Jordan Peterson – Funny Story about Dealing with a Dangerous Alcoholic Neighbor

Jordan Peterson – Funny Story about Dealing with a Dangerous Alcoholic Neighbor

I’ll tell you a little story. This is in my book So I had this landlord in Montreal. He lived next door to me, and he was an ex-Hell’s Angel’s biker. he’d spend a lot of time in prison and his wife had borderline personality disorder and she committed suicide when I lived there and He was a rough guy, and he was at québécois, and he spoke *french dialect”. Which I could hardly understand and He didn’t really know what to make of me, and I didn’t really know what to make of him But we got along You know, I was very careful talking to him as you might imagine but But, I was, it was very… and we went over, my wife and I went over there, and we had the spaghetti dinner one night, and we sort of communicated And I bought a poster from him because he made these wooden posters that had neon on them And that’s how he made a living he’d kind of trained himself to be a bit of an electronics guy So he made these things and he was trying to quit drinking and we talked about that. He was a lot older than me He was like 20 years older than me. I was about 25 at this point and we got along pretty well, but Every now and then he’d go out and get – and drink and he could really drink You know like he was one of these guys who could drink like 60 beer and you think well no one can drink that much and you’re wrong. I studied alcohol for like ten years. Some of my subjects’ fathers drank 40 ounces of vodka a day and had been doing it for 20 years So you can drink a lot and he could drink a lot and – what would happen he was trying to not drink, but he’d go out and go on a binge And then he’d be going for like three days, and he’d drink up all his money, and then we’d hear him out in the backyard howling at the moon with this little little ugly dog he had you know and He’d howling the dog would howl and he’d howl and the dog would howl and and it was rather unsettling and made my wife nervous and *laughter* and But worse, you know now, and then he’d come to the door at like, 3:00 in the morning, eh, he’d knock on the door, and he’d be standing there and I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with rough guys who are alcoholic and who were drunk, but it’s they can be Upright and Unconscious at the same time, and so that was the state that he was in, you know, he’d be just swaying. He’d asked me if I would like to buy his toaster or his microwave because he needed some money to keep drinking, and, you know, I didn’t really want to buy his toaster or his microwave, but when the Ex-Hell’s Angel *French-dialect*-speaking sixty beer drunk, biker shows up at your door at 3:00 in the morning and offers you to sell -offers to sell you his microwave Hah, the easiest thing is to say, “I really need a microwave!” so So, you know, I bought the microwave and the toaster and some other things, but then… *laughter* But then my wife talked to me and she liked My landlord, you know? Even though she was afraid of him. She liked him, and and she said, “You can’t buy anymore… Anymore appliances, because it’s not good for him,” and I thought, huh, That’s an interesting problem. You know? So what the hell am I going to do about this? Because “No, I don’t want to buy your microwave,” just doesn’t seem to be the right answer at 3:00 in the morning so So, one time he took me out on his 750 Honda, and he put me on the back of it. He wanted to show me his lair, I guess, his hangouts, and I got his wife’s helmet on, but it didn’t fit it just set on the top of my head, and he said – I got on the bike – and he said “If the cops chase us we’re not stopping.” *laughter* Then away we went! And we went to these, like, these bars downtown on *french street name* – they were very rough places. He got into like four fights that night because – he was a rough guy, you know, and these kind of punk guys would come up to him, and sort of challenge him, and act stupidly around him, and he was very skeptical and if you were acting stupidly around him for any length of time, he’d just hit you because he felt that that’s what you deserved and perhaps he was right, you know, so, so, I had First-Hand opportunity to observe him So, anyways, he – sure enough – about a week or two after we had this conversation he showed up at the door “knock knock knock.” You know, open the door, and he’s standing there you know, with his eyes kind of half closed, and he was swaying, and he had – I don’t remember what the appliance was this time, but he wanted to sell it to me and I said “I’m not… Paul, I can’t buy this I’m not going to buy this. Because, I know you’re trying to quit drinking and if I give you this money, then you’re going to go and drink it up and it’s not going to be good for you,” and What else did I tell him? I think I told him as well that This whole thing of him coming to my house at like 2:00 in the morning Was scaring my wife, who he liked, and that it had to stop. And believe me man, I was thinking about what I was saying Because he was watching me Like a rough guy watches you, and a rough guy watches you like this. He thinks, “if you say one thing that indicates contempt. You’re going to bloody well pay for it.” and so I was finding my words, like, you know, I was crossing a swamp and trying to look for the – for the rocks underneath the surface and I said what I had to say very, very carefully. And he looked at me for about 15 seconds and That’s a long time to be looked at, at 3:00 in the morning. *laughter* ha, and he left and He never came back to sell me anything again, and we got along fine. But that’s a good illustration of this issue with regards to truth and success in the strange land. Because I was in the strange land when I was talking to my neighbor – my landlord – and, and I managed to say what was true carefully enough so, despite the fact that he was a very violent person and that he was a very intoxicated person and that he had every reason to be suspicious of me And we couldn’t communicate very well, and I didn’t do what he wanted. That he took it and he left, and there was no problem and life went on just fine after that. And so, we don’t want to underestimate the utility of establishing this bounded relationship with the ideal and attempting to live with some nobility in truth while aiming at the highest ideal. There’s nothing about that, that’s anything but strengthening and positive and It’s exactly what you need to set against the catastrophe and uncertainty of life.

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  1. little ugly dog… hmmmm

  2. canadian biker they are polite they say exuse me and then they punch

  3. About 10 seconds of this is so much more insightful than 15 years of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

  4. Check out the full lecture its awesome, truly great. very fun to listen to

  5. If it was my last wish..I'd love to have dinner with him and family.

  6. Empathy. You have it.

  7. Jordan and Jesus have something in common. Both have middle initials. Jordan B Peterson and Jesus H Christ.

  8. A beautuful story. This video brings me to tears. How I wish relationships could be this easy.

  9. 4:00 is super reminiscent of WKUK -Clarence McKenah

  10. 5:08 Rick and Morty anyone?

  11. Lmao, when I was 12 this drunk guy down the street that me and my friends knew threatened to murder all of us while bellowing like a damn whale, I've never heard someone scream like this guy. We were never so scared like that before being kids. He proceeded to do this kind of stuff all the time, almost getting his ass kicked by another neighbor. So one day man, I was 17 and had been doing a lot of physical labor by then and had farmer strength pretty much. The dude did it again, but this time I just stared back intensity and calmly told him to make it count. He folded and walked away. Alot of times these people who go and start problems like that are cowards.

  12. Also, never let people know u have money, Never! Say it's all on credit or handed down.
    (This is if u don't want people being jealous or borrowing from u)

  13. I cant help but picture Kermit the frog on the back of a Hell's Angel's bike, funny helmet propped on his head, yelling "ooh noooooooo" as they zoom off into the danger zone. Its basically something directly out of the Muppet Show. And I agree with the commenters here, it is good to see Dr. Peterson laugh

  14. I love Jordans hysterical laugh, it's kind of childlike and hilarious.

  15. I am interested in what Paul thinks or recalls of the same situation (probably not much) and which of his two books is this story on? I'd imagine the one coming out in 2018

  16. Uhmm ok this guy is supposed to be dangerous but he goes riding with him?
    i call bullshit…

  17. Isn't this in favor or PC culture? Or is it only valuable when there's a brute knocking on your door? 😛

  18. unconcsious but upright…sounds iike a zombie

  19. Diggin those hand gestures, man

  20. those last 30 seconds were quite powerful

  21. I'll pass on Jordan. But Amy? I'll take two/

  22. well according to this i am an alcoholic

  23. With those type of guys all you got to do is be straight up, honest and respectful.

  24. I gladly favor reasonableness over civility.

  25. What a great story, I love Dr. Peterson! Truth and success in strange land… Something to ponder for a day!

  26. my god , his closing statement
    is such an appropriate closing statement.
    In the words of Don Cherry
    “ I love this guy “

  27. He talks a good talk about being brave while facing a scary sociopath, but Faith Goldy being able to speak is what REALLY terrifies him.

  28. Thanks for doing the subtitles most people don't.

  29. Hells Angel on a 750 Honda?????????

  30. At least he was willing to trade something rather than steal.

  31. 16 beer? or 60 beer?

  32. He tells the best stories and gives great advice. Guys a treasure.

  33. the 34 dislikes are probably from alcoholics who wanted to sell a microwave too and nobody opened the door

  34. im watching this drunk at 1am 😂

  35. His little, tentative laugh makes me smile.

  36. That's why Cathy Newman was a piece of cake for him!

  37. Once again, he describes the the extreme, this isn't alcoholism, I have news for you.

  38. With his little ugly dog… Haha, reminds me of Rocky.

  39. He has a great self deprecating humor. Self deprecating probably isn't the right term. Humility. Humbleness. Human.

  40. My mum is the alcoholic neighbor. Not sure about dangerous but a definite disgrace

  41. Long, boring story. Not funny, a bit amusing, except that he kept saying "rough" and "3:00 in the morning" and he said the guy "scared my wife", and implies, but cannot bring himself to say, "he scared me."

    Note how he equates speaking frankly to the landlord as an act of "nobility" on his part. This is typical of him: he constantly magnifies everything he talks about, basically in order to magnify himself. So telling a guy you've got no money to buy anything from him — a pretty banal action, really — becomes an example of Courage and Honesty.

    If it were me, I would have said right at the beginning that I didn't want him to come around so late at night, please, and that I really couldn't afford to buy his used appliances or whatever. I would NOT tell him that I thought it would be bad for him if I gave him money, because he would just drink it. If a person asks you for money, he is not asking for Unsolicited Advice. He is asking for money. You can give him money if you want, or not. You have no right to comment on what you think of his probable use of that money. Asking for money is NOT the same as asking for advice on how to live your life.

    To sum up: a boring story, poorly told, too long. The "moral" of the story is "Look how noble I was when I faced my fear of this "rough" guy and told him what I had been too scared to tell him before." And: "I felt good telling him I thought he drank too much and it wasn't good for him, as a way of justifying what he might have thought was me being cheap." "I mentioned my wife's fear of him because I didn't have the guts to mention my own fear of him."

    Peterson comes across in this vignette as a shy, nerdy guy who admires the "roughness" of this outlaw, and enjoys watching his antics, encouraging him in various ways, but of course not partaking in any of the "roughness" himself. He is a guy who admires tough guys who use their "physicality" in ways Peterson cannot. In other words, he admires bullies.

  42. I accidentally had this on .5 speed and Peterson sounded so drunk

  43. Jordan Peterson laughing made my day!

  44. Funny story but also very instructive. Great stuff.

  45. Love this story…

  46. holy fuck. thats intensely deep.

  47. I laugh like Mickey Mouse huu huh

  48. Jordan, you’re making millions, please move. Lol

  49. No one is easier to knockout than a guy who is severely intoxicated. Should gave him a solid one, two and told him to go clean his room.

  50. passivity is mans worst enemy. Just recognising this evil stuff is enough to make a man go lower than he's ever been before let alone removing it. Hes describing removing this layer by layer its actually fear it should be in rules for life.

  51. I am watching this at 3 am

  52. Why does he always shift his ring when talking about his wife? Does this men’s he’s uncofident in his relationship?

  53. Jordan peterson can laugh!
    I can die in peace now..

  54. Cool story. You need to hold boundaries with people like that. I know, because I’m one of those people. If I smell your fear, it just makes me hate you. If you stand up to me, I’ll be your best friend until you cross me.

  55. even tuff Canadians who suffer from alcoholism seem to be very respectful and polite….

  56. He was actually laughing? Omg!!!

  57. sounds like he traveled in time and met Bukowski

  58. 15 sec it's a very long time to be looked at, in 3 in the morning …LOL

  59. 6:30 on 👏🏽 brilliant 👏🏽 brilliant 👏🏽 brilliant

  60. This is why you don't get married.

  61. Any ex hells angels are dead lol

  62. Louis CK has better watch out for tough competition.

  63. Wonder what he sounds like when he really laughs long n loud

  64. This isn’t funny, but it does no one see the humor of a borderline killing herself on her wedding anniversary.

  65. Someone please animate this

  66. Funny story. Brought back a lot of memories from my youth.

  67. Alcohol 🍺…… life destroyer …..

  68. Don't be afraid and communicate what you want without giving in to your emotions, drunk people can control themselves harder so you must control your self. I had to work with them and reason doesn't work but persistence does. It also helps if you are stronger 💪

  69. he's creepy

    Jordan Peterson that is

  70. When hearing this story I was reminded of a teacher I had in high school.
    I was always intellectually curious but I was a terrible student because of diagnosed but untreated ADHD. I had little to no adult supervision or help with any schoolwork growing up. I literally could not read for more than 15 minutes and retain what I read no matter how many hours I tried. It was more frustrating than I can put into words.
    I compensated for the feeling of having no control over my grades by being a constant smart ass and rountinly getting my entire class laughing hysterically. The more it angered the teacher the more I controlled the classroom.
    Then I had a teacher my senior year of high school who told me he "wanted me to succeed". This was something no teacher had ever said to me. It motivated me in a way I had never experienced. He helped me with new study habits (not trying to focus for long periods and lecturing on the reading). I took more classes my senior year than any student had in one year to date. I started classes at 630 am and finished at 10pm. It was exausting but for the first time I had the ability, choice and control to succeed or fail.
    I graduated on time and eventually finished college at UCSB majoring in criminal justice and minoring in psychology.
    When someone can tell you genuinely want them to succeed and you are willing to give your time, energy or in Mr. Peterson's case his physical safety, it can have an incredible and profound impact on their lives.

  71. I just came so hard

  72. Jordan Peterson is a bit feminine.

  73. Intoxicated and drug addled people can afford to be violent because they are irrational and don't feel pain – until they wake up a day or two later. They're best avoided.

  74. Seeing this guy laugh makes me smile and happy!

  75. When he smiles man… makes my day better.

  76. How i can identify with this…..truly.

  77. I had to go back and see this again…and I can't believe I am saying this…he has a very cute laugh. Pardon me, sir…it's late, past my bedtime.

  78. I’ve been around men so dangerous that they had killed others outside of war. When they are drinking you do need to choose your words carefully.

  79. Don't people who are addicted to alcohol get delerium when they're coming off of the Buzz and become paranoid?

  80. Jordan has a really unexpectedly jovial laugh, it's like Peevee Herman or something.

  81. My dad usually drank four cases of beer a day, and he did it for 70 years, still going, raised four sons, all successfully, stayed married, built like a viking and still is, has a verifiable work history of 70+ years, we took vacations to every national park every year, a master guitar player, loved by all, as well as twenty years as ace of maximum security for the criminally insane at the Arizona state hospital, received an 80 thousand dollar sick time check after leaving from never missing work, played guitar in front of 7 million people televised from the asu activity center in Arizona, power lifter, ham radio operator, computer wizard, aircraft mechanic, race driver, race car mechanic, always owned at least four large estates, all with one eye, raised on a farm in Kansas in the 1930s and 1940s, a perfect american! If your not a Scots viking you should not drink!

  82. I didn't find that funny. Fuck drunks.

  83. “When the ex-Hells Angel, joual-speaking, sixty-beer drunk, Québécois biker shows up at your door at three in the morning and offers to sell you his microwave, the easiest thing is to say, “I really need a microwave’.”

    -Thirteenth rule for life

  84. If Jordan's drunk and violent ex-Hells Angel neighbor had ever knocked on my mother's door at 3am or even 3pm, he would have run for his life. Come to think of it, nobody, not even serial killers, mafiosi, cartel sicarios or alien creatures from the outer depths of space would stand much of a chance.

  85. Nowhere near as dangerous as the neighbor but maybe just as hard, I had to turn my mom away when she came asking me for money that she really didn’t need. I haven’t gotten my life together but have saved quite a bit for the first time ever. She’s gotten lucky with her home, and impossibly low taxes on that home. Growing up was hard, painful even- and saving this money was not much different. “They’re used to going without,” it hurt to hear it as a child but it’s probably more true than I could have imagined. I won’t be letting myself go without in the future- I really really hope.

  86. JP: Clean your room.
    Drunk Hell's Angels biker: Kitchen first.

  87. I want to protect that smile.

  88. Dr Peterson has seen alot of pain. I think thats why he is so firm in what he believes. He has no choice

  89. ‘At like 3 in the morning ey’ i replayed that 4 times

  90. no self respecting biker would own a 750 honda. he might steal a couple but no biker would show colors on a 750 Honda.

  91. im not a fan of some of jordans politics but i like his story things

  92. When they are black out drunk you are actually dealing with a demaen. Those are less likely to harm you than a conscious drunk. Simply saying no was all it was ever going to take. The thing about that entity is they have rules to follow and though it wants more alkhul it cant violate the rules.

  93. He can do stand up comedy at any time. Much better than boring liberal PC pseudo comedians.:)

  94. I finally backed off. I was drunk every night for years. Thanks jp

  95. Sometimes I go to parties at my friend's house, and there's this guy there who is a bit of a rough guy. He deals marijuana and drinks heavily. He's always blazed out of his mind and drinks Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack. He drinks a bottle of it a day, and I think it's a liter.

    One day at a party I was alone with him at the fire and I made a comment about his drinking, and at one point, he just stared at the bottle, and paused, and said, "You know, as much as I drink, I haven't been drunk in years. I've completely forgot what it feels like. It's been so long since I've felt drunk. I drink this whole thing every day, and I don't feel a thing. And I can't stop. It's fucked."

    I had no idea what to say.

  96. I was someone who resembled his landlord until someone did what Peterson did with me.

    Problem is, people can't accept the truth until they're ready for it or have been seeking it in that manner for years if not decades.

    Lesson here is, be aware of your surroundings amd don't step on toes just because you feel you've been inconvenienced.

  97. I would've just moved.

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