Is probiotic yogurt effective? (Marketplace)

Is probiotic yogurt effective? (Marketplace)

This is your
Marketplace.What you need to
know about probiotic yogurt.
Not all probiotic yogurts
are created equal. [ ♪ ] [ ♪ ] Man:Honestly, there’s really no
way to have this conversation
without having a
bunch of laughs.
Hey, “Marketplace.” Uhhh…what’s the scoop on poop? I’m here for a friend. And we kind of want to
know what the deal is with probiotic yogurt?“An excellent choice for
those who care about
“their health and
overall wellbeing.”I have had IBS for a
good twenty years.
So it’s either the
floodgates are open or the dam is closed up. It says it has
BL Regularus probiotic. Not really sure exactly
what that means.More than 10 billion.That’s a lot. I don’t know if that’s
too much or not enough. What’s the situation? Signed, Stumped Stool Sample. Well, Stumped Stool Sample,
we hear ya. We’re going to try to get to the
bottom of your question because you’re not the only
one asking us what’s up with probiotic yogurt.To help us, Mary Scourboutakos.She had the
same questions, too.
We get to the yogurt aisle
and the panic starts to set in.So while working on her
PhD in nutrition
she started looking
for answers.
I mean, we eat this
stuff, right? So if you’re gonna eat it,
might as well get the one that’s going to be
working for you. Charlsie:Let’s start
with the basics.
What’s the difference between
active culture and probiotic? Any yogurt is going
to have active cultures. You need bacteria to
turn that milk into yogurt. This is not just any
bacteria put into this product.This is probiotic bacteria.[ ♪ ]For years, ads like this
have claimed probiotics can
be good for our
digestive health.
So are they? Studies have shown
that to be true. That’s because probiotics can
help create a healthy ecosystem in our intestines making it less
welcoming to the bad bacteria.Evidence suggests different
strains of bacteria can help
with things like
irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and immunity.But figuring out which yogurt
might help with whatever
ails you, not easy.Mary took a closer look at
the studies behind big brands.
What we learned is that
not all probiotic yogurts are created equal.Take Danone’s Danactive
and its strain, L.casei.
We have a ton of studies that
have shown that eating that product at a dose of about
two little containers per day can decrease your incidence and
severity of colds and flus. Charlsie:What about the top
seller, Danone’s Activia?
It’s BL Regularus strain could
help decrease IBS symptoms.
Jason has no way
of knowing that.
I think if you’re
going to state something, you should at least explain
what that means so that you can understand as a consumer
from one label to the next. In Canada, the only thing
companies need to do to label their yogurt probiotic,
add a billion bacteria.Activia has that
billion bacteria.
At that amount, you might have
to eat at least 8 servings
a day to help with IBS
But, get this, Danone
claims Activia actually
has 10 billion bacteria.So just two servings
should be enough.
Doesn’t say that on
the label, though.
Confused yet?We sure are.It gets worse.Health Canada won’t allow
companies to tie
a health claim to the strain.If it did, we might have
a better sense
of which brand to buy.Where strong evidence exists,
it’s something
the World Health Organization
What’s the shit-uation? Charlsie:Mary agrees
but says we need more
research to be done.Until then…So for a consumer like your
viewer, I would say the best approach is actually
to try different products. Okay. Because it’s hard to say
which one is going to help them. Everyone has a different
starting point based on the bacteria they have
living inside of them. It can be affecting
every part of your life. That has been something that
has made me want to look towards finding something
that’s going to help deal with that in
a positive way. In a world where it’s getting
tougher to tell the difference between a real deal
and a real scam.. These companies are scammers.Where it feels like
big business is against us.
[ Crowd Noise ] A world full of
terms and conditions. The debt just keeps on piling
on and it’s very dangerous. We got you. We’re going to
pay them a visit. Ask in person. Are you ripping people off? Don’t you think you’re
breaking the trust of your clients? And we’re digging deep,
getting you results. Some of these dealers
can be real sharks. Information from
that, I walked in there. Boom, boom, boom, resolved. As a kid I grew up
watchingCBC“Marketplace.” Saw your episode
on Fast Fashion. And as an adult,
I never miss an episode. I just wanna thank you for
the work that you do. Thanks very much
“Marketplace.” Thank you so
much “Marketplace.”You like us.But what do you think we
should investigate next?
The price of cellphones. More on the insurance. Insurance. The scams at the mechanics.Send us your emails,
your tweets,
find us onFacebook.We want to hear from you.This is my “Marketplace.” This is my “Marketplace.” This is my “Marketplace.” [ ♪ ]

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    Ps if you have ibs it may be caused by sibo, so doing a breath test with lactulose wont harm. And if you do have sibo, yougurt could only make the situation worse, because it’s caused by the good bacteria overgrowth in you small intestine.

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  51. PRE AND PRO BIOTIC? APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ? INULIN ? CHICORY ROOT ? IM GOING TO TRY TO BUY SOME INULIN FOR 10 $ INSTEAD OF SPENDING 60 $ ON PREBIOTIC. in know probiotic helps me but i researched and instead of spending 10 tp 15 $ on kefir i'll buy the pills which dont have milk which might be bad and it has synthetic probios which i think are more effective . ?? aaand just take them a few x's a wk . for upkeep. i try to eat the foods that feed good bacteria = dark choc, bananas, apples, walnuts raisins … i dont know ?

  52. If you see any pictures of fruits on the yogurt, it's garbage in pretty much every case. Look for the real stuff, only real milk and bacteria. No solids, no water, no additives, no sugar. 03:56 Everything they selected is garbage.

  53. The potency on the label is the guaranteed amount of bacteria still in the yogurt by the best before date. All probiotics are manufactured with counts higher than whats on the label because they continuously degrade by dying off. It's not them trying to mislead you… 😥

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  61. Make your own probiotic yogurt at home.Easy breezy

  62. Dairy is the culprit for IBS please watch Forks over Knives, What the Health both on Netflix. Eating You Alive on their own site also released in some movie theaters and Dr. McDougall and watch every episode but especially the perils of dairy, on his well informed site he will have IBS there with written scientific studies. I know this will help.

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