Is Menopause Ruining Your Relationship? Dealing with Menopause in Your Marriage

Is Menopause Ruining Your Relationship? Dealing with Menopause in Your Marriage

and remember it’s you your significant
other and menopause that are all in the relationship together thanks so much for tuning in again to
our second act with Paige and Silke for your second act of like hey Silke
Hi Paige, Paige today we return our focus to that wonderful word that you
know … the M word …men run from it you’re right the M word menopause and
especially how it affects relationships you know we’ve done so
many videos now on finding love dating after 50 starting over again gray
divorce which and you know incidentally 60% of women initiate divorce and
relationship breakups after 50 so this is a very important topic that just both
women and men don’t really know what’s going on and lack of communication is
often cited but so many other things go on where communication is like the last
thing the woman even wants to do Paige why is menopause why is this time so
critical to understand our relationships because when you think about being in a
relationship there’s actually three entities that are in your relationship
it’s like the three-legged chair there’s you and your significant other and
menopause you’re all having your relationship
together whether you realize it or not you know and there’s so many different
aspects of menopause but today we were just wanted to highlight memory is an
issue sex is an issue and depression and anxiety are an issue all three things
that can not only affect the woman who’s going through menopause but how that
relates to their significant other in the relationship so when you think about
memory I mean come on short-term memory can’t grasp a word
that’s coming there or if you’ve been having arguments with your significant
other and you’re not remembering certain things that you’ve said or done your
significant others sometimes can get really upset because we wouldn’t do this
already I’ve talked to you about this before why aren’t you remembering it
well I’m not remembering it because my hormones are all out of
balance well this is a great point and because the term menopausal dementia is
a real thing we’ve joked about it we you know and sometimes it is scary as you
age and you start being forgetful and you worry about that yes but there is so
I guess we’re here to say that don’t don’t automatically think that you know
there’s there’s it’s dementia or Alzheimer’s or something but it could be
hormones and just having the awareness of that can certainly help
so anyway because when you have the awareness then you can step forward and
do some things about that as well so the second area is sex sex sex sex and shall
I say lack of libido because that’s just what happens and more women than not
that have been my clients and patients will say to me I don’t care if I ever
have sex again which is really hard because you have a significant other
that’s going what what we we were having sex what what happened and then that
causes a lot of other issues because women are like look don’t keep clawing
on me for sex because it makes me more angry because I don’t have it or women
will fake it and they’ll just do it and that breeds resentment because they’re
doing something they don’t want to do and on the flip side
men are like oh my god is something wrong with me what’s happening I don’t
understand what’s going on and that affects them that there’s something
wrong with them as well it’s hormonal imbalance and it’s really
hard to get that libido back on track and that’s why I tell couples a lot of
time you’re gonna have some areas that are difficult when it when someone has a
lack of libido and those are the times that you really connect with someone
intimately maybe on a soul level maybe on a different level and you know Silke
will get some feedback like well that’s bullshit page because I need sex I need
this I need that okay yeah we all know that sex is important in a relationship
but maybe this is an opportunity and a time to connect to your partner in a
different way that’s actually deeper than the act of sex absolutely but I
also want to add to that because you know you just described I mean you described
my life you know my mind my marriage did break up and I you know it absolutely
will there was no communication I didn’t know what was going on with my
body no sex it’s the last thing I wanted I also know I can tell you that just the
physiological part of it can be fixed and sometimes more easily than you think
if you have the right hormone replacement the HRT but we’ve done other
videos on that a link to that but there is I guess what I want to make sure that
I say that even though I’m was a statistic of this I maybe I didn’t need
to be and I can tell you that sex after 50 can be better than ever …yes so just know
that we all go through ups and downs that there are things that can help and
also remember in a marriage when your midlife or in a relationship there’s a
lot of baggage that comes with a relationship and if you haven’t dealt
with some things that’s on top of the lack of libido so there’s always more
underneath the surface than just the lack of libido exactly so number three
depression and anxiety you know they can walk together so many times that when
you have not enough excuse me hormones it is so easy to just be
depressed food doesn’t taste good you don’t have the same interest you really
don’t want to communicate fun is just not something that’s in your vocabulary
right now you don’t know what’s going on just life is just dull life is blah
I’m like that it has to be because I’m 50 and older what else could it be it
could be your hormonal imbalance and once you get some things in you for the
hormonal imbalance it can make a huge huge difference huge and sometimes it
doesn’t even have to be the hormones that you go after there’s different
things that you can take like Silke I talked to you about this there’s different
kinds of homeopathic things that can really help up your mood as well so
think of your three-legged chair memories
sex depression and anxiety and remember it’s you your significant other and
menopause that are all in the relationship together… yeah… and you know
the thing is menopause andropause of course is with the male
version of menopause men go through this as well not as drastically as we do
but you know so we tend to … the burden of these hormonal changes at
midlife you know we I feel like the women carry on their shoulder but the
hormonal changes affect both so it’s it’s just really important to understand
that we’ve also done videos on that but it’s just I feel really important to
like we’re doing today to jump in and just remind everybody what what you’re
going through one everybody is going through it and it doesn’t have to mean
that your relationship will end or you know or that you’re going crazy ecetera
ecetera there is hope out there Paige was there anything else what it is yes yes thing about hope it helps to
understand that you’re given an opportunity when you go through
menopause the mask comes off to deal with the issues that you’ve never dealt
with before and that in turn gives you an opportunity to connect more with your
significant other if you both want to reach that point where you’re working on
yourselves individually and then together your relationship can actually
be deeper more meaningful and much more intimate than you can ever imagine
so just remember yes there’s three of you in a relationship you your
significant other menopause but it’s also an opportunity to really get to a
deeper place both individually and together as a couple well and you know
we’ll be coming we’ll be doing a lot more on this I’m looking forward to
having dr. Laurie back on who is of course that our hormone specialist as
well as other experts in this area because I know this is an important
important topic for both men and women it does affect both sexes so Paige we
are at the end of our segment I think you did was there anything else you
wanted to add okay well we’ll see you next time on our second act with Paige
and Silke for your second act of life thanks so much for joining us for more
information on living your life to the fullest after 50 and taking charge of your
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  1. Men have it hard enough dealing with non menopausal women while trying to maintain a healthy relationship, so once they start having to deal with the mood swings, lack of desire, lack of intimacy and so on the chasm between them just widens exponentially and often leads to separation and even divorce. And what's really mind boggling is that women tend to file for divorce more often than men…yet men get the bad rap for failure of the marriage. Truly pathetic…and you wonder why men tend to want to date someone younger than them after marital failure. Hmmm

  2. Does Silke ever not giggle? Takes away from the information.

  3. System wide yeast overgrowth throughout the body is a huge problem for women, changing your diet to eliminate works miracles and helps brain fog, see "The Candida Cure"

  4. nothing can replace estrogen lost a menopause than estrogen itself. Ten percent of women will experience suicidal ideation during the peri and menopause transition. I was one of them. I had no history of mental illness and became dangerously depressed and paranoid. I was treated with psych meds after I tried "all things natural" I could have died. 48 hours on an estrogen patch and it was like the seas parted and I had my life back after literally years of a slow plane crash. IF YOU NEED HRT GET IT. HRT in it's newest forms is safe and extends life!! Do not allow your docs to give you psych meds for menopause! this is a misdiagnosis and one of the worst medical tragedies to befall women in the history of medicine. HRT SAVES LIVES.

  5. Thanks again for another great video! I'm an advocate of bio-identical hormone replacement. It saved me my physical, mental and emotional health on so many levels.

  6. My partner is going through the menopause I try to understand but day by day the once happy loving and caring woman I knew is slipping away from me and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on to her, women think they have it hard but some not all men have it really hard as they have to watch the woman they once knew get replaced by a complete stranger….I seem to be the very last thing she thinks about and always come at the bottom of a very long list these days…. it's absolutely ripping me apart, couples out there that are having problems please get help because the pain and worry it causes is horrific.

  7. You have not lived until your beautiful lover ages into a monster you have to feed. I don’t even recognize her face, language and personality. I am so glad I never married her. Unfortunately, I’ve given up. I have learned to have fun without her.

  8. LMFAO…So happy that my menopausal bitch of an ex-wife divorced me. Did me a tremendous favor. Bitches "hit the WALL!!! Now living my "BEST LIFE". Will NEVER waste time on "old biddys" ever again. Strictly "smash and dash" young tenders. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!

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