Kalen Allen at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Ellen! Hey, girl! I’m here in Las Vegas at the
iHeartRadio Music Festival. Now, when I got here, I realized
there was no red carpet. And that just won’t do, darling. So in my most Kalen fashion,
I took my tail to Dollar Tree. And I got me a red carpet. OK, now, you knew
that was too far. Oh, let me– I love how you stepped
onto the red carpet. You know, I grew up with you. You did? I did. So what did you
watch, American Idol? Yes, American Idol. Did you have a favorite winner? Honestly, listen,
this is a true fact, I have said that when I
die I need Fantasia to sing my tribute at my funeral. Why death? Why not a celebration, or a
birthday, or something that’s coming? Because I think it’s more
meaningful if I’m dead and Fantasia doing it. Yeah, but then
you can’t hear it. [MUSIC – PITBULL AND J BALVIN
more than I want you. I need you more than I want you. (SPEAKING) Baby, hold my hand. That out there– Thank you! You made me hot from
that performance. And now, I’m baking like a
baked potato up in this thing. OK? Thank you. Now, listen, I want
to congratulate you. So you know what? I got you a shot. Really? Yeah. I’m taking it. Go ahead. Live your life! Live it! Thrive! The princess is here! [CHEERING] Put some respect
on her name, honey! You’re a hero for that. I like this better than
red carpets, y’all. This is different. See, when you do a red carpet,
baby, they give you a square. Literally, you can’t move. You be bumping into people. People be getting attitude. Good Morning America
always on my ass! So now, we got all this room. We got over here. I can come here. I can come over here. I can come back here. I got room to breathe. Yes, hey! “Bionic” is a bop. So is “Lotus.” Yes, you have to
come to the show! Yes! Guys, I’m obsessed with
Christina Aguilera. Look at me over here,
tripping on my lip balm. Now I put on too much. Hello, beautiful! Hi! How are you feeling? I’m wonderful. How are you? Oh, I’m so good! You look amazing! No, you look amazing! So tell me, what do
you do to get ready? What’s your pre-show ritual? I’m always doing some
type of crazy warm up. You know, it’s like, [LIP TRILL] OK. [LIP TRILL] OK, you’re good at this. So– Yes! Oh, yeah, let’s get that sweat. Let’s take it. Come on, Miyako. Come on. Come on! Dab it off! Never have I ever sexted. Boop, there it is. Three words to describe Ellen. Hot, fast, and furious. Beautiful! Beautiful! Three nicknames for making love. Humping. Shagging. And doing. When did you start
playing piano? Six. OK, see, I took piano lessons. But then, I was like, oh, I’m
more of a cello type of person. So now, I play cello. And I know you played cello
in Secret Life of Bees. You know me! Yeah, I see, girl. I do. I do. You play cello,
though, for real? Uh-huh. Boo, boo, boo, boo, you know. Ooh, you’re special. Thank you. She called me special, y’all. (SINGING) Show me love. Love. Hey! Show me love. Love. (SPEAKING) Hey! Ooh, it’s so good! You made me nervous next to you. You are so– I was like, I’m not
going to do too much. I’m just, you know,
let her be the star. She the one get
paid to do this, OK? All right, Ellen,
so here we are. We have ended this
experience right here in the room,
the dressing room, of the one, the only,
incomparable, Alicia Keys. What’s up, Ellen? Ah! See you soon. See you soon, baby. Muah!

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