Join Our Workshop On Dealing With Conflict (In Teams)

(Barry) Hello everyone. This is Barry Overeem from The Liberators. (Christiaan) And Christiaan Verwijs. (Barry) And we are currently in Amsterdam
in the Volkshotel. And tomorrow we’re going to do the Immersion
Workshop about Liberating Structures. And we’ve already scheduled another one in
November. And the theme for that is going to be team
conflict. And how to deal with team conflict. And Christiaan, can you maybe share a bit
about how we came up with this theme? (Christiaan) Yes, of course. Because what is really nice is that Barry and I work with teams a lot. We have always worked with teams a lot. And one of the things we discovered and noticed
about ourselves is that our tools for dealing with conflict in teams are quite limited. Sure, you can have a conversation about it. You can address the elephant in the room,
if you feel there is one. But if you have conflict in a team, it can
be really stressful. It can be really … I usually become quite
anxious when there is conflict in a team and no-one’s talking about it. So that was the reason for us, to gather those
experiences and gather strategies and things that help to deal with conflict. (Barry) Because to be honest, I often have
no idea how to handle, how to cope with conflict in a team. It happened a couple of times to me. And in one of the more serious conflicts I acted more on gut feeling. And my gut feeling, although it seemed to
make sense at the moment, isn’t always the best choice. Personally I would love to have is
more guidance and getting more advice and recommendations on how to productively deal with team conflict. So, Christiaan, I think you found a couple
of people from the US that have more experience on that topic? (Christiaan) Yes, during the Global Gathering
of Liberating Structures in Seattle I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Huffaker and
Karen Dawson from Deeper Funner. We actually did a session there in the Option
Space about team conflict. And the response there was so positive that
we invited them over to join us in November to host this workshop with us. And we think its going to be pretty awesome
because we’re they’re very experienced conflict facilitators and mediators in teams. They have a lot more experience than we do. And together with them we’re going to create
a very interactive workshop where it is all about learning from each other. So we’re not going to pretend to be the experts. Sure, Julie and Karen, and also Barry and
I, know a little bit about conflict resolution in teams. But we’re really going to work together and
learn from each other. (Barry) Cool. That’s awesome. Well, I’m going to be there. (Christiaan) Wow, that’s nice! …. I won’t be there. No will also be there. We hope to see you there! More information is in the description below
this video. And sign up for the workshop if you still
can, because we expecting a lot of people to join. (Barry) Hope to see you there! (Both) Bye!

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