Live PD: Dealing or Dating (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Dealing or Dating (Season 2) | A&E

[music playing] Excuse me, sir? Are you a guest here? Oh, you’re waiting on a friend?
– Yeah. RAMIRO GARZA: What apartment
or what room is she in? Or he? How well do you
know this friend? I’m just gonna go
see her right now. RAMIRO GARZA: You just met her? Yes, sir. Hmm. And that’s all you’re
doing is just hanging out? You’re not trying
to buy anything? Can I talk to you real quick? CHAD: Sure. Just to make sure
you’re on the up and up. [police radio chatter] Yeah, man. The reason I’m retaining
you is because this hotel is pretty bad. It’s known for
drugs, prostitution, all that good stuff. Do you smoke marijuana? CHAD: Yeah, I do.
RAMIRO GARZA: Yeah? When was the last time
you smoked in the car? CHAD: Um, earlier today. Earlier? Is that why smells?
CHAD: Yeah. [cell phone ringing]
– You got anything on you? – No.
– No? OK. Do me a favor and step
out real quick, man. I’ll be right out. Just because I can smell the
marijuana inside your vehicle gives me enough to
search your vehicle, so I’m going to search it. Is there anything inside the
car I should know about, man? No marijuana?
No residue? No pipes?
Anything like that? Other paraphernalia? I have a freakin,’
um– like one bag of marijuana in the car. How bag? How big? Uh, just like–
like a gram, maybe? OK. Where’d you meet this girl, huh? Like a mutual friend? And you were just going
to smoke with her? CHAD: Yeah. RAMIRO GARZA: Cool, man. Let’s see it. Are you selling, or no? [cell phone ringing] You’re not trying to sell
to this girl, are you? No? You understand why I’m
a little skeptic, right? Yes, sir. Because I see two phones
and I see five, six different individually-packed baggies. CHAD: Yes, sir.
– You know it looks like, right? CHAD: Yeah.
– I mean– CHAD: Looks like I’m selling. RAMIRO GARZA: Like
you’re a seller, right? OK.
[police radio chatter] Turn around. [handcuffs snapping] Yeah? So who are you,
related to this guy? Yeah. Who are you,
related to this guy? Who is it? OK, well, if you
don’t know who he is, then I can’t release
information like that to you. Sure.
FEMALE: Huh? RAMIRO GARZA: What’s his name? FEMALE: Chad.
Chad got arrested. FEMALE: For what? For marijuana. He had marijuana?
RAMIRO GARZA: Yes. Can I talk to him for a bit? RAMIRO GARZA: He’s
already leaving. Can I talk to him for a– [snapping fingers]
just real quick? RAMIRO GARZA: Who are you? His girlfriend. His girlfriend? Who’s that? FEMALE: I feel like
[bleep] because I told him to come over here
to sit with me, and now he’s getting arrested. No, he got arrested. He got arrested. Yes. Yeah, I know, but I told
him to come over here, so now I feel like [bleep]. Well, just because he
came over is not the reason he got arrested. He got arrested because
he has marijuana. – Well, i didn’t know.
– You see, if he– I didn’t know about that. Exactly, and why
do you feel bad? Because I wanted
to talk to him. You didn’t tell him–
you didn’t tell him– I told him to come over here. Did you tell him to
bring marijuana, too? No. Well then, why
do you feel bad? Because he’s my friend. Well, if you really
want to be a good friend, then call a bail bond
company and bail him out. So you guys already took him? Yes. For what, marijuana? Yes. FEMALE: You know why I feel bad? Because I told him to come
here with me, and I didn’t– OK.
You know what, ma’am? I’m done talking to you. OK? I’m done. Because you either
don’t comprehend or you don’t want to comprehend. So I’m done talking to you. The thing that I
don’t understand– [sighing] Right up there,
you can [inaudible].. Ready? I’m pretty sure there
was a drug deal going on, and she just wanted to see
maybe what the outcome was with her money that
she maybe paid, or if she could still
maybe get some marijuana. In her intoxicated
state, it just didn’t seem like she just
wanted to talk to him just to talk to him.

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