Is your dentist ripping you off? Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Is your dentist ripping you off? Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. stay away from Spanish dentists

  2. Note to self…..don't trust anyone from India!!!!

  3. Thanks Health care

  4. Why are you going without any problem?.Do u think it's going to help you? you are going to cheat yourself not anyone because you are a fool.

  5. I live in a very low cost of living state in the USA and I was quoted over $12,000. It was absolutely ridiculous. I just wanted the front teeth decalcified and he told me I needed crowns, extractions and implant/flipper.

  6. Not all dentists were bad, there were dentists that were ethical in their job too. There were ethical and non-ethical ones in every professions or jobs lol, so don't just judge all bad. What if the patients are the ones asking the dentists to do the makeover, not the dentists considering it lol. My husband works for others but they never forced him to do things that were unethical, they cared about quality of care for their patients, so not all dentists were bad. Stop blaming all dentists,

  7. In America, dentists are the number one malpractice lawsuit.

  8. In Albania in Turkey in Kosovo same prices. I live here in Albania

  9. Dentist really charge tooth and nail!

  10. Dentists are crooks, What they charge for a service is outrageous. I had a broken lower left 1st molar and over time it turned into an abscess tooth that caused a lot of pain. I didn't have benefits and what ever had to be done was coming straight out of my pocket. I could have saved the tooth by getting a crown but was told it was going to be around $2000. I certainly didn't have the kind of money kicking around so had no choice but to get it pulled or I was going to be in severe pain and eventually a life-threatening infection will occur. So I was left with no choice but to get it pulled. Took about 15 mins to put the pliers in my mouth pull the tooth and put gauze on the area. After it was done I was escorted to the reception desk and the bill came out to almost $500. Wow… that was a lot of money for not a lot of work. My God I thought to my self if I didn't have a credit card to pay for this they would have just let me be in pain and get sick from the infection. It's really sad that we live in a world that peoples only driving point is to fill their pockets.

  11. Mine just said I have four cavities and I haven’t had any! Off course this is a new dentist

  12. Always get a second opinion!

  13. Government should definitely have an obligation to talk on camera. It should be enforced to inform people about shady things that the government isn’t taking action on but it clearly aware it’s happening.

  14. And dentists wonder why their profession has the highest suicide rate. Make a deal with the devil and eventually you pay either by unbearable guilt or be out of the profession!!!!!!

  15. Everyone should watch Root Cause on Netflix. Root canals are bad news don’t get them!

  16. I hope she didn't get 20 dental x-rays!

  17. I had a root canal done and there's scars insidy mouth not even near the tooth

  18. just went to the dentist past week, he quoted me nearly my entire policy. and before starting the actual work, my dentist wanted to start the cleaning first.

  19. Dentists are CROOKS!!

  20. i dont mind screwing over the insurance company as long as i dont have to pay any extra

  21. her smile was great no need for veneers

  22. Your precious logo needs to be much smaller and at the top.

  23. Went to dentist in my new town for cleaning and one tooth that has pain when biting food. Lengthy exam, told I may lose many other teeth that are giving no problems, periodontal specialist appmt set up, he measures (but I cannot possibly verify) gum "pockets", says US$1,065 deep cleaning needed. At this moment, I have 3 further apptmts, and nothing yet done for my original two reasons for first visit. MY gums, BTW, are nicely pink, no pain, no redness, no puffiness, no bleeding ever. They look fine to me, but what do I know?

  24. this is all sad, something so simple that we need to eat ,to smile cost , so much$$$$$$$$ sad it's all about money, not that dr's really want to help 🙁

  25. Can you say ROBBERY kids??? And that's the lesson for the day…..😉

  26. I was told 2 years ago that I would need 16 fillings! I have healthy habits and was shocked to find that news out. After updating my dental insurance, I went in to a new office yesterday and to my surprise I now have “Three very TINY cavities.” I was also complimented on how good my teeth were considering I hadn’t ever gone to the dentist as frequently as recommended. I was very shocked. I might do a test of my own and see what the third person recommends

  27. When I fractured my tooth the oral surgeon I was recommended to didn’t even take an x ray or ct scan but I was quoted 4,000 went to the city and it was 2,500 lol

  28. It’s really hard to find a good dentist who genuinely cares about the patient, and not the money.
    When I first moved to a new area, I went to a dentist who claimed that I needed 3 root canals, and a new bridge.
    It didn’t sound right so I went to get a second opinion at a different practice. That dentist examined my teeth and told me that all i needed were fillings, and that my bridge was fine. He was even trying to save me money by while making my treatment plan!
    So blessed and glad that I found his practice, it’s now my new go-to🦷😷

  29. i <3 joe radice what a spicy young man

  30. These dentists sure are floss

  31. I went for a second opinion . The next dentist said They wanted another x ray for a cleaning, I can't get a simple cleaning ! Wtf.

  32. Be aware from Indian dentist !

  33. the job draws in sociopaths, drilling enamel and watch it squirm.

  34. pretty much dentists are an internacional rip off,

  35. So moral of the story is to go to White dentist?

  36. The dentist I visited ripped me off. She ripped off 2 of my teeth can you imagine that.

  37. My dentist is rlly nice to me

  38. $1800-2000? Pfft! That's the price of one root canal here in NY. They're going to use me to buy them a new Mercedes.

  39. I Got Scammed…..

  40. My dentist appointments cost like $32 for a cleaning and whitening and maybe a bit more for my fisher seals which I got start of year

  41. So many Middle Eastern Dentists in your Video!! We are THERE for their OIL, they're HERE for your GOLD!!

  42. Dishonest dentists who scam their patients should be held down and have all their own teeth ripped out without any anaesthetic.

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  44. I don't go to the dentist except to get teeth fixed if they're broken. Otherwise I never see the dentist I. I clean my teeth properly. There's one dentist which I like but they're a dental school. I probably won't go back for a teeth cleaning for a while though.

  45. How do we fight back against Bad dentists

  46. White pearls beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Teeth need realignments and a slight overbite to keep jaw from hurting. It's like going to different to appraise a price the more expensive is sometimes the more expert to find the most of your beauty from their theory and practice. Cheap G makes sure u get a return visit before he can map and or theorize a change of ur perfection looking for change in nothing already so u get what u looking and not looking for. Objectivity. Oral b vibrating flosser 10/9 dentist recommended. Red jackets, Republican out for a dollar. 2 heads of a tale, Clint. Is this nun on a donkey a dr. Of her retentive oooohhh. Get the difference in consultation and figure out which part of ur old car u can renovate as an antique that lasts longer than you don't care for it. Ur teeth

  47. In the uk this is not a problem as we have the NHS so dentists can not legally rip you of

  48. This happens in the US also! I went to a prestigious dentist they they said I needed like 10,000$ worth of dental fixes! 2 years later I went to another dentist and alll those problems were absent! I was so depressed for so long. This should be illegal!

  49. Peace be upon you, I am the name of Hassan, I need help from any doctor or dentist who will treat me to my teeth. I do not need anything other than treating me to my teeth. I need your joy. Thank you.00212608371893

  50. Seems that its best to go to a Dentist, that is not deeply into Debt. The more a Dentist is in Debt … the more likely he makes up Fairy-Tales to sell you useless and harmful treatment.

  51. A dentist once told me I had a cavity and needed a filling. Having never had a cavity and being a twice-daily brusher for over 20 years, I was surprised. So I went to another dentist for a second opinion. Turns out my hunch was right, and I didn’t have any cavities at all. Not only did they try to get me to pay significantly more than I needed to, but even more alarmingly, I would have undergone an unnecessary medical procedure. The unethicality of this is so high that it should be illegal. Would you agree to letting me drill a hole in your perfectly good tooth just to refill it and charge you hundreds of dollars? What, no takers?!

  52. You not only don't know which dentist to trust, but which dentist is correct. Unless you have definite pain or obvious decay, you can be told anything. Even second and third opinions can leave you totally confused. A dentist knows that pointing things out on X-rays is also questionable and beyond common knowledge.

  53. First they drill your teeth then they drill your bank account

  54. The real truth is this is a scam . Doctors scamming insurance companies and their patients.

  55. Now investigate doctors

  56. Thank you! I knew all along all my dentist is ripping me off

  57. They took off my wisdom teeth and did a root canal and crown … all this for a pain i still have…. so yes they are scammers too

  58. I can trust the Devil rather than trusting dentists, most of them deserve to go to Jail where they belong.

  59. Shameless scammers, no God fearing, no values, no law to abide, open your mouth at your own risk.

  60. We need government supervision to monitor these thieves, most of them will go to Jail at that point.

  61. i don't trust dentists period. inconsistent exam results among different dentists.

  62. It’s safe to say now that without exception ALL Indians are scammers!!

  63. I actually know my dentist…he is a good friend, so I know he isn't ripping me off!

  64. They tried to pull teeth for more money all the time. For me listerine is key to avoid tooth infections. Hec antibiotics and listerine and problem solved vs spending more and losing a tooth.

  65. Thumbs down, logo covered subtitles!

  66. This actually applies to all dentists

  67. Be careful of Indian dentists

  68. Wow I’m sure this is the same in the US! Now I know why I always hated the dentist

  69. Are any services not ripping us off marketplace 😂

  70. Drill & fill specialists, like filling in pot holes. They max out my dental plan every year.

  71. I get all my dental work done when I visit my
    Family in Nicaragua! My dentist is great!

  72. ….. Yes there are ripping you off … Well they are rapeing you for your money ….. In USA and Canada ….

  73. I was scammed too

  74. I think they over charge certain people because they lust over perfection. Not for their own being but to force other's into complimenting them over & over. One can pin point who craves that very easily, and thus over charge.

  75. @ 7:40 am i the only one dat got scared of the sound

  76. I went to my dentist and told them not to do give me the numbing medicen with the needle and to just do the filling, he did and he did tell me if it hurts let him know. He asked me if I was doing ok as he drilled and filled. It only hurt a little for only like a minute or two at most. It hurt much much less then a few pokes with the needle and whating for the feeling to come back in my mouth before I could eat.

  77. Dam now days you cant do nun with out getting riped off😒

  78. The same can be said for any privatized medical field. I've worked at many vet clinics as a Registered tech, and some clinics are really shady. End of the day it's a business. Shop around.

  79. 9:08 "we could go bankrupt if we don't do the work". From the look of it, they clearly over spend more than what they make. So the patient ends up being extorted instead of treated for a problem he has.

  80. I found out my dentist was charging my insurance more about work never done it in my teeth.

  81. Without even watching the video, I would say yes. All dentists are good at ripping people off their clients.

  82. My old dentist said i needed my molar pulled because it wouldn't grow in. It did.

  83. The drug on its own is worth it

  84. I went to a dentist to get a second opinion. After looking at the xrays the dentist brought up a whole list of stuff I 'needed' done, yet he completely left out the reason I had gone there in the first place. I learned not to trust dentists then. I have the same trouble with Gynecologists. They've claimed the results of Pap Smears are inconclusive and that I needed to have a colposcopy. Yet, when I went for second opinions, the results have ALWAYS been normal. It was a ploy to get money. I didn't make the mistake of telling the last Gynecologist the real reason I was there. I haven't had any problems getting accurate results from that doctor yet…
    Always get a second opinion! It will save you and your insurance a lot of money.

  85. I was at one lousy dentist who was running her mouth without paying attention. She asked more than once if she had given me the shot. I didn't feel anything and my lips were numb for hours! I should never have went back. I was practically screaming the next time I needed dental work due to being given less to make up for using to much before. Unlike the piss poor dentist who made patients wait up to an hour after receiving the shot before she got to them.The dentist I have now doesn't inject people until about five minutes before he is ready to start the work. He knows exactly how much to give. I start to feel it wearing off when I am leaving/making an appt. for next time.

  86. Ladies, semen is the best tooth whitener. It's a proven fact.

  87. Screw all these bad ppl

  88. I went to the dentist in 2009 and got an X-ray they said nothing was wrong with the right side of my month but I had a cavity my left so I came in the next week to fill it. when I did the dentist then found a full cavity that wasn't there the week before on the right side so he said come in the next week to fill that one in. When I did, I told him the other one he did the week before hurts so he did another X-ray and said I needed a root canal. But I had no insurance money so I should come back when I do. I never did the root canal and they never mentioned it again. Fast forward to 2016 I have sensitivity in my tooth to hot and cold and they tell me to use sensodyne tooth paste. They said that again the next time I went in 6 month later. They suggested to get a filling replaced because there was a space in it. Before I could I got a major toothache and they couldn't take me so I went to another dentist who found out the tooth they wanted to fill wasn't the tooth I had and issue with and that I had an inflect tooth from a filingl that was too deep. Looking back it was the magical cavity tooth from 2009. Never went back to those money grubbers.

  89. 500 Dollar for a professional cleaning !! In Germany it cost between 90-120 euro

  90. The U.S. is just as bad or worse. Cleanings are over $900 and you walk out with more damage to your teeth many times. And apparently fillings don't exist anymore, just root canals.

  91. In america also but OF COURSE!

  92. My method with dentists is to research the heck out of the matter beforehand and then ask them simple logical questions that are common knowledge, such as which filling is better composite or regular and why? Then, repeat with another dentist. Come home and compare answers.


  94. I know my teeth are bad. I have a calcium deficiency and I hate the taste of mint.
    But $300-$600 for one tooth every visit when I need 20 pulled is too much.
    Especially for someone unable to work right now and can barely afford what I have to eat sometimes.

  95. I HATE my former dentist. She is a LIAR and a THIEF.

  96. You should investigate this company justfahionnow please this company stole money to people and all the word, they never refund as money 💰

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