Lawn Care advertising | Best way to consolidate your lawn care business for CHEAP!!

hey guys good morning this Johnny with blades of grass lawn care here in Savannah Georgia so everyone is making videos about marketing right how you supposed to market this way in that way are you supposed to be doing this and that and giving you all kinds of examples right so let me tell you something that no one else is telling you and the key to making money in the lawn care business is what Rout consolidation right no one is telling you how to do this but I’m going to tell you check this out so this is my tip for the day right now keep in mind guys this is the way I do it ok and this is what works for me now what we have is we go to vistaprint and we get those little cards you notice the cars that you get like 500 $9.95 alright let me show you what we do hope you can see it ok so it gives you my logo phone number and website on the front show you what’s on the back of the card okay can you see it good it has no contract required get invoice emails paper cut on major credit and ATM cards accepted lot more services 45 bucks every 14 days what it includes sidewalk and driveway edging string trimming lawn mowing and blowing we are licensed and insured that is it you have a little hole punch and a rubber band on logo in front phone number that’s it guys and now keep in mind it will change compared to it depends on what neighborhood you’re in on the other side no contract required that’s why because I charge you per cut simple as that there’s no out at the end of the month is nothing like that guy’s any kind of we service your property we automatically charged your card ok you can also get an invoice emails papercut all major credit cards and ATM card accepted lawn mowing services 40 bus every 14 days simple of that in my area that’s what works for us we are not we require credit card on hand this way anytime we service your property we can build you for it makes it a lot easier now we give you the option of being uncertain customers that you can have your bill invoice at the end of the month we only do for customers that have been with us for a while let me tell you the key to consolidating your out anytime we service the property we tell our guys you put these cards out five homes down five home back on the perimeter every time I don’t care if somebody else’s is mowing that lawn i don’t care of the customer is more have the company we always put our cards out now where do we put our cards you can put it on the door we can just put it right there on the doormat because as soon as you open the door you step right out you see the four but we’ve even had people say a thank you for the card I think you’re far but you not do my own Don but guess what after a while the end up using us anyway guys let me tell you repetition is the key to clarity you have to keep doing it you have to keep doing it you have to keep doing it they’re more they see you they’re more this your card they’re more than for your logo at’s all about brand recognition now unlike a lot of companies here in Savannah I am in one specific area why because I choose to do that now i have a ton of customers in that one particular area and let me tell you guys it took a while to get there but guess what it is working it is working try it is cheap is cheap it’s easy it’s convenient and this is also with sending out my everyday direct mailers every every 2-3 months now in the springtime let’s say is come month in February we’ll go ahead and send out our everyday direct mailers now March 15 we spent on another batch of everyday direct mailers April 15 we sit on that another batch and this is to the same location why because again you gotta keep hitting them invest only way that you’re going to get a good return because people are more comfortable calling somebody that they feel that they are more familiar with also remember guys each batch of cards have to have a different price and you will know exactly how much you charge and one specific neighborhood now guys remember you have to make your card specifically designed for that particular neighborhood not a card that i just showed you are for non-irrigated now fertilize law now we have centipede grass centipede grass grows extremely low so we know the norm around certain areas is that you mow that lawn every 14 days and that’s what you get now other locations you have the thirty dollars or thirty-five dollars per cut card now those lawns that are you know really pristine where they have that fert all the time and they have that irrigation system running so again tweeck your car depending on the neighborhood that you want to work in that but I put this out because you know like i said before i’m seeing a lot of marketing stuff you know out here in in a YouTube land but I’m not seeing anything that tells you exactly how to consolidate your your account and guys that’s the only way to be extremely profitable when it comes to lawn mowing services now if you want to go into the landscape and then that’s something completely different ok guys thank you think the time watching my video

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