Lana speaks out on her shocking “pregnancy” reveal: WWE Now

Lana speaks out on her shocking “pregnancy” reveal: WWE Now

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  1. I'm little singer. 🤔💆

  2. lana is such a characterless woman
    isn't she…???

  3. This is like south park

  4. who hates lana & bobby lashley?

  5. It would be so fun to make her pregna.t…

  6. No good you Ladies you sexy ladies go jahannam you ladies 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👎👎👎👎

  7. I did all this to avenge Rousseff for being the father of Maria cnales' child😂

  8. This chick is pretty hot, although it's weird that she sounds almost the exact same as Kayla Braxton

  9. Storylines like these are the reason why Dean Ambrose left…

  10. Remember when Mark Henry knocked up Mae Young and she gave birth to a hand?

  11. I bet the baby comes out black and Rusev and bobby are like huh??? Cue Titus o Neil's music he comes out like sup I been plowing Lana this whole time that baby is mine haha then rusev and lashley tag cuz they both realize they been played

  12. Sexverserry… Am in hahahaha

  13. Bobby lashly vs rusev Match

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