Iran is in a bad place, its economy is crumbling: KT McFarland

Iran is in a bad place, its economy is crumbling: KT McFarland

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  1. Keep up the Maximum Pressure. There is NO WAY Iran can withstand and overcome US's economy by holding out. Our economy is way better than Iran's even if we go through a recession. LOL

  2. KT gave a great litany, but by my calculation she missed one point. Uh oh doesn't do it. Something about my own mother rings a bell here. And here I thought it was my father.

  3. Trump is like me when I haggle with taxis in vietnam. 🤣

  4. Mc farland thanks for being Iran spokes person😂 but soon or later u alone or the entire USA govt will pay for your propaganda.

  5. Big beautiful negotiations

  6. Ruhani , Listen were trying to help you guys out , just play nice with the rest of the world , quit being unlikable S.O.B's and get along , heck you might even be able to save your job without murdering your own citizens and dont forget , we here in America remember you guys kidnapping 50 Americans and holding them hostage illegally for many months back in the 80's , do you remember ?

  7. Persian Empire , sheeeesh !

  8. Hell will be worst.

  9. Resistance is Futile , prepare to be assimilated

  10. Sounds like North Korea talking to Jimmy the peanut farmer.

  11. If we don’t lift the sanctions their people will be Rioting with yellow vests hopefully this country has Hope but we do not have to do anything we have a president who makes decisions for us that’s why we put them there and he is not a pushover

  12. Keep the pressure on. Start talking about the situation before sanctions start easing.

  13. Trump is THE man because he's a business man. He's not a POLITION. He's the CEO of the biggest business corporation in the world called the United States of America and he knows how a good business should run. The other countries are run by politicians who care nothing about business but on how to keep power. This business man is kicking political butt, that's why he is so good at running the country and the politicans don't like it. They're losing their power.

  14. Rather be poor than to be allied with enemies lol.

  15. That lady is by far the dumbest person iv ever come across. Nothing she said was a FACT, all hypothetical questions/ scenarios

  16. As an Iranian I would like to thank you, President Trump, for the sanctions. You made my lovely country easy to export Iranian Revolution to the whole world, the culture of independence and resistance, at a lower cost and even free, even among European societies that are historically united with the United States, have clearly marked a fundamental change in people's attitudes towards the United States. China and India, which make up one-third of the world's population, are defending Iran and growing hostile to America, and in the Arab and Islamic countries (minus the dictatorships of their governments), which have anti-American sentiment, the revolution goes deeper and more quickly. In the beginning, the goal was, As Pampeo said the sanctions should Deprive or cut iran from financial sources to not export revolution to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, but Iran got more than its target, which is less expensive or even free.

  17. North Korea can Have Ballistic Missiles, Russia Can Have Ballistic Missiles, Russia Can Sell ballistic Missiles To Turkey, Pakistan has ballistic Missiles, Israel Has ballistic Missiles and The United kingdom Has Ballistic Missiles. There Are Ballistic missiles In Saudi Arabia and France""So Why would Iran Give Up their Ballistic Missiles. So All these Other Countries Get To Keep Their Missiles Except Iran.

  18. Iran cares less to talk to US. US losing grip on its world leadership. Other countries filling the void.

  19. If Fake Fox Entertainment says it, don’t believe it!

  20. Besides economic turmoil, Iran is under going a hand of God event, a severe drought.

  21. Iran believes they are in a position to make demands we'll just sit down & wait but the sanctions should stay until he comes crawling to make a deal or we just wont make any at all why do we need them anyways

  22. I’d like some of the drugs that lady is on – something that really messes my mind up so I think this looks good

  23. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. America could be a lot, lot more stronger now if only the mainstream media is unbiased and report all of Trump's achievements.

  25. It is indeed true that Iran is already in bad place due to its awful and aggressive actions. I think Iran must reconsider its values and actions for the sake of the world otherwise what you sow, you shall reap.

  26. Really you cannot understand that” I do meeting anybody if good for my people’ and ‘I meet Trump after removed the sanctions’ are not contradictory?!?!?!?!

  27. This is why Trump is the best president ever. My way or the highway! none of this wishywashy political shenanigans.

  28. whites are d-ev9ils even our indiA knows this get out of native indigenous indian lands illegal occupiers.

  29. I think this leader in Iran needs to remind his Ayatollah what the Prophet (pbuh) taught about negotiations. He was all for people negotiating and reaching a peaceful agreement. He never promoted prideful acts. Whatever your religion is…follow it…

  30. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the US – more importantly, The rest of the World !!!

  31. Iran is run by a religious mafia and will go down in a blaze of glory.

  32. Nothing new here, these people are terrorists and you can't expect them to be honest on anything. Who cares run these losers into the ground.

  33. Its time to crush them both. The enemies. China and Russia matter. You guys are burning too much time. Negotiate with China and Russia. Not others.

  34. Iran is run by evil men who will ruin their country over their own false-pride…

  35. Iran Iran he is afraid of usa

  36. it's PRESIDENT Trump, you disrespectful bastards

  37. Mozlems are wicked, Satanic filth. Wait until God wipes out the Middle East with a comet. BOOM.

  38. It's funny seeing fox news and their audience being 100% ignorant about every other country on the planet.
    Iran is a bad place to visit? Spoken like a true moronic American.

  39. Thank God you know the devil

  40. Iran's leadership…mother of all Dipshits

  41. Lets sanction the only nation trying to help its neighbors. Who is helping the Syrians against Isis? No one else except Iran and its proxies the only reason the US stepped in is to save face since they armed the FSA which turned into Isis lol that plan backfired. Iran is the only one who has an issue with Israel, the country that is illegally formed 70 years ago by British colonials when it rightfully belonged to Palestinians for hundreds of years before that. WHY DO MUSLIMS HAVE ISSUES AND HATE ISRAEL? LETS SEE YOU HAVE SOMEONE KICK YOU OFF YOUR LAND AND POSSESS YOUR PROPERTY AND SEE YOU TAKE IT WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE. Balton and Pompeo should be shot out of an AC-130 over shark infested waters.

  42. One day closer to the end

  43. the guest is very misinformed: 1. it's Iran not Iraq. 2. It wasn't the president that came to G7 meeting in France, but the foreign minister.

  44. another slave state who's time is over, set the Persians free??????

  45. soon trump put the head down don't worry Russia have the trump

  46. Going broke and still wanting to call the shots. Trump, winning winning winning. Anyone sick of winning.

  47. Fox News your propaganda out of date

  48. iran? prime minister? and she is "Former Trump deputy national security adviser"??

  49. Iran going to put sea mines in the strait of hormuz to block the oil to the west again. They have taken oil tankers from US allies while the UK let their oil tanker the grace 1 go. Let’s see who caves first… 🤔 Tanker Wars Part II

  50. To true I is would be better in oblivion

  51. im pissed off with America, invade already u little bitches.. do ur duty 2 Israel and G-d will bless ur souls

  52. muslims says that allah is all powerful but looks like Trump is more powerful than their silly god

  53. Iran is not even an issue. Our true enemy and biggest terrorist is China. Chinese communist crap criminals are the most dangerous and cold blooded murderer on earth.
    Finish china now, or never

  54. So destroying another countries economy is an achievement now?

  55. Let the Iranian mullahs lose every dollar they have gotten through treasonous Obama.we need to make thier country sorry for thier ways.

  56. 'Echo chamber' analysis.

  57. Pride is their Problem. They suffer with Humongous Quantities of it

  58. Iran, we don't care…

  59. Proud of my president

  60. Regime is CIA /KGB puppet,this is just dirty game ,CIA put this moron in Iran 1979 , don't be fool moron trump and moron rohani are buddy buddy ,CIA screwing Iran since 1953 ,it is all about black gold

  61. I’ll go with Fox Business but hannity has gotten such a bad case of buttinsky and weaseling into ingram’s show SHE has a serious case of buttinsky now.

  62. Is the Iraq leader continuing to take the devils money?

  63. Sure…and america is great again🤣😂

  64. It is the #1 Sponsor of terrorism too Barack I mean Barry I mean ISIL is my enemy not yours
    -ds 😎🕴🌠

  65. A muslim will rather fight and die rather than capitulate ?
    Thus the USA will have to turn them into a parking lot as well but during the second term ????

  66. im iranian living in tehran and i can say without a shadow of a doubt that most people my age like trump and would love help from u.s to overthrow the mullahs

  67. The zionist terrorist is best at killing civilians

  68. FINALLY a real president with balls & stands his ground. 45th🇺🇸2020.

    *sellout weak ❄️Hillary would of gave them there way & took money under the table.

  69. I ran is trying to play the art of the deal by starting all the way on one side the only problem is you have to have something to negotiate with in order to play the art of the deal but I give them credit for trying to play trumps game with trump

  70. Most Americans listening to Fox news are political illiterates. They have little appreciation of the world they live in! Nor do they care!

  71. US is 7000 miles away from its shores. Get the hell out of Middle-East. We don’t want you here!

  72. John Kerry is a criminal….the LOGAN ACT IS LAW…


  74. Democrat logic would tell me now is the time to let Iran have their way because we're losing. 🤣🤣

  75. More lies…. did you get your talking points from John Bolton Fox? LOL

  76. I hope Kerry is in prison for treason.

  77. But iran doesn't have trillions of debt.

  78. what exactly is in these trade deals they keep bragging about

  79. The billions that obummy gave them to continue their terror support does nt go very far with Russian armaments

  80. I love it. Trump lets them know where he stands. Way to go President Trump.

  81. Stupid &%$#@ YouTube! STOP suggesting videos you KNOW I've already watched! (Red line along bottom of thumbnail.)

  82. I have been hearing this for fourty years that Iranian government is on the brink of collapsing.
    The truth is that they are still there and have more influence all over the Middle East.
    Iran will also overcome this economic hardship,Trump will be gone as president and will have not achieved anything with Iran.

  83. And who said Trump wants to talk to him anyway Trump has lots of other countries that are trying to work with us if there going to be jerks they get put farther down the list just because he sees himself as important doesn’t make it true

  84. The Iranian spiritual leader eats well, and live well so the little people in Iran 🇮🇷 should eat cake 🎂.

  85. Actions speak louder👍 and that's 🇺🇸 America and Israel 🇮🇱

  86. Iran will blow up USA with their nuclear bombs after they enrich their uranium. Sanction them until their regime Crumbles.

  87. Finally a president with a pair. LOVE MY PRESIDENT.


  89. He never gets talk to Trump. Trump starve out.

  90. Iran is in trouble.

  91. And the US justice system and political system is crumbling as well. Tough world these days. So let’s just keep talking.

  92. Fake news fake news

  93. 😿😿😿😿😭😭😭😭Iran was the best now it’s all junk and ugly!I speak the language 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  94. DON'T back down, let them go to hell

  95. We do not want to see any person hurt. We can't stand by & let others get hurt.
    Catch 22

  96. Iran is circling the drain and the US keeps getting stronger. We can wait.

  97. America has been taken advantage of too long so we now have a POTUS with the 2B’s – Balls n Brains. NATO took advantage, Russia, Middle East and especially China. It is time to pay the Piper.

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