Iran refusing to meet with Trump unless sanctions are lifted

Iran refusing to meet with Trump unless sanctions are lifted

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  1. we lose nothing by not netting with them. We do not have sanctions on us

  2. Crush the Mullahs. No plane loads of cash like idiot Obama

  3. Iran demands.. Hahahahaha

  4. Do not lift sanctions add more we are pretty much at war with Iran no mercy to them we still owe them a pop in the mouth from when they took the hostages let them sit around under a full blockade and drink their oil until they’re full

  5. Rothschild don’t have banks in 3 countries:1Iran🇮🇷2North Korea🇰🇵3Cuba🇨🇺 It use to be more in 2000 there was 4 more countries in there:
    1Afghanistan🇦🇫2Iraq🇮🇶3Sudan🇸🇩 4Libya 🇱🇾 You see where this is going? Search it up and see.

  6. The final battle of esau vs ishmael is looking like it is coming close, exciting times to be in albeit scary.

  7. You're really amazing. Aggressive behavior? What a joke! Who will believe you? USA is killing people all around the World, day and night and then you talk about the aggressive behavior of Iranians? What a shame.

  8. Iran liders are low IQ, they think we care about their stubbornness.

  9. Screw Iran and sanction their terrorist azz as much as possible.

  10. Thats not how things work, the meeting is to see the possibility of lifting those sanctions.

  11. Iran doesn't do anything for US. They're not even offering anything. They're just whining. Demanding. They're greedy. And diabolical. That's exactly how greedy, unreasonable, diabolical backstabbers act.
    It just happens to be on a political level. But people are people. Iran is not offering anything. They're just wasting time.

  12. America has to stop punishing countries, i welcome another country to lead the world that will work with all countries and not just Israel


  14. Stop supplying weapons to Saudi killer crafts.
    They are killing civilians.
    How this will gain in this war .
    Saudi has committed war crimes in Yemen.
    Poor Yemeni kids are dying everyday.
    Please stop your weapon supplies to the Saudis.
    God watching you guys. He punish all wrong doers….

  15. First, keep the sanctions on.

    Second, everytime Iran says "we will not talk unless…" then literally add new sanctions!

    I'll see your "no talking" and "raise you some more sanctions".

  16. Gen. Jack Keane is a warmonger #1 paid by Deep State via media

  17. Thats not how it works, you talk to them THEN we may lift them

    If they aren't willing to talk the sanctions aren't harsh enough.

  18. Wow..they have no leverage..

  19. The Insanity of Iran.

  20. Iran blow away get only what u deserve

  21. Very humorous!
    Not happening.

  22. Its as if they feaf, dumb and blind… Oh I mean hooked by God and dragged to war. ? See Ezk 38-39…

  23. what has Iran done to the United States absolutely nothing

  24. President Trump's response to Iran is: "Oh yeah, I just added more sanctions"!
    Love, love, love it!

  25. Keep you Foot on Iran's Neck Trump Your doing great

  26. The Iranians will never cave in to America's demands , I would say NK is much worse than Iran, America was bullying NK until they stood up to their threats and proved their bombs can reach America, now Trump loves Little Kim he's Trump friend now, writing nice letters to each other OMG, Kim must be laughing I bet you he has toilet paper with Trumps face on it, and I bet the Iranians wipe their backside with the same paper, Lol. How Stupid you people are, all mouth no action.

  27. HELL NO
    Go BACK to IRAN and FACE
    YOUR constituents
    THEY ARE HUNGRY and TIRED of YOUR power Zest stupidity

  28. Lol .. There is only Keyboard fighters here .. Cruel world .. All of you want war but unfortunately none of you will go to fight …

  29. Who asked to talk to the POS? Looking forward to Iran's regime annihilated.

  30. No way. Can't trust them.

  31. Trump has no clue about anything. Quit supporting this moron.

  32. Haha you american looks like a bunch of idiots

  33. Iran is telling Trump what the rules are? LMFAO, eventually the Iranian people will wake up to the true potential of their country. The Islamic leadership of Iran has not made it a better place for the Iranian people to live and prosper. And why shouldn't they be able to prosper? Women in Iran must now wear the burka outside of their house. Who wants this? Iranian leadership has gone down the wrong path, over and over again, and they'll have a difficult time righting their huge blunders.

  34. You don't negotiate by making demands upfront. Its their choice. President Macron went out on a limb to set up talks. He must be feeling screwed over.
    They're building missiles, barring inspectors from visiting their nuclear sites deep underground, still arming Hezbollah and Hamas,, attacking tankers in the Gulf. They want the sanctions lifted before they agree to meet and talk. Who's kidding who?

  35. Iran……yeah, you better run.

  36. Let us see how this works out for Iranian.

  37. My concern is that Macron will bust the embargo and work with the Iranians.

  38. Iran will come around, I would not go out and cut a switch to get a spanking, I STILL GOT SPANKED. So will Iran!

  39. Rouhani can pound sand! Tell us WHO took the bribes!!

  40. SORRY! No pre-conditions to sit down and talk! FREE

  41. Yeah lift them before they do anything HAHaHa.

  42. What's wrong with them not wanting terrorists in their region. The fall of the us is almost live!! Their system is about to be destroyed!

  43. The Ayatollah cares nothing for his people!

  44. Then let them starve

  45. No Balderdash from these two !


  47. Any body or any nation that supports Iranian regime, they support at the same time religious dictatorship, executions, suppressing of women, terrorism,…
    Us and europe should only support Iranian voices of regime change that are rising in the streets of Iran, REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN BY THE PEOPLE OF IRAN.


  49. Iran  has sworn to wipe us off the map..# 1 sponsors of terrorism in the world  …lift the sanctions….is that a joke ?..those treacherous wolves should be ultimately subdued …..a hand shake of integrity means nothing to those people the video " what is taqiya ?" Vote red  …Dems would allow the whole world to roll over us all..their policies suck ! DT2O2O !

  50. Trump is refusing to meet with them self-serving Clerics and Iranian officials who live extremely well while Iranian citizens are living in economic hardships and looking over their shoulders over political dogma each and every day.

  51. Keep up the pressure Trump

  52. Here is a compromise, Iran drop lifting the sanctions condition, and we drop the No Dealing with terrorists condition? Then make a deal.

  53. Thank God no more back room closed deal by politicians from the past.

  54. This Mullah is delusional

  55. Palestine is only the figment of pedophilia imagination

  56. sanctions just got x 10 ft taller

  57. Double the sanction.


  59. Nope not happening can't do it.

  60. Deals with Iran, China and Democrats all don't mean a thing. They have no honor.

  61. Turn the air Force lose on this guy and his preastoreic thinking

  62. Iran doesn't hold the cards. Trump is in charge, so no talks, fine with the US.

  63. The General doesn't know what he is talking about.

  64. U.S leadership is waning across the world. I loved when Macron invited the iranian president without even hinting to trump. Basically, the world is moving away from U.S leadership.

  65. Just go and talk Iran stop throwing tantrums stop acting like 4 year old.
    Everything could have been resolve already by now.

  66. An Sheep demanding a lion to do something 😂

  67. The US can wait till hell freezes over, how long can Iran wait??

  68. Go ahead and start the dialog Ms. Lam, the microphone is right in front of you.

  69. IRAN

    IS HURTED SINCE 1984……

    Must be very Strong these Iranians…

    Bloody COWBOYS
    COWBOYS are Bloody Silly…

  70. You are Insulting Iran! What do you expect? Do you really except that they respect you and come to negotiating table?! America gets slapped but unfortunately doesn’t learn anything. The United States must learn that bullying does cost a lot in this days… Bullying = getting slapped.. More bullying= getting slapped again and again 🤷🏻‍♂️

  71. Is Iran in a position to make demands, NO.

  72. Time for Trump steps up sanctions on Iran.

  73. The problem with the Iran leaders is that they still believe that the American government leaders can be manipulated through their less than acceptable manipulations as if we are still in the times of a Bush or a Clinton or an Obama. It's time of reckoning by Iran vs Trump era !

  74. President Trump should respond by saying "the sanctions must not be working if the Iranians are not willing to talk with us. Let's boost the sanctions a bit and see what happens…" Iran wants to dance? Let's dance…

  75. Not hurting America much.

  76. Iran may be a radioactive piece of blue glass if they keep going the way they are going.

  77. They have demonstrated that they break treaties, so its up to them to come to the table without any conditions.

  78. I'm afraid your freedom in Hong Kong will be none existing. You and the rest of the world if China is able to succeed. I watched a documentary where China executes 8,000 of their own people a day.

  79. Worldwide 5G technology facial recognition, credit score, wants to be applied. The only one I see fighting this is Donald Trump. At least he's fighting for our privacy, in our homes. Because 5G technology will start monitoring us through our smart meters Gathering data, from our smart appliances and Electronics, with chips in our clothing, shoes, hats, boots, and everything else. If you lose an item they will know where it came and where it's been.

    There's more of you than cameras.

  80. Too bad the people don't have guns. This is what the democrats are trying to take away people's gun so they can control them

  81. Iran your not dealing with Obama anymore. Don't give in to these crazy people in Iran Mr. President.

  82. Trump seeks to teach Iran a very tough lesson. Iran literally has endorsed terror with all its might.

  83. Iran could end up with much severe sanctions but that's not the case. I believe Iran must focus on peace otherwise no can tolerate Iran's disgusting actions.

  84. Some very simple questions.. how come Germany..England and France do not sanction iran? What is thier reason behind iran Support? Why are we the only country currently sanctioning iran?

  85. Another the Chinese philosophy…….their way or no way……..

  86. Irans is PURe eveils and must be transformed no mater wht the cost or fallout. THANSK YOUS!!!

  87. Mr. President stand strong with Iran don’t give nothing

  88. China needs to stand down

  89. Keep them in the apple Press. Trump will crush these bad boys.

  90. If only Obama were back to give our tax money terrorist again. I bet Iran misses him. A lot

  91. Good an eye for eye to gringos.

  92. China imported billions of barrels of oil from Iran in July, keep your sanction with the you. Lets make America great again and all sheeps follow 😁😁😁😁

  93. There is no deal. US left the deal…no one will trust the United snakes again to make a deal



  96. Osama Obama NOT helping you anymore?wonder why????????

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