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In 2016, 3.4 Millions Cambodian people are
using facebook. Among them, 1.4 Millions are interested in
Marketing, 86000 users are Sales and retails And more users are using other social media
networks such as line, instagram and other website to sell or buy products. So, there are a lot of users in Cambodia have
access to the internet! There are some inconveniences that cause buyers
and sellers not able to reach their target. 1. Difficult to find products
Products are being sold in many different sites online. That wastes much time for finding the wanted
products. For example, I want to buy a second hand phone
in the amount of 200 US dollars. One website is not enough for me to find what
i want. I need to search in many sites like phone
shop’s websites, facebook, line, etc 2. Spend much time and money
Sellers need to advertise their products in many places so that customers get to know
them well. As a result, sellers need to spend much money
on promoting on social network, developing and as well as maintaining their website. You see? There are many thing to do! 3. No smart system
Currently, there is no smart system for buying and selling such as suggesting right product
to buyers, suggesting right buyers to sellers, and enable easy ways for buyers and sellers
to interact with each other like chatting, messaging and more. 4. No buy & sell community
There is no close relationship between buyers and sellers, which causes the loss of some
information like promoting or discounting products for both parties. Most of time, it is not very easy for buyers
to compare product’s price or quality because products are sold in different places. So, come to khwall, a new social marketplace
which offers great features and simple user interface. Most of people who are familiar with social
network would definitely find it easy to use. Sellers do not need to spend money on creating
their website anymore. Because they can create their own store in
khwall then start promoting their products. Simple, right? Other conveniences, you can easily register
and login, Easy to post your products that you want to buy or sell, Easy to comment on
products those are interesting and buyers can chat to ask for information from sellers. Buyer can also do many things with khwall
such as view or find products without register or login, Easily filter products by category,
price and other options, Check the product’s location and post what they wish to buy with
any specific price. Visitors can find nearest stores in their
current location. And they can also filter the distance between
them and stores. What’s next? We will release Android and iOS for supporting
buyers and sellers. We will allow trusted companies to post their
products on khwall from their own website by using API integration. We will create more functions such as suggesting
right product to buyers, suggesting right buyers to sellers and make easy ways for communication
between buyers and sellers. We will create a feature for verified shops
to post bid products and trusted customers can bid these products. We will integrate payment gateways to support
online payment that will make it easy for buy and sell. We will cooperate with delivery companies
for support product delivery. So, visit khwalll now to get social marketplace
for buying & selling ! We together can make a buy&sell community
in Cambodia!

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