John’s Crazy Socks shows what people with disabilities can achieve

This morning I have the distinct honor of introducing our keynote speakers, so ladies and gentlemen let’s give a warm welcome to John and Mark Cronin of John’s Crazy Socks. I’m John Cronin. He’s my father, Mark. We are John’s Crazy Socks! These are my favorite socks. I love bacon socks. John was entering his last year of school and was looking around to figure out, “What do I do next?” He had worn crazy socks his whole life, it was his thing. Then John had his eureka moment. I want to sell crazy socks because it’s fun it’s colorful and it let me be me. Hi, welcome back. From the beginning we’ve used Microsoft tools and they’ve enabled us to grow our business. We’ve been able to create 35 jobs, 16 of those are held by people with differing abilities. We want to show the world what’s possible when you give someone a chance. You want to show them around? Sure! We’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of rapid growth. We have shipped over 100,000 orders and raised $120,000 for our charity partners. Thank you. We had to shift our expectations of what we could and needed to do with technology and Microsoft has been there every step of the way. But what we’re really doing is spreading happiness. Right dad. Two knuckleheads from Long Island. It is beyond joy to be able to work with my son. I see how he’s always showing that he can do more.

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