Judges BUZZ TOO EARLY On Britain’s Got Talent! | Top Talent

Judges BUZZ TOO EARLY On Britain’s Got Talent! | Top Talent

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  2. The old lady doing the salsa forgot to mention that not only did she go to nikos dancing academy but they also went to the finals of a Spanish talent show

  3. in the first one, it's nice that the public "let it go" with the contestant, i think that helped him alot, not that it was necessary but it was nice

  4. Damn Amanda was being a spicy bitch tho

  5. I hope Ant and Dec are already MBE
    they are the best

  6. Haha DJ J0hn was awesome

  7. That smile at 00:14, he knows he is going to destroy that emotion in the very next moment !!

  8. Boy got better moves then me i-

  9. Alissa i disagree with ur decision

  10. I just find Simon Cowell cute when he's annoyed 😁

  11. Where can I get a DJ John t-shirt darn it!?

  12. Alesha, the most beautiful lady with the wonderful sex appeal… loved her smile…..

  13. 2:19
    “That’s what the voice in Simon’s head sound like”

  14. At 10:28 Simon feels young Again
    by the look of his face

  15. you're every princesses nightmare

  16. The name "Britain's Got Talent" doesn't really match the content the show's providing.
    Just my opinion but i dont see that much talents here.

  17. she never wants to have fun tbh like jeez, live a little.

  18. Name the song 19:00 please

  19. "Destroyer of Disney" Epic band name!

  20. Any one think that simon is mean in bgt and nice in agt

  21. Whoever’s grama that is
    except I like mine better

  22. omg to be honest the 80 year old lady made me cry. omg wellplayed lady. what a preformances.

  23. Cantando así me quedo sin garganta

  24. Simon: uses buzzer
    Dancers: Looks at him
    Simon: why do I hear boss music?

  25. 80 year old lady dances like crazy
    me wondering how that lady isnt breaking any bones

  26. Why is the first clip in this compilation? After Amanda buzzed, he didn't show a different part of his act that made her want to take away her buzzer. She just buzzed because she didn't like the act and still didn't like it at the end. Personally I loved him but you can't say she "buzzed too early" when she didn't regret her decision.

  27. 😠mostly Simon don't have patience to watch acts till the end….😑😣😒

  28. 😁At 28:00 …it was just a blast for judges….💥💣🔥

  29. 12:54 Area 51 raid predicted by the past!!

  30. great audition, the voice of a rockers..

  31. The magic trick was so obvious

  32. 25:19 what's the name of that song?

  33. 6:44 is a real fake , see how he's circling the girl , it's a good trick ,,,

  34. 6:27 ,, Once again sorry



  35. That 80yr old lady is amazing!!!


    Narinder hopes the nation will "comb around" to his act. Narinder takes his comb-playing act to another level

  37. Amanda:get off ughh but damn she looks more cute 😍😍

  38. that's what you got bitch!

  39. Amanda Holdens screeching put me right off

  40. first guy actually dope

  41. Okay Queen Elizabeth!! You let that young man flip you like a pancake 😂❤️

  42. Wtf 19:02 looks like rotisserie chicken

  43. The first one is absolutely yes!

  44. The last contestant didn't really deserved. Just moving body and dance was not enough great

  45. 10:42 Simon being dumb here lol. Dont know shit about the climax.

  46. At 9:50 , what she said was amazing, she is Beautiful, and the act was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃

  47. everytime i see the beard guy dancing on those heels, im kinda waiting for his ankles to break

  48. She can old people can if u want u can

  49. "You just need to let the beat control your body, simmon. " nailed it 😂

  50. the 3rd contestant is like rose in Titanic

  51. The first one, Amanda seems… offended.
    Then Simon, Alesha and David was like: IM ENJOYING THIS!!!

  52. Don't judge a book by it's cover

  53. Be horrible to more people

  54. 18:56 Why isn’t this a Meme?

  55. 17:06 i think you guys are the funniest pair

    Ant and Dec: SWEATING

  56. i cried for the 80 yer old woman she was amazing, spectacular, and Completely Outstanding

  57. Bro he obiously is doing that as a joke

  58. OMG DJ John! I couldn't understand a word! I'm not great with English, I have to watch Downton Abbey with subtitles.

  59. That first one though… Fucking Legendary

  60. I started to like david lol his way of thinking is beyond earth…

  61. the guy in pink isnt "really good." but, shows the feminist prejudice of the two females judges

  62. i love the first one


  64. In the beginning it didn’t deserve to be in the video because Amanda wasn’t reluctant to buzz him

  65. My parents did not sign the permission slip for this feels trip wtf

  66. 1:07 Hahahha Why Satan Singing it

  67. The old woman is fake

  68. İ dont understand anything of first perform. What is his talent? But the 2.perform is amazing! But but but 3. Perform is golden perform!!!!!!

  69. hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa lolzzzzzzzzzzzz… a demon…..

  70. I'm sry but I though grandma was impressive even before it picked up. I'll be lucky if I'm alive at that age

  71. Alisha your so sweet cute

  72. Frozen roooooooock yeeeaaaahhhh

  73. I don't like simon. He's too arrogant

  74. 80 years old and her legs are amazing ! Wow! Such and inspiring lady ❤️

  75. Did anyone see that like most of these are only Simon that buzzes?

  76. Iloveyou so much amanda. Hope i see you.😁😍 greetings from phillipines

  77. Horrible version of a terrible wreck of a song.

  78. The contested is silence writ bit no no no red button ×


  80. Hit lile if you don't like Simon

  81. The last one had be dying

  82. Much more politely and funny than the German bullsh** of Bohlen.

  83. the little boy dacing was anazing Alesha booo boooo

  84. It made me cry. I miss my grandmom 😢❤️


  85. The let it go guy looked just like aro from twilight I am shooketh

  86. 4:20 Мафиозник… Вор в законе снова на свободе)))

  87. That 80 y.o lady has such a graceful moves in her.. So fantastic..

  88. Press like because of nanny

  89. Amanda just don't need to be judge because she doesn't know to appreciate the art of metal. Fuck off Amanda

  90. I don't understand why they said yes to the first contestant😂😂

  91. "Is not a real cat is it?"

    Simon Cowell, we still love ya😂😂

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