Kim & Kanye and the Kardashians Clash! All the CRAZIEST MOMENTS!!! | Celebrity Family Feud

Kim & Kanye and the Kardashians Clash! All the CRAZIEST MOMENTS!!! | Celebrity Family Feud

If y’all ready,
let’s do it. Let’s meet the families. It’s the West family! [ Cheers and applause ] No introduction
necessary. Yeezy. That’s all it is. All it —
How you been, man? I’m good.
Good. Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. I heard that everybody’s, like,
big fans of “Family Feud.” Kim: Yes. Oh, most definitely.
That’s all I hear. Yeah.
Yes. That’s really good,
man. So, we here, man.
We gonna get it on. How you been, man? I’ve been good,
you know? Looking well. Yeah.
Thank you very much. Good, good, good.
Who is this next to you? You want
to introduce… [ Laughter ] …introduce these people
you brought? Who’s — Well, this is my beautiful wife,
Kim Kardashian West. What’s up, Kimmy?
Hey, darling. How you doing?
Good. How are you? Kim Kardashian, beauty, fragrance line,
everything, executive producer
of the new series “Glam Master.” [ Cheers and applause ] And… And the biggest
“Family Feud” fan. The biggest? The big–
It’s all we do. Every single night,
we just watch “Family Feud.” Like, once a day.
You told me that
once before. Got to have the “Feud”! [ Laughter ] That’s me. And congratulations —
just had your third child. Yes.
In January. That’s beautiful.
Good family right here. Thank you. All right, Kanye, who else
you bring with you? This is my beautiful cousin
Kim Wallace… [ Cheers and applause ] …my cousin Jalil… Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] …and that’s my cousin Ricky
right there. Yeah. Kim,
how you doing, darling? Fantastic. Where you from? I recently relocated here
from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yeah. What did you —
What you doing now? I do whatever
Kanye asks me to do. [ Laughter ] It’s a family business,
you know. Somebody come up in the hood,
you got to take people with you. That’s what it is. My man, how you feeling?
Oh, this is Jalil? Pleasure. Pleasure.
Yes, sir, yes, sir.
Jalil, good. This is the only family’s
ain’t ever worn nametags. What do you do, Jalil? I’m an architect. Architect?
Oh, okay, good. [ Applause ] That’s a little bit too heavy
for me, so I’ll just move on. Ricky,
what’s going on, man?
How — How you doing? Good.
Where you from? I’m from Los Angeles.
Good. What do you do? I’m A&R
for our record label. Okay, good.
Yeah. All right.
Welcome to the show. Thank you. So, listen. Y’all big fans of the show,
you here, we happy to have you. This ought
to be a lot of fun. Let’s get it done, okay?
Yeah. Y’all probably know
who you’re playing against. -Yeah.
-No. So, let’s just get it on. Let’s go meet
the Kardashian family. [ Cheers and applause ] Hey.
Hello, darling. How are you? This is the matriarch
Kris Jenner.
[ Laughs ] Manages the careers
of all six of her children. This woman right here
knows how to do it. She’s a momager
at the highest level, executive producer of “Keeping
Up with the Kardashians.” And…
They keep me busy. They keep me
hopping around here. …my wife’s friend. Love Marjorie. That’s —
Love. So beautiful. How you been? Good. Really good. I’m so
excited to be here ’cause — Yeah, now you’re gonna notice —
you’ve never seen this before. One, two, three, four, five,
six people over here. Because we’ve had
a family feud… [ Laughter ] …backstage. Couldn’t settle it, but we found out
the perfect way to do it. So, let’s meet
the real star of the show. Introduce us. This is my beautiful mother,
Mary Jo, who we call MJ… [ Cheers and applause ] …who’s so excited
to be here today. So excited. So, Mary Jo is playing
in tandem with Kris. That– That’s it. Yep.
We’re gonna do great.
We do not have to explain
to you why that is ’cause she was not
not gonna be on this show. [ Laughter ] I went and met her
before. “I’ve been a big fan
of yours. I love you.
Oh, my God. You —
You my favorite.” So, I said,
“She’s going on TV.” Yeah. My favorite. And you have to say that
three times.
My favorite. We all get it
from somewhere. Yeah.
Yeah. It starts right here. All right, Kris,
introduce everybody. All right, well,
next is my third oldest child, Khloé Kardashian. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] So, how you been? Good, yeah.
I’m excited to be here. We’ve been fighting.
You know? I’m ready for this feud.
Me and Kim — Kim, I got you. Okay. It’s gonna be good.
All right, next. And then we have
my fifth beautiful child, Kendall Jenner. [ Cheers and applause ] 2017’s highest-paid model
in the world. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes. [ Laughs ] Yes. Yes, and somehow I’m hoping,
against all odds, that…she finds
one of my sons to be… [ Laughter ] “Ooh, he fine!” Well, he not, but if you could
just feel that. Got a clothing line
with her sister called Kendall + Kylie. Very good.
How are you? I’m good. I’m good.
Welcome to the show. Thank you.
Like they’ve all said, we’re very excited
to be here, so…
Good. We’re glad
to have you, too.
…it’s gonna be fun. Thank you.
This is good.
Who else we got? All right, and then we have our
beautiful cousin CiCi Bussey. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s everybody’s
favorite cousin from their reality show,
so… That’s it.
Thank you. Everybody’s favorite cousin.
Thank you.
Happy to be here. Welcome to the show.
Thank you. And then we have everybody’s
favorite best friend, Jonathan Cheban. [ Cheers and applause ] This — I don’t know
who this woman is, but this means
a lot to you somehow. She just went,
“Oh, my God, Oh, my God.” [ Laughter ] So, this is it. And which charity
you playing for, Kris? Children’s Hospital
of Los Angeles. Okay, good. Near and dear to our hearts. [ Cheers and applause ] Folks, I knew this was gonna
be a big surprise for you all. I told you all, you know,
this could be a big day for you. I was right.
They’re here. [ Cheers and applause ] Kim, this is —
Well, this is gonna make my day one way or the other. I don’t know. Whatever you say,
I’m “recording” it, boo. We asked 100 women —
“Name a reason you think Steve Harvey’s
a good kisser.” Because you’re tall. Yeah! Nice and tall. He’s tall!
Yeah. [ Audience groans ] Oh! I’m not — I’m not the best
person for this.
Handsome. So what,
you think you could put these massive lips
on a short person? [ Laughter ] Talked to 100 women “Name a reason you think
Steve Harvey’s a good kisser.” You have that sexy,
bald head. [ Audience cheers ] [ Laughs ] Yeah. You want to, uh,
say that again? You have that sexy,
bald head. Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ] They ain’t hear you. [ Laughter ] Sexy, bald head. [ Laughs ] That’s funny. Girl, you gonna mess around,
get yourself a car. [ Laughter ] [ Laughing ]
Sexy, bald head! [ Cheers and applause ] I’m sexy. [ Laughs ] All I got to do
is find them 12 people. [ Laughter ] All right, we got
two strikes now, Ricky. We got to be careful.
Kardashians can steal. We asked 100 women —
“Name a reason you think Steve Harvey’s
a good kisser. I’m gonna go
with your swag. Swag!
You better — Please understand. Your swag.
Your swag. Yes! It drips off me. Ricky!
I see it. I already know.
Ricky, you see this? I see it. Swag! Still got it! Fly till I die! [ Cheers and applause ] Yes! Swag! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Chuckles ] All right, Yeezy,
I’m nervous. We got two strikes.
Be careful. Kardashian family
can steal. 100 women —
“Name a reason you think Steve Harvey’s
a good kisser.” The mustache, Steve. The mustache! Yeah.
Kim W.:
Good answer. Yes. No, listen.
Yes. No, listen.
That’s real. Listen to me.
That’s real. This here
do some things. Put you in a situation
you’ve never been in before. [ Laughter ] Oh, I’ve learned how to work
this thing right here. [ Laughs ] The mustache! [ Audience groans ] All right, Jalil. Good answer.
Good answer.
Good answer. [ Laughs ]
Kanye passing out instructions. “Y’all got to say
a good answer.” That’s what
I’m talking about. So, they really do
watch this show. Come on, Jalil.
We talked to 100 women — “Name an occasion
when you slip into something sexy
instead of comfortable.” Brunch. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter continues ] Yeezy…
he an architect? He’s real smart. He ain’t living
no life. He done got real sexy
to head out to the brunch. Right after church, you got
all your stuff out at brunch. Right after church.
All right, Jalil. Brunch! [ Audience groans ] Kanye,
only one strike. We asked 100 women —
name an occasion when you slip into something
sexy instead of comfortable. Valentine’s Day, Steve. “Valentine’s Day, Steve.”
You know
what I’m talking about? You know what I’m talking about?
You know what I mean? Come on, player! [ Cheers and applause ] Come on, player! Be about it, boy. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah. You gots to know this. Okay.
[ Laughs ] We asked 100 women —
“Name an occasion when you slip into something
sexy instead of comfortable.” How about New Year’s Eve? New Year’s Eve.
Good answer. -Good answer, good answer.
-Good answer. [ Laughs ] [ Audience groans ] [ Applause ] All right,
you got to be careful now. You got two strikes.
Kardashians can steal. We talked to 100 women —
“Name an occasion when you slip into something
sexy instead of comfortable.” When you want
something special. Uh-oh. -Good answer.
-Good answer. -Good answer.
-[ Laughs ] You got to get to give. Yeah, I know. What they gonna want to know is
what do you mean by that? Oh!
Yeah. What you mean by that?
“When you want something.” What you talking about?
Huh? Go on.
Say it. When you need
something special. Yeah.
Like a car. [ Laughter ] That’s when you got to talk
to the man with that bald head. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Mouthing words ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Okay.
What’s her answer? ‘Cause I can’t talk
to her no more. When you want something, when
you’re trying to get a car. [ Audience groans ] [ Cheers and applause ] Boy, we got a good one today,
y’all. West family, 85. Kardashian family got 70. Give me Kim.
Give me Kendall. ♪♪ All right, ladies, here we go. Point values are double. We got the top 6 answers
on the board. [ Chuckles ] If you had a wild party
and everyone is naked, name someone you’d hate
to see show up. My dad. My dad. Kanye: Good answer.
Good answer. Jalil: Good answer. One answer to top it. Donald Trump. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Good one, Kendall! Yeah, buddy. [ Laughing ]
Donald Trump. [ Cheers and applause ] Good one.
We’re getting there.
We’re getting there. Kendall, darling,
we’re rolling. One answer left.
You could clear the board. You only got one strike,
though. You had a wild party.
Everybody’s naked. Name someone you’d hate
to see show up. Your pastor. [ Laughs ] Good thinking.
Good answer. Yeah.
Whoo! Your pastor.
Pastor. -Your what?
-Your pastor. “Praise the Lord.
What are you doing here?” [ Laughter ] You–
Your pastor. Why is he there? [ Audience groans, applauds ] All right, family,
here’s your shot. You had a wild party.
Everybody’s naked. Name someone you’d hate
to see show up. This is —
I just told my wife. This is why we lock the door. Your kids. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] If we’re a bit older
and our kids are older. You don’t like
locking the door, Kim? No,
’cause I feel bad. They sneak in our room
in the middle of the night. See, that’s the problem.
And if we fall asleep
and forget — I don’t need them sneaking
in the room. [ Laughter ] Well,
not at that time, but… Yeah. Sneak in here
and need therapy. The kids! [ Cheers and applause ] All right, Jonathan,
name an animal with spots. What about a leopard? Leopard. Yeah! One answer left.
Listen to — You c– They’re discussing the answer. No cheating over there.
No discussing. No discussing. Oh.
Oh, oh, oh.
No cheating. -Oh.
-Oh! That’s an automatic
I guess we win. -Disqualification.
-Fussy. If it’s there,
listen to this — the Kardashians win. [ Laughing ] Oh! If it’s not there,
you’re still alive. You have no strikes. Name an animal
with spots, Kris. A cheetah? This is for the win.
A cheetah! ♪♪ -We won!
-We won! This is unbelievable. [ Applause ] I know y’all
ain’t having this. Y’all ain’t — Y’all ain’t
having this at all. Man,
pleasure to meet y’all. Hope y’all had
a good time. ♪♪ Welcome back to “Celebrity Family Feud,”
everybody. The Kardashian family
won the game, and now it’s time to play… All: Fast Money! All right. For the first time
in the history of “Family Feud,” we have an announcement. Khloé? Well, Kim and Kanye
were dying to do this, and they really thought
they were gonna win — they didn’t —
but as sisters, Kendall and I are deciding
to let them play Fast Money because it’s going
to the same charity. That’s what families
will do. That’s what families do. So, they’re gonna step aside ’cause it’s always been Yeezy’s
dream to play Fast Money…
Good luck! …so Kanye West and Kim West
are gonna play Fast Money. Who’s playing first? Come on, Kim. Whoo! I am so nervous. I know.
I practice this in my bedroom
every single night, but I think in person
I’m gonna… hopefully not do awful
’cause the charity needs it. Well —
Well, here’s the thing. It’s hard to practice
for this game… Yes, I know. …because I’m gonna
ask you some stuff that’s way more ridiculous
than what you’ve practiced for. It’s hard to practice
for — for ignorance. It really is. Okay, Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles, this is for you. [ Cheers and applause ]
Okay. I’m gonna give you
a chance. So, Kim, this is it. This is for my man Yeezy. He’s offstage. I’m gonna ask you
5 questions in 20 seconds.
Yes. If you can’t think of something,
you just say, “Pass.” You and Kanye together
come up with 200 points —
look right there. Tell them
what you’re playing for. $25,000 for the Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah! All right, you ready? [ Gasps ] Aah!
Yes. 20 seconds on the clock,
please. Okay. On a scale of 1 to 10,
how sexy are you compared to the people
you work with? 10. Name a part —
Uh, yeah, okay. Stop. Aah!
Stop. Stop. Okay. Stop now. [ Laughter ] Do I get
those seconds back? No, no, no.
No, we gonna start over. You just have to give
the same answer. I just — I was stunned
at the question. Okay, okay, okay. Man: Yeah, you are! This dude right here.
“Yeah, you are!” [ Laughter ] Okay,
just give the same answer. Okay. 20 seconds on the clock.
You ready?
Yes. All right.
Here we go.
Okay. On a scale of 1 to 10,
how sexy are you compared to the people
you work with? 10. Name a part of the body you’re
always banging into things. Your butt. Fill in — [ Chuckles ]
Fill in the blank. Slice of what? Pie. Name something
a pet hamster spends a lot of time
doing. Running in the wheel. Name something you need
to make a milkshake. Milk. Bam. [ Cheers and applause ] Bam.
Bam. All right. I did it, you guys.
Let’s see. Okay. All right, here we go. On a scale of 1 to 10
[Chuckles] how sexy are you compared
to the people you work with? You said…
“I’m a 10.” I’ve never said
I was a 10. Ever.
Survey said… Yeah. Name a part of the body you’re always banging
into things. You said… [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Am I grinning
that hard? No, I’ve — I’ve really,
like, knocked things over
with my butt before, so this is really true
for me. Bam. [ Laughter ] Survey said… [ Buzzer ] [ Audience groans ] What? What?! It’s — It’s all right. Here we go.
Fill in the blank. Slice of what?
You said… Survey said… Okay.
That’s a good one. Name something a pet hamster
spends a lot of time doing. You said… Survey said… Yeah. Name something you need
to make a milkshake. You said… Survey said… Wow.
Yes. [ Speaks indistinctly ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Good job, Kim. Hey, don’t go away!
We’ll be right back. Find out if Kanye can win
$25,000 for his charity. ♪♪ Coming up…
Let’s bring Kanye out to see if he can win
this $25,000. On a scale of 1 to 10,
how sexy are you compared to the people
you work with? Your wife said 10. You said 10,
and you said…
[ Laughs ] Welcome back
to “Celebrity Family Feud.” Let’s bring Kanye out to see
if he can win this $25,000. Let’s go, Ye. [ Cheers and applause ] Steve: Yeah! Yeah! All right,
we in business. Wifey did pretty good. Couple of stunning answers,
but…she did good. Your girl got 147 points. Ooh! Kanye, we need 53. We need 53 for the money. This is gonna be good. All right,
this how we gonna do it. I’ma ask you
the same five questions. You cannot duplicate
the answers. If you do,
you’re gonna hear this sound. [ Buzzer ] I’m gonna say “Try again.”
You give me another answer. Gonna be
a little bit tougher this time, so we’ll give you
25 seconds. You ready?
Yeah. All right, let’s remind
everybody of Kim’s answers. 25 seconds
on the clock, please. Here we go. On a scale of 1 to 10,
how sexy are you compared to the people
you work with? 10. [ Buzzer ]
Try again. 5. Name a part of the body you’re always banging
into things. Your knee. Fill in the blank.
Slice of what? Bread. Name something
a pet hamster spends a lot of time
doing. Being
on the spinning wheel. [ Buzzer ]
Try again. Eating. Name something you need
to make a milkshake. Milk. [ Buzzer ]
Try again. Ice cream. Bam. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Come on, let’s go.
[ Laughs ] We need 53 points
for $25,000. On a scale of 1 to 10,
how sexy are you compared to the people
you work with? Your wife said 10. You said 10,
then you said… Survey said… [ Cheers and applause ] 5 and 8 was tied
for the top answer. We’re 32 away. Name a part of the body you’re
always banging into things. You said… Survey said… Oh! ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] Yeah, boy. Leg and knee
was the number-one answer. Pie was the number-one answer. Running on the wheel,
the number-one answer. Milk was the number-one answer. They had all the number ones. That’s $25,000 for Children’s
Hospital of Los Angeles. I’d like to thank
Kanye, Kim, Kris, and the rest of the family for coming out
on “Celebrity Family Feud.” I’m Steve Harvey. We’ll see you next time, folks. [ Cheers and applause ]

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