Introduction to Arts and Entertainment Technologies at UT Austin

Introduction to Arts and Entertainment Technologies at UT Austin

Griffin: AET is the Arts and Entertainment
Technologies degree, so it is literally working with all of the technologies
that make modern art and entertainment possible. Mitchio: There’s game design, there’s
animation, Griffin: theatre lighting, music production, really anything you can
imagine in the arts or entertainment industry that kind of takes place in a
computer. Gwen: This program gets you out of the box with the professors, with the
technology that you have. Mitchio: And it all comes together because we all collaborate, and then we build a game where we have music and sound, animations or our own music album or maybe it’s just something new. Griffin: We have access to so many
different technologies: the entire Adobe suite, different music production
workstations. For new performance technologies, there’s just an absurd amount of software and hardware for theater lighting or 3d pre-visualization
and projection work. Mitchio: We each have a little something to give because some of us might emphasize in music, while other people really want to do animation. Gwen: There’s people who can code. There are people who can draw. There are people who can create music. Mitchio: Sometimes people want to try a little bit of everything. It’s almost like a studio. Gwen: The faculty are all really passionate. Mitchio: They can help kind of nurture you and give you a little more help,
kind of a push in the right direction. Chris:You get so much hands-on experience where I get to
actually make music. It’s just a really invaluable experience. Gwen: With the technology that we have and your ideas, you honestly cannot limit yourself. Mitchio: Sometimes you don’t think of what you can build until you actually have it in your hands. Gwen: Making a video game? You can do it because you have people who know
how to code. You have people who know how to draw. Griffin: The quality of work that’s coming
out of here is really exceptional. They create content that you just absolutely wouldn’t expect. Chris: I think UT is doing a very good job for preparing us for the future. MItchio: After I leave, I kind of want to get a job in maybe the animation industry or maybe get a job at a game studio Chris: It’s not about the technology. It’s what you bring to the table and what you use the
technology for. Gwen: Originally you’re so limited in what you think,
in what you want to make, but because you’re able to do more, you’re pushed to take your ideas to the next level. [logo for the School of Design and Creative Technologies in the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin]

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