Legacy of Wisdom – Father Thomas Keating – Dealing with Difficulty

Legacy of Wisdom – Father Thomas Keating – Dealing with Difficulty

the legacy of wisdom project gathers and publishes answers to many of humanity’s most pressing questions from some of our most experienced and profound leaders how does one take difficulty by knowing somebody who loves you that’s the first step and if you begin to see that this ultimate reality loves you the term personal is is tricky because for the Eastern religions they never had a reason to theologizing in the Christianity the idea of the Trinity forced that concern so a person in general the philosophical definition is a a being with intelligence and and free will but that’s not really satisfactory completely but it it’s not personality so the Buddhists would rightly say that if you think of God as a person over the beard with a form you know it’s not the right track and they kind of and that’s what they think we mean sometimes until you try to explain this to them in but it’s hard for them to see that difference so a person I’m I when I say to try to resolve the argument peacefully if people feel strongly that is if God isn’t a person he certainly treats us in a personal way because that’s who we are so God is something that adjusts itself to every level of being and is just as present to an amoeba or a subatomic particle as he is to the King of Siam the biggest American star is right now it’s it and I think that it’s important not to think too much or to have a dimension of silence in one’s life which doesn’t happen it doesn’t mean all the time that keeps us in contact with this mystery within us that is our source that keeps us in being and and to see creation as an ongoing thing we’re always being greedy you know the Buddhists have a theory at least then that every second has 69 moment you’ve heard of it and and that you go in and out of existence every one of those moments I think that’s a great idea I mean that puts things in proportion so if the creator is creating you 69 times in a second it must think you’re worth doing at me love you but now science can figure out the universe what it looked like a trillionth of a second so the 69 is kind of it’s significant though it’s it’s trillion so that means that every every moment or eternity but just the closest you can come to a trillionth of a second that we’re being loved into existence though we’re asked to live these values and to grow from human into the divine transformation in the most difficult situation possible namely in it in a world where we’re dominated by the needs for certain security certainly independence and for affection in the steam you can’t build up and he go without some degree of those but it’s the exaggerated search for those things in as happiness that is very strong in humans because we’re born without any standard of where happiness is and yet with the desired correctly you’re suggesting yes to become acquainted with this dimension which might be called the true self and is called that in some spiritual books or if you prefer the deeper self or or to put it this way just for fun who are you are you we just our resume or what you fax you gift for a doctor and you go to a new one in the office or are we really at a deeper level that is to say the level of character personality what do you like this is what you need to know if you’re gonna have friends with someone or marry something you need to know what their likes and dislikes are and whether you can adjust to them and all those important questions but there’s a deeper self that self is the one that is subject to the influences of culture education family personal experience and so that you which might be a way of pronouncing it the first one would be who were you and the second would be who are you that is the interest in in your deeper zone but the final one is who are you that is the object it seems to me of true education or adequate education or the ultimate goal is is to bring people to the awareness of this self that is not the fault though and hence is often called no self or or letting go the egoic activity which is sort of equivalent to false self go but the false self doesn’t exist it’s in our mentality and reflex so the false self is is those smoked glasses out of which people see the world and see it according to what their experience has been but you can’t impose that on somebody else then but in a community it gets modified by the reality of other people or their wisdom or by the realization that the illusory self doesn’t really exist then you have to let go of it and you’re not gonna do that unless you have motivation and the motivation it seems to me is to be aware of this deeper self that is weight that you already have that is waiting to become cultivated but covered over by these layers of avidoge annoyed or false ideas of happiness that that kind of have to go and life is an experience of of letting go okay so to come to terms with that one needs a view and usually a community and that’s what religion is for to sorta get you as Wilber puts it on the conveyor belt it will take you to the transpersonal states of consciousness well many science book won’t accept that level of the being or the human existence so but I think that if they could come to terms you don’t find answers of the spiritual things in nature it’s not designed to be there it’s not the scope in which science really is funky it has to have experiments to prove itself so we just how to bring science and religion together as seems to be a important issue today and science is contributing in this and this is really providing us with a new cosmology that will be vastly more realistic than the one in which all wisdom literature has been written [Music] you [Music]

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  1. He's a blessing!

  2. A true spiritual leader, mentor……..he knows the Truth.

  3. Need man like this! This is a wise young man!

  4. Need more men like this.

  5. The best contemplation , to me, may only come from true love of Jesus as our divine Saviour and Redeemer. The Passion and Cross of our Lord is the proper object of our meditative and contemplative prayers. Going into some indefinitive void devoid of devout thoughts and feelings may make us less human and humble.

  6. Maybe…but until people like Keating and so many other weavers of grand stories begin their reflections upon an evolutionary biological basis and its disregard for comforting and incoherent stories, it's all so much narrative opiate. Keating may mean well but is ignorant.

  7. This interview moved me. Some of his remarks resonate deeply with Teilhard’s thought, which I’m reading now (and highly recommend). Rest In Peace, Fr. Keating.

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