Kylie and Kris Jenner Reward Inspiring Women with Huge Gifts

We’re back with Kylie
and Kris Jenner. A few weeks ago, we
announced that Kylie would be giving away $1
million to one– to someone on our premiere week. And we received a whole
lot of submissions, but there was one that
really caught our attention. So Kris, tell everybody
about Samantha. So Samantha is a 27-year-old
girl and lives in Miami, Florida, where she runs
a woman’s empowerment group called the Nest of Love. She felt there weren’t
enough female role models in her community. So she started this group
where she brings young women together every single
week to mentor them. So we flew in Samantha and
10 members of Nest of Love. They’re backstage
right now with Jeannie. And they think
that they’re going to be shooting a promo
for our season premiere. But when I say, go, we’re
going to pop up on the monitor and surprise them. Let’s listen for a second. Let’s get started, you guys. So, ladies. Tell me, who are the two
people who really inspire you. Kylie Jenner. [AGREEMENT] What do you love about Kylie? She’s a boss babe. Yeah? She’s the ultimate
like business woman. Like, I don’t know. She’s inspiring, honestly. Hey, you guys– [SCREAMING] Hi, how’s it going? [APPLAUSE] So, Samantha, I know you
think you’re shooting a promo. But why don’t you come
out here so we can talk? [SCREAMING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Hi, guys. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh, my god. I’m gonna sit on
Ellen’s lap in a minute. Oh, my god. So, Samantha, tell everybody– I know this is a lot to spring
on you, and to start talking. But what you’ve
done is incredible. I want you to explain
to everyone why you started this organization. So my mom had me
when she was 17. Oh, my God. My mom had me when
she was 17 years old. And my grandmother raised me. My father really wasn’t
present in my life. So for me– I mean, I could look
back and I think my mom did an incredible job. And you’re an incredible
mother as well. Oh, thank you, honey. So for me, it’s
just like helping other girls that have been
in my same similar situation. And definitely, whoo! All right. No, it’s amazing. Because you look back and you
realize she was doing the best she could. And you got yourself
into trouble because you didn’t
really appreciate it. And she was young. And you were young. So you said, I
need to help create strong women role models. That’s amazing. So you had a really well-paying
job in the corporate world, and you gave it up to do this,
which I think is amazing. So what– I mean, really. She gave up her job for this. [APPLAUSE] So explain, Daniela
and Briana, right? Yes. OK, explain what
you do as a group. What kinds of things. Oh, man. Explain the Old Navy thing. The Old Navy thing was great. Yeah, so the Old Navy
thing was amazing actually. We closed down Old Navy. They gave 400 foster kids
$100 gift cards for them to go shopping,
get all the clothes that they needed for school. Adidas sponsored us as
well, sponsored the event. And they gave them free
pair shoes for all the kids. And then we also got
them school supplies. Ah, hold on. Let me catch my breath here. School supplies and backpacks. And it was just beautiful to
see that they were actually going to be able to
go back to school and not feel like they
didn’t have everything that they needed. That’s incredible. Because it’s one thing
to have the idea– [APPLAUSE] And then to see it happen. [INAUDIBLE] Alright well, we want you to
keep helping the community and mentoring young women. So Kylie has something for you. And I will tell you what it is. $150,000 for Nest of Love. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] All right, and Samantha– And Samantha, we have
something for you too. Personally. For Samantha personally. All right, so we have
the makeup box for you. Oh, my God. [SCREAMING] Open it up. Open it up. You got to open it on up. Oh, my God. Oh. It’s $100,000 for you. Oh, my God. [APPLAUSE] We admire you all so much. I know. We do. And I know you guys have
got so much going on. You’ve got– some of you have
just graduated from college. Some of you are raising
kids on your own. And with all that you all
have going on in your lives, we realize that
you take time out to do things for your community. And that’s really impressive. So we didn’t want you guys
to go home empty-handed. And Kylie wanted to make sure
that you guys got the birthday kit. [CHEERING] So can we bring out
the birthday kits? Thank you so much. Well, hold on. Before that, Kylie has something
also she wants to tell you. Yep. We are giving each
of you $50,000. Each one of you. No way. For the amazing
things you guys do. [CHEERING AND SCREAMING] You guys are so amazing. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Just so you know,
that is a total that Kylie just
gave you, $750,000. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Kylie is going to be
surprising someone else later in the week
with another $250,000. I want to thank Kylie
and Kris Jenner. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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