Lazy Ghost Has SO Much Unfinished Business

Lazy Ghost Has SO Much Unfinished Business

(melodic orchestral music) – Ooh, how I love (speaks French). – Oh, man, somebody smudged the sign. (gasping) (speaks French) Uh! (thudding) (eerie melodic music) Oh! (gasping) – Oh my God, Trapp, you’re a ghost! – What?
– Why is this happening? – You must have unfinished business. – Tell me about it, I have so much stuff to do, I mean, look at that right there, I am so busy right now, you guys. Work has been crazy lately. – [Raph] Well, this all looks pretty easy. – Yeah, you should be able to
knock this out in like a day and move on to whatever eternal
paradise awaits for you. (melodic music) – Oh, yeah, yeah, it
does look pretty nice. – Yeah, and literally the
first step to getting there is just pick up dry cleaning. – Ah, it’s more of like
an evening activity, it’s like I can’t just
leave work and go do that. What else is on there? – Email Grant about chewing noises. – It’s gonna be a pretty awkward email, that’d be something I like to
save for the end of the day. – You did say you were
gonna write that sketch about what if The Sopranos
were The Flintstones. – Yeah, I do wanna do that, that one’s gonna take
a little while though, so when’s my next meeting? Do I have time to do that? – You have the entire afterlife. – You will never run out of time. – I am counting lunch as a meeting though, it’s important to make time for yourself. – Trapp, you can’t put this off forever. – You’ve gotta start
getting this stuff done. – Ah, but I don’t want to. – Just do it now and you can
literally relax for eternity, you can see your grandfather again. – [Grandfather] Come, my
boy, I’m having a party with Prince, Mark Twain
and Amelia Earhart. – Mark Twain made it to Heaven? – Oh, my God. – What would they even talk about, right? I’ve gotta see this.
(whooshing) – [Brennan and Raph] Whoa! – Ah, there you go. See, all you’ve gotta do is get started, I know that feels good,
that’s the toughest part is just overcoming that
mental block of just start– – He’s posting on Facebook.
– What the hell! – Okay, I am taking a short break to reward myself for getting started. – The only thing written in this script is the word, yabba gabba goo. – And that is a good start. – Literal Heaven is waiting for you! – Yeah, I know, okay, how about this? How about give me a nice easy task to get my momentum going, you know? – They’re all easy tasks! Update OS on my work computer. – I can’t do that, ’cause
that’ll take my computer out of commission for a while. – Schedule dentist appointment. – I’ll have to find a dentist
that takes my insurance, I’ll have to find a phone
number, check my own schedules, really that’s like three tasks in one. – I’m calling my dentist
right now, it’s ringing, all you have to do is schedule it. (phone ringing) – [Receptionist] You’ve reached
John Wilkes Tooth Dentistry, our office hours–
– Oh, voicemail. No, what you gonna do?
– Anything on the list is what you can do.
– How about this? We call today a rest day,
I’ll sort of recharge and then I’ll get that all done tomorrow. – [Brennan and Raph] No! – Fine, fine, I’ll get to work in like 10 minutes. – Oh!
– Why? – It’s 10:50, it’d be crazy to
start on a not round number. – Oh, yeah, right, that would be crazy. – Everyone knows that.
– You know what? Do whatever makes you happy, enjoy your time as an undead
shade damned to half-existence. – Well maybe I will, maybe
that’s exactly what I’ll do. – [Brennan] Who’s gonna get
these poison cakes out of here? – Hoo! Enjoy time as undead shade. Hoo, so much to do.

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  1. Me one day before an important exam… PROCRASTINATING!!

  2. John wilks tooth, HAHAHAHAHAA that's great, love it

  3. So…noones gonna talk about Brennan looking like The Wolverine with the beard on?

  4. "John Wilkes Tooth Dentistry."
    Oh, my god.

  5. His contour needs blending

  6. Daddy Brennan got dat beard and chest hair! Oof!!

  7. Me right now avoiding to hit a To-Do List of 25 items while watching this video…pure irony😭😅

  8. Wait so he was french then American

  9. I relate to the ghost way too much. In multiples ways actually. One, because I procrastinate when it comes to relatively easy tasks. Two, because I too am literally a ghost.

  10. Your intro just assaulted me ew

  11. Poisson is,,,fish..,.,,, trapp wtf

  12. Pat, couldn't you have put more effort into vengeance?

  13. I was laughing at the Sketch. Then I was laughing in shame.

  14. My wife would say this is me

  15. You could at least ask me before doing a sketch about my life

  16. I'm in this video and I don't like it.

  17. You’re dead, there’s no need to do all this stuff!

  18. I usually hate beards, but it really suits Brennan.

  19. ❤️❤️Mike Trapp, he is hilarious! Definitely my favorite of the cast.

  20. …..I feel like I inspired this somehow….

  21. is no one gonna talk about how impressive trapp's french is

  22. You're not helping me not do my English homework.

  23. Is he actually lazy though? He still wants to tackle take that he doesn't need to short about anymore. He's a ghost. Why bother don't the laundry or going to a dentist appointment when you're dead. The only thing that kind of makes sense is the sketch if he feels an obligation to college humor. Still if he accepts that he doesn't have anything to worry about, which is the lazier route, he could just pass on

  24. I like how his dentist is named John Wilkes Tooth

  25. Right. Because everyone has a beautiful platter of poison cakes sitting on their desk at work. It’s so annoying when you die from eating them, right?! …Some people just can’t bake correctly. 🙄

  26. John Wilkes Tooth Dentistry😂

  27. Yep not sure I'd ever make it to the afterlife.

  28. Hey, posting on Facebook to let everyone know you’re dead is legit. That’s totally part of closing your affairs. Words gotta spread somehow right?

  29. i mean, it's humorous, however a lot of the things on the list can be excused due to the fact that he is dead. he doesn't have to pick up dry cleaning, no physical teeth for the dentist, no reason to write the sketch, and he'll go a while without hearing Grant's chewing noises.

  30. yeah this is probably what is gonna happen too me lol

  31. Brennan is my daddy.
    Change my mind.

  32. O god the not round number is so accurate 😭🤣

  33. Oh no! that is what I am doing right now!! (minus being dead) man, I wish I was dead, what a great excuse to procrastinate.


    Someone help me.

  35. That sign was not smudged

  36. He wanted to eat fish cookies??? So weird


  38. I’ve never sympathized with someone more than with this ghost

  39. 22,000 people have ADHD

  40. This hits home to hard i can't even laugh… I'll cry!!!

  41. Procrastinating by watching this video

  42. John Wilkes TOOTH

  43. I like how on the part where he’s on the phone it’s John Wilkes booth ( Abe Lincoln’s assassin

  44. I should be studing geography

  45. Fish cakes? What?

  46. give the guy a break he just died

  47. I relate to Trap so bad

  48. I'd rather patreon you than dropout.

  49. Jacob Marley eat your heart out

  50. Why does a spirit still need a dentist?

  51. I'd make a to do list just to stay on this plane lmao
    Like, "to do: stay on earth for 500 years" or someshit

  52. 0:29 Dear god that reaction

  53. Why would a ghost need to go to the dentist? That is one task they could have just knocked off the list right then!

  54. He doesn’t to leave work but he no longer has work since he’s dead. And he won’t have to see Grant since he’s not working and also dead.

  55. I would be too lazy to even get out of my body😂😂

  56. Its 10:50 it'd be crazy to start at a non round hour 😂

  57. Okay, Brennan with a beard tho

  58. @2:40 how can a ghost hold a phone

  59. Rewatching this I think one of my favorite things is the poisson cakes. They had to kill him off at the beginning of the sketch and they chose to play with poisson/poison. It was all just an excuse for Trapp to cry out Sacre Bleu! But it was beautiful all the same. Brava. Brava.

  60. I don't care what you say yaba gaba gool is gold

  61. This hits more relatable right now 🙁

  62. Why is this so relatable?

    (Or as relevant people would say: Big Mood)

  63. If you think about it, they’re also not doing their work.

  64. I love Brennan’s beard…

  65. “John Wilkes Tooth”
    This is great

  66. No don't listen to your "friends"! If you do your to do list you'll die!!!

  67. I can relate to this so much.

  68. I'll die like this, i have so much stuff to do


  70. 2:58 it me when i have to do something and it is 59 minutes to round number haha

  71. still have to work after dying… sounds like singapore's future

  72. Why is no one mentioning that this all started with FISH COOKIES!?!?!?!

  73. John Wilkes Tooth dentistry?

  74. "It'd be crazy to start on a not round number"

    I don't need to be attacked like this.

  75. Hahaha John Wilkes Tooth

  76. If i was a ghost i would prank people.

  77. Wow Brennan looks good in a beard

  78. Me when I study smh

  79. I think procrastinating ghost would be a better fit

  80. Most of these task are completely irrelevant now that he’s dead tho, right?

  81. I could relate to this on a spiritual level

  82. I do not know why he shaved his beard. It looked so good.

  83. My names Brennen!

  84. watching at 1:15 am as i slowly work on an assignment due 3 days ago

  85. Hit too close to home

  86. Why would he want to start doing things? While he can just stay alive lol

  87. Well, procrastinating by watching a video about procrastination takes it to a whole new level…

  88. Is the beginning a reference to the sketch where Trapp over pronounces everything?

  89. Wait, is that Jack from Jack and Dean? Oh my god! How is no one mentioning this?!

  90. Brennan with a beard is so weird

  91. literaly me right now

  92. You know what they're right this sketch made me realize that I can't just put off work that I need to get it done!!!!!…… Tomorrow because it's like already half the day's gone and then I'm gonna be like super tired to do anything so tomorrow definitely!

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