Is the LinkedIn QR code killing the business cards?

Is the LinkedIn QR code killing the business cards?

Is the QR code killing the business cards? Will business cards become extinct soon? So, my answer is…. No! LinkedIn has implemented the QR codes for all of us on the mobile app. Today, you can actually go around on the app to scan someone’s QR code and add them to your Linkedin network. However, I think that’s not gonna
kill off the business cards. Look at history, if you remember when we
first had the email, we had the e-cards versus the physical greeting cards. People were really excited sending out e-cards. Today, there are still people who prefer sending the real cards! We had “Print is dead!” in 2009 to 2010. And we thought magazines and newspapers were going to disappear and we’re just going to have everything online. Nope, we still have print magazines and we still have books. They are still there and bookshops which they thought, they were all going to disappear. They are now coming back. In a way I feel that what people don’t realize is, as much as we want to go digital, people value something that you can hold in your hand. Something physical, something
personal and when you think that digital is going to replace everything, there are still people who are very keen to hold something in their hand. It feels more real. Imagine this, you go to this event and then you talk to this person halfway. What happens is like, instead of giving the business card, you say, “Hey, hang on a second, let me take out my phone so I can scan you on the QR code and add you to my LinkedIn network. Then you realized, that your battery’s dead. Oops! You can’t do anything!! Or maybe there’s no Wi-Fi. The Wi-FI wasn’t set up properly so you
couldn’t connect to your LinkedIn app. You can’t scan your QR code. It feels like, you know, a disruption to this entire conversation. So, instead of just handing over a
card, I know it’s a little old school. It feels a little bit old-school. However, like you know, when you start scanning something digital, it makes the entire experience more impersonal. And yeah, it doesn’t feel as close as before. So that’s my take on QR codes killing business cards. Business cards are here to stay. There’ll be this minority group of
people who still prefer this personal touch and handing over something as
compared to having everything digital. And scanning, as though you are at the
supermarket scanning your products. So what do you think? Do you think QR codes are killing off the business cards? Let me know in the comments below. I’d like to hear from you. If you have enjoyed this video, give me a thumbs up and follow me for
more marketing tips and trends! See you next time! Ciao!

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  1. LinkedIn has introduced a QR code for their LinkedIn members. If you go to a conference or event, you can take out your mobile phone to scan another person's code. However, that's not going to replace the business card. The world will not be going paperless anytime soon. However, this could be your great opportunity to distinguish how best to differentiate yourself! Need personal branding help? Check out my website for resources:

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