Hi there coach, it’s Carolin here and today
I want to talk to life coaches specifically. I want to show you how to build out a very
successful life coaching business and also how you can avoid the number one biggest mistake
that life coaches make that I see them making all the time. I’m going to show you how to avoid that mistake
and really set yourself up with a competitive edge in 2019. Before we get started, make sure you hit that
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Wednesday, All about helping you go from passion to profits
in your coaching business. Are you a life coach? If so, what do you do for people? Are you helping them with their mindset? Are you helping them with their energy? Are you helping them with relationships? Are you helping them with work? What specific niche or sub subsegment of the
market are you addressing and what’s your big mission? What’s your big why? Lots of questions, right? All those questions are important and you
have to have an answer for all of them because that will help you avoid the number one biggest
mistake that most life coaches make nowadays that keep them stuck, that keep them from
gaining clients, that keep them from going out there and attracting the right people
to their business. Succeeding as a life coach doesn’t have to
be difficult. It can actually be quite simple and demand
is growing. You just need to know how to position yourself
the right way. Avoid those life coach mistakes and then go
out there and change the world. The biggest mistake that most life coaches
are making, and you might be making this mistake right now, is being too generic. A lot of times when somebody comes to me and
they say, hey, how can I be more successful? How can I grow my business more? The first thing I do is go to their website
or I look at their social media and I try to figure out who they are helping and what
exactly they offer, and if I can’t figure it out or I have to guess or it’s sort of
vague and in my mind I can’t choose a specific avatar or I can’t choose a specific person
they want to serve. I know right away that this person is in for
a lot of trouble and a lot of struggle down the road because if I can figure out who you’re
serving and what you do, the market for sure can figure out exactly what we do. So the first thing you want to ask yourself
is, are you really committed to serving and solving a very specific problem for your niche? And do you really know who that niche is? And lastly, is there anybody out there already
having success in that niche that you can look at to know that the niche is actually
sellable and people actually are paying for services in this area? A lot of coaches, you know, go out there and
they say, I’m a life coach for women who want to feel more empowered…what does that mean? What kind of person are you really working
with and are you addressing a problem that is urgent enough for people to seek a solution
where they say, you know what, I’ve had it. I need a coach right now. I need somebody who can actually help me overcome
this problem. First thing you want to do to really prove
out your niche is to do a Google search and then see what comes up and what I want you
to do is visit these websites and take a look at these coaches out there, these brands and
get a sense for whether they’re actually successful or not. And how do you know? Well, that’s results, right? You want to look for testimonials, for results,
for any sort of proof, social proof ideally, where you can say, this coach is already working
with clients. These clients are getting results from this
coach and it looks like there is money to be made in this field. If all you find is pretty websites but not,
not much social proof or not many results and testimonials, that might be a red flag. The other thing you can look at is how urgent
the problem is for your niche that you want to solve, right? You want clients who are willing, who are
driven, who are committed to work with a coach. You do not want to be in a place where you
have to convince this market and your ideal client to hire a coach and work with you. That would not be a very profitable niche. That will just be a niche that maybe needs
your help, but they really don’t want it. They’re really not ready for it and it will
be hard for you to even convince them and get them to say yes and buy it from you or
enroll in your programs on a sales call. Makes sense? So what are some various specific problems
you could be addressing as a life coach? Well, anxiety, depression, grief, spirituality,
adoption, aging parents, parenting, living overseas, military families, divorces, mixed
families, self confidence, time management, communication skills, conflict resolution,
productivity, motivation, sexuality, inner peace, intuition, midlife crisis, and these
are just a few you can choose from. So you can see that there is a wealth of niches
in ways to position yourself to become very specific for your ideal client. Now the next thing you want to think about
is your offering in your program, and here’s where many life coaches go wrong again. What they do is they offer single sessions
and they fall into this therapist type of model where they have hourly sessions and
they charge, you know, $250 an hour, $300 an hour, what have you, and those are great
prices, but this model will not allow you to really get the results you want to get
for your clients. Think about it, how long will it take for
you to build someone up in that confidence to help someone find their ideal career? To hone somebody’s communication skills, to
bring a couple closer together. This is not going to take you one session
or two session or a bundle of six sessions wide. It takes a very specific step by step plan
and map a process where you can say, I know on average in order for me to get you from
here to here so that you can be pretty certain that those results will actually come through
for you. It will take us three months or four months
or six months even. It doesn’t matter what matters the most is
that you begin to offer a complete solutions. So stop thinking in terms of hours and hourly
rates and time and begin to think about results and completing a program with your clients
that will get them from A to Z with a complete approach that will actually have them, you
know, accomplish the results they’re really after. And now you might be asking yourself, well,
that’s Great Carolin. I know my niche. I know what I’m selling, but how do I get
these clients? Well, take a look at my channel. We have several videos all about marketing
your coaching business, the client attraction system that we use in our own business and
with our coaching clients and that you can use in your life coaching business right now. Simply click on the card in this video to
watch some of our most popular marketing videos, about the sales funnel for our coaches, and
how to go out there and bring your passions to the world and bring the right clients to
you. And now I’d love to hear from you. What has been the biggest AHA from this episode
for you? Are you a new life coach? Are you an experienced life coach? And what other problems are you facing right
now? Down below in the comments, let me know what
you’re struggling with right now, what your questions are, and let’s have a conversation. My mission is to help you bring your passion
to the world and I want to find out how I can better serve you too. And as always, I have something really special
for you. What I want to give you today is a complete
business plan template. When you’re starting a new life coaching business,
there are so many things you want to think about and keep in mind – the niche, the market
research, what you’re selling, your revenue projections, your marketing plan, your hiring
plan later on, and all those intricate details that go into a business plan that will have
you focus your steps, that will help you roll out your business or grow your business if
you already have an established coaching business already. So go down below in the description there’s
a link and you can download the complete coaching business plan template right now. Fill it in and create an amazing plan for
you to launch or grow your coaching business. And if you’re not quite sure if life coaching
is even the right niche for you, guess what? I have a quiz for you. We have the perfect niche quiz that many hundreds
of coaches have already taken to discover the ideal coaching niche. There’s a link in the description below. Simply click there and take the perfect niche
quiz right now, it’s completely free. It’s fun. It’s only going to take you a few minutes
and you might be surprised by the results. Now staying focused on your goals because
I truly believe that you are meant to bring your passion to the world. This desire to help people, to serve people,
to create a better life for yourself would not be in your heart if you were not meant
to do it. So go out there, do the research, do the inner
work that is necessary to find your specific purpose as a life coach, and I can’t wait
to see what’s going to happen for you next. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you again
next week. Take care. Do you want to build a successful online coaching
business, but you’re not sure how to get started and you’re scared of wasting time and money
on the wrong steps. Let me be your coach and show you the right
steps to quickly launch your business, attract the perfect clients, and multiply your income
to learn more. Go to coaching business

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