-Is that a sword? -Yeah the whole theme. -Yeah, she’s a… -Pirate. *Crowd Cheers* Fantastic, thank you so much. Uh Howie. -Do you know what medieval times? Have you ever been to medieval times? -I have. if they took that concept and made a one-woman show this is what I think it would be. -Okay. I didn’t see an amazing trick. I didn’t see one amazing trick. Hes allowed his opinion, its ok. You did some flips and kind of jumped off a but and did another weird flip I would like to see more. Hes so cute. Okay, uh..Mel -I think I’m gonna have to kind of agree with Howie. what! I think if you do get through to the next round Focus on really switching up what you do because there were a few tricks in there that I was like Oh wow, that’s great. I just wish you would have put them in a lot sooner. they’ve had a sword fight. I’ve never seen a dog have a sword fight with his owner before… And I felt Hero was almost singing along with the music, so I don’t think they quite understood what you just did. -Alright. But maybe now I’ve explained it. Let me kick this off with…Howie. I dont understand. I do. I don’t. -Ok. -I don’t. -That’s ok. So im gonna say no *Crowd Boos* Yes or no Mel. I’m sorry I’m gonna have to say no What! *Crowd Boos* We don’t want to make anybody feel terrible; listen what you do is what you do is far beyond anything. *Crowd Cheers* Look I’ve never done this before, never but I’m asking you on behalf of Sarah and Hero. Mel. Why look at me? Ask him! Both of you trust me on this I saw something you didn’t see. *Crowd Chants “Abby!”* Okay, okay, I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you what I know people like dogs, so I’m gonna, I feel so bad. This is emotional. I’ll change it to a yes. Heidi See, I would of wanted to see you again in Any case. You have a yes from me. So two yeses. Okay, Sara you have a yes from Howie, A yes from Heidi, a no from Mel. Boo! *Crowd Boos* But Sarah, Hero, you have a yes from me. (Thank you so much) Names Amy Book I’m 22 I’m a personal trainer, and I’m from Gates. I first started singing when I was very very young and I always sang to my mom and she used to always tell me to shut up. But music means a lot to me. Amy’s lifelong passion for singing together with a little hometown Inspiration has driven her to achieve her dream of auditioning for the x-factor. Samira inspires me most is shower called because we both came from Newcastle both came from working backgrounds She’s a massive inspiration because she’s gone from that and look at her now, she’s a superstar. I hope that I can follow her steps Today is by far the biggest day of my. and I really really really want to make a massive impact on the judges. Hi. Hello. All right, what’s your name? Amy book and how old are you Amy 22? Where you from? Your neck of the woods missy.
I thought so. Yeah And you feeling a little bit nervous? Yeah, I’m feeling nervous and but I’m very very excited. I’m feeling a buzz. What are you gonna sing Alicia Keys falling. Good luck. I keep on fallin’ In and out With you Sometimes I love you Sometimes you make me blue Sometimes I feel good Sometimes I feel bad Heard enough. Well I’m going to start off by saying I think you look like a pop star already you look absolutely fantastic. Thank you. But I think that song was too big for Amy. I really do. I think you’ve got a nice pop look. I agree totally. Amy. I think you’ve got a good voice, but it’s not a great voice. Ah, you’re very well prepared, you look fantastic But I don’t think your voice is good enough darling *Crowd Boos* *Crowd Boos*
Don’t cry babe. *Crowd Boos* Amy listen, listen we’re not saying you’re bad. I think you’re a good pop singer. I don’t think you’re a big Davison. So you gotta work out in your mind the right kind of song for you. I nearly sang a Girls Aloud song you know. What? Alright well why don’t you sing the girls Aloud song? Probably forgot the words now. I’ll help you. ooh Why you look so sad Tears are in your eyes. Come and go to me now. *Crowd Cheers* Cry *Mumbles* Cause I’ve seen the dark side too. *Crowd Cheers* *Crowd Cheers*
You don’t know what to do *Crowd Cheers*
Nothing you can face *Crowd Cheers* *Crowd Cheers*
Ready for the big bit? *Crowd Cheers* *Crowd Cheers*
Go for this big bit, alright? *Crowd Cheers*
Ready? *Crowd Cheers*
Lets go. I’ll stand by you I’ll stay by you Won’t let nobody hurt you I’ll stand by you Amy I’ll stand by you yes I’ll say yes And you’ve got absolutely everything going for you could just need to get rid of the nerves and take that last box yes really Huge, thank you to this slot and made it through to boot camp congratulations You are to the trial she picked herself up My name is Jacob curly. I’m from Daphne, Alabama, and I’m a singer Music has always been a big part of my life Even as a young child it helped me get through some of the tough times in my life My parents weren’t what you would call Model parents whether it be because they were in jail or because they were doing drugs He got so bad that at the age of five The police came and picked up my sister, and I and took us to foster care that Night laying in bed. I wanted my parents more than anything even though. They weren’t the ideal parents it was all I knew Visitation periods were the worst because for the first few months my parents actually showed up, and they brought me things But eventually they just stopped coming and being a kid I would beg and beg and beg even if there was like ten minutes I thought no no they’re coming. Please don’t leave they’re coming and eventually they just stopped coming It was really lonely no matter who it was if someone smiled at me or showed me any Emotion then I would I would beg them to adopt me As the years progressed I gave up. I just it made me feel like I was nothing At eight years old my life got a lot better One day a lovely couple came to visit me and it turns out that They are my parents now, and I love him so much only for a moment. I promise Seeing Jacob walk out onto the stage tonight. I can’t wait to brag to every single person I know and tell them that’s my Son got there. Give it to him that poor man. All right My dream is to be able to do this for a living, so I’m really nervous, but I hope they like me How are ya I’m good, how are you? I’m doing really good and Are you nervous yes, sir? What’s your name? My name is Jacob and were your problem? I’m from Daphne, Alabama. You’re from Alabama. Are you here by yourself? I’m here with my mom. Oh, that’s nice. She gives me everywhere. She’s my number one fan That’s what moms are for yes, and what’s the dream? Um I’d like to win America’s Got Talent. That would be Get is what you got When the only information oh they’re gonna bend it over So we keep waiting waiting waiting on the world to change We keep waiting waiting waiting on the world to Thank you Not yet Oh I Really like you a lot, I think that you’re great. I think you have a beautiful voice and you have another fan, okay Thank you. I’m glad When I judge this show I think of myself when I when a singer comes out a young singer like yourself I say well would I invest my own money in a singer like yourself. That’s the standard I would hold you to and I would I would invest my money in you You have one of those voices a bit like Ed Sheeran you hear his voice and you instantly recognize who it is and boy that was just Amazing, thank you so much Jacob so you know I’m looking at your mother there you know and Obviously there’s a lot of emotion there And you seem like a wonderful guy you sang with so much soul Like you’ve lived a life longer than your years life hasn’t always been easy My childhood was pretty rough. I was me and my sister both were in and out of foster homes they started when I was five and It was kind of rough not knowing where you were gonna be or if anybody loves you like it kind of got I made me feel like I was just somebody’s luggage When I when I met my mom and my dad, and they wanted to adopt both me and my sister It felt just like this knowing that I would have a family that loved me and This is awesome well, you know what America’s Got Talent has now adopted you and America loves you, too You

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