Kimbal Musk’s Farm of the Future (Yes, Elon’s brother)

Kimbal Musk’s Farm of the Future (Yes, Elon’s brother)

Almost always, the fresh fruits and vegetables that we find at the grocery store have been trucked or shipped in from somewhere else, especially if you live in a city like New York like I do, and all this traveling affects the nutrients in them meaning they’re not as good for you as they should be. Not to mention the impact it has on the environment. But there might be a solution right behind me in these shipping containers. The way we get our food is completely messed up. In fact, on average, our produce travels 1,500 miles before getting to us. This kale is certainly much healthier than having a bag of potato chips But not all kale is created equal so to speak. As soon as a vegetable or a fruit is picked it starts deteriorating. There is a nutrient loss that is happening every day. So you’re buying a bag of spinach that was grown in California and was picked and sitting in cold storage and then washed and dried and and sitting in cold storage some more and then sent to a packer to put into those cellophane bags and sealed and then in cold storage again and then gone on a truck or a train come across the United States and goes into a distribution center and sits some more and each day there’s this nutrient loss. Is it bad for you? It’s not bad for you, but it doesn’t have that, like, spinach benefit that you think you’re getting that you’ve conditioned yourself into believing that you’re getting. But there’s one guy who thinks he has a solution and he’s Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal. Eric are you excited to meet him? Oh I’m stoked. Nice to meet you. What do you think is wrong with the way Americans currently, or in the past, have gotten their food? The two different paradigms in food today is industrial food, which is frankly, food that doesn’t taste very good. It’s high-calorie low-nutrient and real food is a way to think about food that is better for you and tastes better. [The] opportunity we have – the challenge we have in front of us is real food for everyone and technology now enables it to be delicious. There’s certainly better tasting than food is shipped across the country and in a city like New York almost everything is shipped across the country for most of the year. And so we came up with this idea to do indoor farming in the city. And we’re doing it in Brooklyn. Tanner farms. The same containers you see on the back of ships. We turn them into an indoor farm the equivalent of a two acre outdoor farm in the heart of Brooklyn. Alright, now back to Brooklyn. So, it is the dead of winter and I am in a parking lot in the middle of Brooklyn, where there are currently ten shipping containers that are growing a variety of produce. These guys aren’t using any soil and They’re using as much water as we typically use in our daily showers, which is crazy to me. Let’s take a look inside. Hello! Hi! How are you? Good. Well, so this is your farm.
This is my farm. How many things are you growing in here?
We have arugula, radicchio, minutina, bok choy, kale, lettuces. When you think about farming in the middle of the city you’ve really got to think about resources in a very different way, right. The first resource you think about is space, so this farm is built inside a 320 square foot shipping container but on an annual yield basis you’re able to get as much food as you would do from a one or a two acre outdoor farm it’s kind of crazy how much food you can grow in a very tiny footprint. They also control the climate so they can grow anything all year around. Yeah, this is some of the new stuff that I’ve seeded, which is pretty cool. In the middle I have a lettuce mix. Six different varieties. This climate allows me to grow multiple things, and I personally am just really excited to try a bunch of stuff. I have some strawberries and poppies at the front of the farm that are really cool. They’re pretty adorable. They’re just the leaves right now. I get really excited about it but you know. The next resource that you really think about is water usage. So in these systems, water drips down through the irrigation system. It’s mixed with the right level of nutrients. Gravity does its thing and feeds the plant and then the water is all captured in a tray at the bottom and is then recirculated. In fact, this whole farm runs on about eight gallons of water a day, which is like less than your shower. And that’s 95% less water than an outdoor farmer would use. It’s like you have an entire forest in here.
These look good. This is like the first time in a while that I’ve been craving a salad. It’s got a little bit of like a zing at the end. Okay, cheers. The other resource that we think about is electricity, right. And energy. So you’ll notice these pink lights all over the farm. The reason for that is that actually the spectrum of light that the plant uses is the red and the blue spectrum. It doesn’t need all of the other colors, right. And so what we do is we only push in the frequency of light that the plant needs to grow. Despite this energy use overall is still a problem. In fact, 50% of Square Root’s costs go to electricity. This is an issue many indoor farms have run into and some have had to close because of it. All of these projects are important but in order to do it they need to heat, they need to have lights, and so there’s so much energy costs to grow locally so a small-scale one is never going to be able to be sustainable economically. And so is this the most energy efficient that it could be or is there kind of room for improvement? There so much room for improvement. We are at the very very early beginning stages of this whole industry, right. I would love to figure out how we put solar on the roof of the farms, right, so we can take these farms completely off the grid. So literally every day we’re thinking about ways to make this more sustainable and more cost-effective quite frankly. So what is the solution in a city like New York where so much of our produce is coming from quite far away? I think that any project that engages with our food and the human connection with people understanding where their food comes from is great, but it’s still not a solution to be able to feed a city of eight plus million people. Even if it’s heavily funded, even if the price drops it’s still one solution, but not the only solution. To be honest, what this is made me realize is that I think I really do want to go into farming. Given the growing population and densification of cities, like, we don’t really have a choice. We can’t just not grow enough food for the people that are living here, but yeah I mean, there’s no doubt that this is definitely part of the future of food.

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  3. 3:37 Wasn't he that guy on Silicon Valley on HBO?

  4. Why do we spend so much time soliciting the opinions of this person whose opinions don’t really mean anything to us? How does he affect our lives that others don’t? – nice enough guy but…

  5. This is for a moon base !!!!!!!

  6. Drug dealers have been growing produce under UV lights in enclosed spaces for decades. I'm surprised this isn't the standard everywhere.

  7. I have similar In my basement but it is organic and I do not work there. It is called symbiotic perfection.

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  9. Great to see, even though this setup is a little backward. Some countries are using high rise towers of hydroponics and robotics and automation in their farm factories.

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  11. As much as I love the minimalistic approach (no soil,less water ) I am a little apprehensive about the nutrient content because
    1.the type of soil decides the nutrients and gives it that particular taste (oranges in Australia taste different than oranges in America)
    2. Sun is responsible for almost everything that grows in nature,

    if u eliminate it's contribution to the food then will it not affect the actual nutrient value ?

    Not talking about the quantity of nutrient but the quality

    I totally support the 'do good ' attitude but should we not consider if the suggested solutions are really at par with the originals .

  12. This is Amazing, we need to do this everywhere, especially 3rd world.🙏

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  14. This IS incredible, last post was typo wrong

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  16. This has to be the most retarded, energy and resource intensive, expensive way to grow fruits and vegetables I've ever seen. And the 600ish watts of solar you could fit on the roof of each container in NYC where they average 2 -3 solar hours per day is a pathetic joke.

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  23. You need to quit the lights, focus on making a greenhouse rather, with the most expensive glass I guess: to retain heat, last over time. And then focus the electricity into heating systems. I say this because: the sun is for free. If you don't know how to run my systems I'll gladly come to you and give you a blueprint.

  24. It seems like the plants are getting too much light, am i wrong?

  25. I'm here for the comments

  26. So I'm thinking this is gmo and a way that the elite can control our fresh produce… they say it's for us ?? Hah hah haha .. when it gets bad this is for them

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  30. Instead of shipping containers with uninsulated thin walls- they could grow underground.. they need the insulation that the Earth provides. My Mom used to work in a mineral plant and they used the limestone caves for some storage because it stays 55 degrees Fahrenheit in them all year in Illinois. They could also use a combination of geothermal, solar and wind for energy and get power for off grid.

  31. I have thought of doing hydroponic gardening here at home and have a mini station for a few items. My biggest concern is the nutrition. Sure, there is plant food you add to the water but it is recommended to use distilled water. You can get that at the store but it is packaged in plastic….not so clean. Plants have minerals and vitamins but they also have bioflavinoids and other nutrients that we require for health. Do the plants produce this or does good soil give the plants what they need. Would water with minerals give the same? I'm sticking with organic soil for now until some of my questions can be answered.

  32. I can only imagine they'll be growing livestock too at some point.

  33. Also lack of pesticides, another benefit

  34. I have been growing indoors for thirty years and the only thing that has really changed is the grow lights, but what a wonderful change it is! Recently I began growing vegetables and have much to learn, but this is the future for much of agriculture. In southern states where sunshine is plentiful and solar power and energy storage is cost effective, these farms will become profitable. For those that can produce niche crops, this will be the path to riches!

  35. Says the fat lady with bad skin

  36. Building the totalitarian state of the future….yay…Millennials are literally the most disconnected and gullible generation I've ever heard of…or was it the boomers? And it is all because of their ignorance and selective education. No training in western humanities, inflated with overwhelming amounts of mis-information.
    Reason 1: Total disconnect from the world. It's all artificial.
    Reason 2: Locked into the city-> read 1984 and Brave New world.
    Reason 3: Total ignorance of the history of their culture: religion, metaphysics, civism, etc.
    Reason 4: They think technology can solve everything.
    Reason 5: Total disconnect from themselves.
    Reason 6: Total ignorance of literature.
    Reason 7: Love for marxist utopianism while disregarding their own psyche.

    Is pretty obvious the Musks are just following the manual the Atheist Asimov set up over 60 yrs ago. They really believe that crap.

    It'll be a nice technocracy with people locked into a matrix. At best like Brave New World.
    How I wish I was a "crazy rambling old guy" but the writing is right on the world. Nobody ever asks why the saying goes: The more things change the more they remain the same when the answer is simply because the human psyche doesn't change.

    The best way to repeat history is to ignore it. History is nothing but the patternization of natural phenomena. The human psyche being one of those phenomena these poor folk lack a complete understanding of.

    Thanks for the nice propaganda video, there will still be corruption, theft, power struggles, death and suffering. All the problems that are inside the psyche.

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  39. Expensive. Unreasonable. Unecessary. Centered on profit/greed, and NOT focused on actually feeding anyone. JOEL SALATIN from Polyface Farm, Justin Rhodes, and others – THEY are the real heroes. Urban organic permaculture farmers are the real heroes. People cannot thrive on the calorie content from lettuce mixes. This is just a trendy profit machine for ignorant elitists that are clueless about what it takes to grow biodiverse, nutrient dense, self sustained and calorie dense food systems. And those of us actually doing it – aren't related to global multi-billionaire family so the world doesn't get to see cool popular mainstream videos about it. And major corporations aren't interested in systems that are not meant to profit exponentially – or that have a limit in their growth or marketability potential (think small family farms, making under $100k but eating like kings and feeding their communities). Videos like this do nothing to educate or advocate for what will actually solve food insecurity for free – no chemicals, pesticides, expensive grow lights, or fertilizers needed.

  40. Not to mention the lack of pesticides

  41. 1:29 you dosent really understood anything …first food growing up very good shit but your brain show us you eating food what is growing up Doliprane and any kind of medical shit …to understand the great food you must understand why animals poop mixed up with the rest of bugs shit is the nutrition. Your new York food coming your sickness shitholes. Full of Doliprane nutrition and never ending pro nutrition. You see now why you see your self fat DNA problem s beacous of medicine symptoms traveling your toilet your food land and caboom no solution.

  42. The ELITE have shown us where they get their REAL FOOD from…and literally rubbing it our faces…because this is something those under the privilege belt will never even come close to sniffing it…and even if they do MARKET IT to all of us it will be something AGAIN those living in substandard conditions will never get to afford…its all disgusting GMOs and PILLs that they will crammed down our throats like the livestock that we are to these monsters.

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    water Sun Free energy.💪

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    Makes it difficult to watch the video through and parse what was being said.

  53. This is filled up with technology.. With the amount of energy, we are able to produce is decreasing, how could we maintain this type of farm in the future? This is bad..

  54. Great stuff. Pls keep us updated.

  55. 🧡💛💚💙 Just remember, if Peter Schiff put 0.1% of his net worth in Bitcoin when they told him about it, he would be worth $250 million today. If he put in 1% of his net worth, he would be a Billionaire. Thanks Peter, I'll carry the torch for you! 🧡💛💚💙

  56. oh man that woman is not very smart. The amount of nutrition loss weeks after any fruit or vegetable is harvested is trivial and almost undetectable

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    Elon wants to go to Mars which is why he started Space X. But after reaching Mars how are we gonna get around, there's no fuel for cars, so he started Tesla to make awesome electric cars. Oh but where are we going get electricity to run those electric cars, That's right Solar City baby!. Then to live on Mars we need to dig down cause for a while we won't be able to live on Mars' surface, hence the Boring company.
    Elon has his hands full, so he asks his brother to work on growing food in small containers because guess what….. we're gonna need to do in space ships and to survive on Mars. What a master plan lol.

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  64. I make veggie compost and trust me when I say that if you don't think compost is a resource then water will never work that well. You can use a shipping container to recycle soil. And you can do that every year. Maybe cut some holes in those containers and put thick glass windows in. An outdoor farm like mine uses 98% rainwater. Food for thought. Literally.

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    (Pretty sure they are already planning to do this in the future)

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