyCon to see family, my cousin’s birthday.. it’s great, it’s been a good time and tomorrow I’m flying to Taipei because.. Harvard undergraduate students are
teaming up with National Taipei University 台北大学 and they’re hosting a leadership conference
for 100 high school students for which I’m going to give a talk to I have not thought of what
I’m going to talk about yet I think it’s all in here *mind* but I just I haven’t put it down
into outline form and words and all that yet but it’s coming.. so for today’s video and for today.. I think I’m just gonna take you guys
along with me for the next 24 hours perhaps.. no, 24 hours I’m gonna be on a plane maybe, why not.. 24 hours so behind me.. I’m starting to pack and I’m going to go outside to my living room where I’ve laid everything out
to bring that in here so that I can see everything and then put everything where it belongs so this will kind of be a come pack with me / let’s chat about life / day in my life video yeah, so.. let’s go ~ okay, I’m gonna start bringing things in it got so hot so I tied my hair up I just realized I threw my clothes on the floor my mom’s probably gonna be really mad at me because she watches my videos
so I pull it up and I put it on my bed okay.. okay ~ alright ~ let’s get started ~ what I’m gonna do first is take
everything that I brought in including what’s already in my suitcase out so I can see what exactly I have sort it into its respective categories clothes will be with clothes, shoes will be a pile accessories will be a pile,
electronic stuff will be a pile miscellaneous stuff in a pile.. you guys are smart, you guys get what I mean and I’m gonna take an intermission and go eat dinner with my high school friends who haven’t seen in a really long time so I’m very excited and come back and put everything back in so I think the putting things into
the suitcase is not the hardest part for me the hardest part is usually picking what to bring and I think I did enough talking so, first thing.. as with anything.. it’s nice to take a mental inventory of what you have and then.. putting everything back where it belongs it’s like decluttering alright mm.. okay, let’s get started let’s get it started ~ oo! before we get started..
packing cubes are a game-changer these things.. put everything in here I’ll let you guys know what I put in where
and how I organize my stuff later but yes, packing cubes are amazing.. *sings* amazing ~ okay alright so that actually took
a lot quicker than I thought this bag is for my friends because
these are our goodies from BeautyCon this is also goodies from BeautyCon it’s a little bit of a hassle that I have to take it all the way
to Taiwan and then back to New York but it’s total first world problems
so I’m not gonna complain I’m gonna make it happen this I’m gonna move… *attractive grunt noise* I’m gonna move that to the side skincare, haircare, all of that
is going to be in this corner clothes are all next to me or on my bed andduh.. there’s gifts for my cousins in Taiwan and this thing that I was fumbling with earlier is filled with hats and my sunglasses and scrunchies because
scrunchies are so back in again so back in ~ 👍 k and so.. I guess the first thing I’ll do is.. these boxes take up way too much room so.. I’m just gonna condense by putting them in.. Ziploc baggies that I’ve had and reused.. for I don’t even know how long okay, I just kicked that away I really hope that I’m not late for dinner let’s check hoo ~ 6:20 p.m… I gotta go alright let me just do this really quick too and with that, I need to go I was like where’s my phone?? ~ it’s right here okay, and.. for those who know what this is.. I love you alright, let me take this off okay, let’s go to dinnaa ~ I’m gonna be late eeh ~ why am I always late ~ okay, my bag and then.. let’s see what my friend wants and I almost.. peace ✌️~ showing beauty products wait no, lower.. lower yeah my hand can’t go as low I’m down to try this though oh ~ ok we just finished dinner hai hai haii ~ I don’t know, I wasn’t looking at it auhh ~ do you need it? can we do tradesies? no tradesies you guys scoot in *my friends are clowns* do I want to start with that ya just start with that yep, start with that oh but you also pass 4? yeah hnnnggggggg ~ maaan ~ oh wait I already passed wait no no I already passed.. but I already passed no no no you.. no I don’t have to.. I don’t have to *getting really into this* so it’s my turn now right? no, but it’s between you guys now.. I already passed noooo ~ that doesn’t make sense it does! ~ this is a new round! but I already passed! ~ no its not, it’s the same round.. you passed on this, but you can’t pass on this.. it’s the same round play itt ~ oh my goodness.. wait it’s not your turn, it’s my turn wait no it’s my turn now! noo!~ I’m confused I don’t want to pass
*aggressively plays card* oh god ~ I’m going to regret this so many cards.. oh nevermind.. alright I got this noo! ~ noo! ~ it doesn’t make sense okay, let us finish.. we’re almost done okay, let me move this stuff seats are bigger there you can’t win like this~ what did you put? 8? I don’t like playing like this I didn’t go to Ice Monster this time
when I went to Taiwan ya because you’re a fool ~ no Pat didn’t know what it was… you’re a fool! ~ no Pat didn’t know what it was.. I’m like you don’t know what Ice Monster is?? this is for Jimmy ✌️ Sherry has hers there oh yeah ~ kame hame haaa ~ he’s thought the autofocus
was to kamehameha the camera hi Ben ~ *kawaii Ben* baa ~ baaa! ~ *cheers* *giggles* yeeeah ~ *half yeah-ing half giggling* *waves* okay I came home..
changed into something comfortable I was on cheer before in 2001 this is elementary school okay so I laid out my clothes
really quick to show you guys what I have and how I put everything in packing cubes this is.. undies, bras / sports bras, and this is socks *on the phone* hello? ~ oh I’m washing my face okay I’ll be there in a minute bai ~ *spritz spritz spritz* *pat pat pat pat pat* *fan fan fan fan* baiii ~ made it to the airport ~ yeeaaaaa ~ yeaaa ~ ok I’ll see you guys inside *waves* ✌️

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