Lemon cars: What you need to know (CBC Marketplace)

Lemon cars: What you need to know (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Chrysler, I would not buy this brand for cents on the dollar… but I bought a brand new Nissan Altima back in 2013 that turned out to be a piece of crap.

  2. Car stalls and she MANUALLY drives it? What was she doing before

    Cars keeps stalling and she still doesn't put a dash cam in why?

  3. Any Chrysler product = automatic lemon.

  4. No CRYsler please!

  5. She called erica so she can greet folk by saying hi america

  6. In 2013, my brand new Jeep Wrangler was in the shop for 2 months with electrical issues. Chrysler paid my car loan for both months. All because of the lemon law. Time for Canada to step up.

  7. These people barely know anything about cars

  8. Calling a dodge journey a dream car u are in a horror movie to begin with

  9. But Canada at least has a carbon tax. Save the trees and the whales while driving a lemon.

  10. That woman from the government….what is exactly does she do???

  11. A gasoline engine need fuel and spark to run. To fix an engine with intermittent stalling issues for which you can't pinpoint the problem, "shotgun it" by replacing every component related to delivering fuel and spark to the engine. In the old days it would have been simple, i.e., replace the ignition coil, distributor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, carburetor, fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel sending unit. These days, some of those parts are no longer used, plus there are computer modules and sensors.

  12. Do not buy any old gen Chryslers, If you ever buy a Chrysler make sure Fiat had their hands on it first.

  13. I had this with my truck. Kept cutting out while driving. Took it into Fords and they found the battery terminal was loose. Since then, no problems.

  14. Exactly why Toyota sells the most vehicles every year. Because they're reliable.

  15. If this is actually happening in Canada, it must also be occurring in the US.

  16. Most car buyers go by how nice the car looks!! While that has a place in decision making don't make "looks nice" your sole criteria!!

  17. Dream car is just a dream!!!

  18. It's much cheaper for auto manufacturers to pay off politicians to keep lemon laws from being created. The woman politician she interviewed acted pretty sketchy, she did not want to even discuss creating a lemon law.

  19. a dodge journey? lmmfao

  20. a dodge journey? lmmfao


  22. Nothing good about Dodge

  23. Dodge Caravan is just as bad as a Dodge Journey

  24. My Mom has Dodge Grand Caravan and haven’t had any issues like stalling

  25. When you go to interview a company about what they are dong to fix a car why do you not use a hidden camera a button hole camera will work even my Mobius dash cam would work and no would know its there taking a commercial video camera naturally they dealers back away. Out of sight out of mind!!

  26. If your car is a lemon and you continue to pay for it without any resolution, your part of the problem. You call the bank you tell them to come get the vehicle and that you are no longer going to pay for it and why. Enough people do this it will force the government to take action against the dealerships and the manufacturers. Any other method to a solution is a complete waste of time because you’re not going to be made whole. Again, you will not be made whole you are going to get screwed on one way or the other so just give the car back.

  27. Buy Japanese if you want a good car, Hond or Toyota is the best.

  28. The irony all cars are FCA

  29. The "expert" steps in—- from a Chevy!…. this video is funded by GM. Everybody know how GM is thirsty to bring their PR back

  30. They should brake hard and turn,, i bet it would stall. Some ground short issue

  31. And she's still driving are you dumb get your money back

  32. Toyota ,the only brand when buying a car,truck or SUV

  33. That's why it's good to take a bluetooth scanner with you before buying a used or new car

  34. This is why asian brands such as honda, toyota, etc. are reliable.

  35. Lol a brand new jeep is a lemon

  36. Always buy Japanese cars. Especially Toyotas and Hondas. They go forever provided you take care of them.

  37. Why would you buy an American car to start with?

  38. Your problem is you bought a dodge…

  39. Someone could have regrets about buying a vehicle and say it stalls out. that would apply for someone who is dumb enough to buy a Dodge Journey

  40. If that's the scariest day of your life your doing pretty dam good lol

  41. Well it's a Chrysler product go figure.

  42. People could save all the pain by just buying mid 1990s Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys.

  43. The cbc maketplace is made for the morons of society.

  44. "I had to manually steer it to get it off the road".

    uhhhhh yeah that's how you do that… the Dodge Journey is not an autonomous car….

  45. Did you notice it’s mainly women drivers lol

  46. Why tf is the Dodge Journey keep changing in the video bro

  47. Justin stop sucking people dry out with money and start fixing this for Canadian rich, spoiled doosh

  48. Had family and friends return a Kia Sorento, Infiniti Q56 and get a Toyota Avalon repaired successfully because of the Lemon Law.

  49. First of all it’s a dodge
    Second of all it’s the owners fault they bought it

  50. Learn from these peoples’ mistakes… NEVER buy a car made my fiat Chrysler (fiat, Chrysler, dodge, Jeep)

  51. i was driving a mates old cm 79 chrysler valliant and it shut down on the highway many times on me i went through the whole thing as they were built pretty basic and solid then and couldnt find a bloody thing wrong with it…still keeps me awake at night why?…btw god it was a nice car the giant bench seat in it was like sitting in my livingroom lounge watching the tv through the wind shield it was that comfortable but it kept shutting down …i figured its a chrysler thing after watching this upload it brought back memories…i hope chrystal walls dosent give up on chrysler …they are the best cars in the world after mercedes

  52. Piece of 💩 car been sitting for 6 months! Stay a way from journeys

  53. The politician is definitely getting a lot of money to not implement lemon laws

  54. The problem is its a dodge. Chrysler, dodge jeep all junk owned by fiat. Everytime some i know asks about buy a car or truck i always say stay away from dodge.

  55. Washington State has had a lemon law since 1994 or earlier. 3 times in shop for same problem then they have to replace car. Had Ford Explorer 4×4. Rear end differential went out in 6 wks. $2K repair or more. Demanded new car. But not 3 times so had to keep it. Gave to say never had another problem after 16 years. In my case good thing as replacement couldn't beat that problem.

  56. It’s too bad they didn’t flash the name of the minister responsible for consumer affairs, Shirley Bond, who blew them off with her B.S. answer.

  57. in reference to the young man from Los Angeles California and his full refund, plus legal fees, plus interest…. PROOF AMERICAN'S SHOULD VOTE DEMOCRAT, republicans are for the corporations and the very rich, they could give two shits about the average middle class person, or the working poor. wake up, vote for your own interests meaning vote blue fools.

  58. NEVER!!! Buy a Chrysler or anything even remotely related to a Chrysler! They are very poorly made vehicles.




  60. If you go used go Honda. Toyota.

  61. weeeeeeeee look at me while i spend an extra 300 dollars of tax payer money getting to the island instead of taking the ferry like a normal person

  62. Incredible info about lemon law …i found it very much useful …you must watch👉

  63. She got ripped off getting that Caravan.

    I was waiting to see if she installed some type of camera or if her boyfriend drove it while she recorded the incident. It happened 25 or so times as she said so the opportunity was there.

    I'm thankful they weren't hit by the semi that was behind them.

  64. "had to manually move it to the side of the road"… Didn't know the dodge journey had auto pilot 🤣🤣

  65. “I had to manually steer it of the road” how else do you steer it

  66. Don't expect a 'Lemon Law' any time soon; Canada is famous for bad lawmaking decisions.

  67. Chrysler Corp cars sadly are not well made or serviced. I learned never to buy any Chrysler Corporation vehicle.

  68. Always check Consumers' Reports for car reliability before you buy any car. And, never buy a new car.

  69. New cars are designed and engineered to fail. Cars from the 70's and older were built to last. If they built cars like they did back then no one would need a new car near as often, so they had to come up with a way to get you to buy new cars more often. This is also true for household appliances.

  70. Your first mistake was buying a Dodge.

  71. Man I could never get into this CBC series, 'marketplace' its hokey, over done and cringe inducing. All their scenarios seem orchestrated, all their testimonials staged, no nuance, bias obviously lies with the consumer, clearly pushing a narrative. Not all CBC programming is this bad, altho ive noticed more of it in the past 5 years. 5th Estate is probably their last bastion of hard hitting journalism.

  72. We definitely need lemon laws in South Africa as well.

  73. she should change battery for the immobilizer

  74. That reporter is hot looking.

  75. Lol I just stick with old but reliable cars and pay cash it's cheaper I think

    2012 Bought a Mk4 VW Golf (Year 2000) for £600

    2019 Still going strong and sailed through every MOT (uk) car test

  76. Hint. It's a damn pos dodge

  77. Dodge owned by Fiat now Chevy a lot of them made in China.

  78. You Canadians ain't see nothing yet now it one time fee cars the motor will blow up cause of engine gumming or a component making it use all the oil ither way your buying another engine then the new cvt transmission are crap and ther one time fees too lol and guess who pays the buyer and it's not a cheep fix replacing a trans or an engine

  79. Easy solution, buy a toyota

  80. Stay away from Chrysler if they don’t take ownership. Better buy a Japanese brand for a safe mind set.

  81. My truck spent 3 months in a shop 😂😂

  82. Should of gotten a Honda

  83. Today 2019 all cars are lemons…if you calculate how much you pay $$$ vs. what kind of piece of machinery you are buying ( plastic and cheap aluminum) you will understand my point. this time you get less "car" for too much money. And all of this on purpose, it is call "programmed obsolescence" it is means to broke down after several miles on the road.

    I have a dodge caravan 2003 the water pump goes bad, so i removed and get the new one. So the new one have an aluminum impeller But the original cames with a plastic impeller… just certify what i heard years before…it is made to last specific milage.

  84. I've learned sooo much after purchasing my first truck without looking into it, but I must say I got lucky and scored a great hiway driven truck, after 2 yrs all I changed was a starter, tensioner and ac belt and battery and oil changes. 07 Silverado Vortec Max 6.0

  85. Blame Canadaaaaaaa …….. Blame Canadaaaaaaa

  86. I guess the first politician who made a declaration to bring "Lemon Law" to Canada should win the election ~ I can't imagine any fool who would not vote for a candidate to bring such a law to the table in Canada.

  87. We bought a used 2012 genesis, before we made our first payment. The transmission went out fortunate for us we over paid for a warranty. 2 year's later the transmission is out again.

  88. That entire Dodge stalling thing is a matter of "The car stalls, I'm telling you! It's my word of honor! It was most definitely the scariest day of my life when it stalled on the highway!!" I don't doubt these sort of mysterious, non-reproducible problems happen, but this one seems more media puff-piece than real situation.

    I'm never a person to defend car companies and especially dealers, but I get the feeling this woman is trying to lemon-law the car because she doesn't like it. No proof whatsoever other than her word, and the 'car expert' puffs this up into a fatal disaster waiting to happen.

    "Imagine if the car stalls here!"

    "Imagine if it stalls on this bridge! "

    "Just imagine if it stalls in this parking lot!!!"

    "You should demand to get a refund or exchange on the vehicle."

    Just like Amazon.

  89. Here’s a fix. Don’t buy a dodge or Chrysler

  90. American cars are f-ing trash. Buy a Japanese car or Euro car.

  91. what about factory warranty???

  92. Dont buy north american cars.. buy Toyota

  93. 7 years later and nothing, no lemon laws. but then again avoid American cars, to many horror stories from the mechanics that work there. mind you the worst i have had to deal with by buying used cars from a dealership is buying a Honda that ate through headlights (4 years and 8 sets 40-80 a set) and 2 starters.

  94. Shouldve listened to Scotty

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