Jake Scott Performs “Journey” (Produced by Ester Dean) – Songland 2019

Jake Scott Performs “Journey” (Produced by Ester Dean) – Songland 2019

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  1. The commercial was so good. At first when I heard it was for a commercial I was like what the heck. But I was wrong. This was amazing. Love the show and I’m looking forward for more great artists.

  2. Liked this song didn't get to see the original

  3. Are we discovering song writers or singers, wow,

  4. Another incredible songwriter!

  5. loved this one the most !!

  6. I only write lyrics

  7. Hands down my favorite show. It's so positive, inspiring and paints the industry in a beautiful kind light. We need more shows like this 🙏🏼😃

  8. I missed the first half so I didn't hear his original version. They still haven't posted it yet

  9. Jake your my favorite person ever, this song is amazing, once again!!!

  10. omg jake scott i know him. i discovered him from the jubilee video ! he is such an amazing songwriter. if you like this song please check out his youtube channel/spotify. this guy need more recognition <3

  11. The original he wrote is way better

  12. Can y’all get me or someone new to design your thumbnails? They look cheap and these videos deserve better

  13. A good dude! Remember him from high school, best of luck 👍🏼

  14. This was absolutely my favorite song from this episode. What an amazing song writer!
    'Chasing the good times written in my tattoos' – Jake Scott 🤯

  15. dude's really good

    also i like the Jeep guy a lot haha keep him on the panel

  16. @songland where the original. Mismatched videos are terrible 🙃

  17. Original was perfect. I understand why they need to make changes but the original I’d spend a buck on iTunes

  18. LOVE this song and his voice!!!

  19. Love this song and the original. He is so talented! I would love to see him in concert. I'm a fan!

  20. Why didn't this song win

  21. I've been wide awake since 1:45 I love that line❤

  22. I've listened to Jake Scott's other music and is awesome! So neat to see him on this show. Go check out his music on Spotify!

  23. I loved the two songs that didn't win better. But all the songs featured this week were great!

  24. I was surprised they didn’t pick this.

  25. Ester did what she could do to an awful song….or maybe its the singer.

  26. Is that Stevie Mackie

  27. Someone get Taylor Swift on this show…she is one of the best songwriters in the industry….

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