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  1. "Empower others you empower yourself "

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  3. most fking important is get the fking CAPITAL FIRST !!!

  4. he wants the whole african ppl to join his alibaba portal lah.

  5. A positive attitude can even convert a rejection into self motivation.

  6. Very few ladies in the audience…where are all the female entrepreneurs?

  7. Wonderful to hear ,but we also have to learn on both from successfully ones and the stuck ones!

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  13. He is one of my favorite entrepreneurs hands down.

  14. Great Insights. Great Man

  15. Business owners need to have additional advertising alternatives. The current market is so saturated. Don't you think?

  16. @30:24 someone doesn't look happy

  17. where can i get the background music

  18. Take care of your people! 💖💖💖

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  20. Thanks for explaining the valuable experience you have👍👍👍


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  23. The text is for a great deal fake! There are a lot of word stated wrongfully!

  24. Jack Ma is the truth of entrepreneurship, small and big business. Business is not about making money. Money is a result of adding value and serving people.

  25. With Jack Ma, he did the following things to start his business:
    1. Be an active member of chinese communist.
    2. Cooperate with Chinese government.
    3. Worked with Chinese gorvernment under the table.

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  27. I like jack ma..I from nepal

  28. Honestly the most bullshit company in the world is Alibaba I got ripped off two times $6000 by this company

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  30. Love to hear from Jack Ma. Great video for beginners growing small business.

  31. I sincerely admire JM. 🤗

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  34. I have learned lot of from this video love from India jack

  35. Give you the opportunity to interrogate Jack. Reminds me of 24 “Jack Bauer”

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  37. Can someone personal message Jack Ma to tell him that it's pronounced ONtrepreneur?

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  40. Well his Chinese though and everyone know that Chinese do everything for money even the means is using dirty tactics,just how China claim west Philippine sea and dept trap…

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  42. this could have been a great video without the stupid background music! i love jack ma and always try to hear what he says to say but to freaking sit through the damn background music was just too annoying!

  43. Why the background music? So unnecessary

  44. alibaba i hope i can meet you and we can share anyidea togethr🙏🙏

  45. Thank you Jack for your wonderful enlightening ideas

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  47. I don't know why but I immediately tell that he is an amazing character. He is like a fine wine, as he gets richer he gets humbler.

  48. why the fuck do you put music in such videos , fucking pain in the ass !!

  49. can someone please enlighten me on how one can care for a collegue when working 5 years exhausts them so much that it feels like 15years.
    maybe i dont understand what care means i should look into it

  50. Secret of success: take care of your colleagues then they will care your customers. That is what the business need. Wonderful speech. I feel by hearing you I can do anything sir. Thank you..

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  53. It always feels good to listen to Jack Ma

  54. Hi ! How are you?

  55. a very good speech

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  57. While some get a position thru privilege, others get that position any way they can find using what they learned living thru and and what they gained or learned living without privilege. When the latter catches up with the former of the two, which of the two is more likely to become the others boss?

  58. such an inspiring guy. I am an engineer and hopefully to be a baker one day.

  59. Jack Ma confirmed, sank on Billions he is still hostage to his company. Life is more than a company and profit making. Jack and his likes are ultimately losers in greater universe.

  60. its beautiful and refreshing to see all these young african businessperson hungry for success.. US movies/media always portrays Africa as an underdeveloped countries and that most of your people were suffering from malnutrition.. i was shocked back then when i discovered that you actually have a well developed cities with high rise building and technology, but westerns medias always portray African countries as uncivilized places, full with diseases etc..

  61. Men this men is humble.hanging out with billionaires on youtube will make me a millionaire.

  62. Hey,

    Nice Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Currently I am looking at other tip websites

    Cheers for your time

    Have a great week

  63. The music is annoying ngl

  64. 30:50 Animals are here with us, not for us. Shame on the Africans in this community for giving something that is not theirs. #govegans

  65. He is an example of great enterpreneur.
    So inspiring. Tune in to my channel and get motivational insights and tips on how to earn.
    Thank you

  66. He is so humble. He started from crap and then determined to uplift himself.

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  68. I think he became rich through hard work, passionate, and I'm sure he had wisdom apart from knowledge.

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  70. My business insipiration jack ma

  71. You're a good model sir for those businessman in the business industry, I'm so inspired to listen to you, I motivate myself to truggle the trials in my Life.

  72. Great message for sure, thanks Jack Ma..

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  74. Why do you teach people how to be an entrepreneur that knowing one day they could be your competitors? Do you think your company will survive by helping people to create more companies? It's bullshit those people don't share the real knowledge of how to be a successful entrepreneur.

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  76. such good points! Amazing speech.

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  78. Basic Structure Of A Business Plan For Beginners

  79. Thanks sir give's positive energy for us 😍😍💞💞❤️

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  81. Super Duper Jack Ma talks Sense Business
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    1. Dream globally but have to survive locally.
    2. Don't spend time with investors spend time with clients and employees
    3. You don't have to know everything to start
    4. Opportunities lie where people are complaining
    5. Many ways to lead. Others speak much others only act. But generally leaders must have vision. Should see opportunities before their team, should see disaster ahead of time
    6. When you will to give shares of your company to your employees and they refuse …instead they want to take cash,… They are wrong team.. Don't share your vision

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  86. I want to be successful… just so I may receive the gift of a baby elephant

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  88. No bgm, so that we can listen to his speech properly.

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